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Military Records

There are literally thousands of Gallia County men and women who have served in the American armed forces. The military records that they generated are often important from both a genealogical and historical perspective. An effort will be made on this page to record those records that become available and that are deemed to have historical and genealogical importance for Gallia County.

Most of the information below comes from the web site Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System. This is a site provided and maintained by the federal government. These particular companies were singled out for inclusion here because they were known to have had large numbers of Gallia County men in their ranks. In the Company lists online there were often individuals listed with multiple spellings of the same name. In those cases the spelling that was deemed most likely to be correct was used so if the spelling here isn't the exact match, it still could be the individual you are looking for.

Revolutionary War

Russell, Enoch (Revolutionary War pension records for Enoch & Martha Russell. These records submitted by Anthony Coyan.)   

Civil War

During the Civil War, Union armies were organized as follows.

Brigade—4 to 6 regiments, led by a brigadier general.
Regiment—Generally about 1000 men divided into 10 companies, led by a colonel, lieutenant colonel and a major.
Company—About 100 men; divided into 2 platoons, led by a captain and two lieutenants, with one lieutenant for each platoon.
Platoon—About 50 men, led by a lieutenant; divided into squads.
—Led by a sergeant or corporal.

7th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Co. M   (Civil War Roster)

7th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Co. L    (Civil War Roster)

173rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry   (Civil War Rosters Companies A-K)

179th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Co. D     (Civil War Roster)

141st Ohio Volunteer Infantry    (Civil War Rosters companies A -K)

91st Ohio Volunteer Infantry Co. A       (Civil War Roster)

193rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry Co. B     (Civil War Roster)

36th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Co. C       (Civil War Roster)

36th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Co. D       (Civil War Roster)

36th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Co. F&S and F       (Civil War Roster)

36th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Co. I        (Civil War Roster)

36th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Co. K        (Civil War Roster)

1st Ohio Volunteer Heavy Artillery          (Civil War Roster)

Trumbull Guards Independent Company Ohio Infantry    (Civil War Roster)

The following roster is from the Gallipolis Journal, Sept. 11, 1862

117th OVI 1st OVHA    (Civil War Roster and History)

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