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Like a horse and carriage, genealogy and history go hand in hand. Although the purpose of this web site is primarily to promote study and research in genealogy, we feel that just knowing names and dates is not sufficient. We would like it padded with knowledge of the lives our ancestors lived and the events that were taking place in the world around them. Coming to the understanding of the circumstances that our ancestors experienced living their everyday lives is important in appreciating the contributions and influences that they have had on our own lives. To this end this portion of our web site will be dedicated to publishing accounts of historical events that will help in this understanding.

Local Events

Gallia County Timeline
Five Generations of Wrights

History of McCall, Blakes and Allied Families
Morgan's Raiders
Tea for Morgan's Raiders
Gallipolis Businesses in 1876
The 1849 Cholera Epidemic
Vice President Dick Cheney's Gallia County Connections
History of Gallia County Courthouses
Jenkin's Raid
Gallia County Ghost Story
Raccoon Creek
Biographical Sketches
Township Histories:  Excerpted from Hardesty's History of Gallia County
Civil War Soldier's Letter
The Andersonville Experience of a Civil War Soldier
Family Recollections of Mrs. Judge Downing Baugh
High School Exam 1909
George Washington Slept Here
Gallia County and the Spanish-American War
Early History of the Ohio River Valley
The Kanawha Trace
Biography of Margaret (Wiseman) McDaniel

News Items from Old Newspapers

News Items from the Athens Messenger, 1876 & 1888
News Items from the Athens Messenger, 1870's & 1880's
News Items 1900 to 1920
News Items 1921-1967
News Items from Various Newspapers 1841-1899
News Items from the Gallipolis Journal during the Civil War years
Old Neighborhood News Columns from Gallia County Newspapers
News Items from The Gallipolis Journal 1852-1866
News Items from The Gallipolis Journal 1867-1870
News Items from The Gallipolis Journal 1873-1874
News Items from The Gallipolis Journal 1875
News Items from The Gallipolis Journal 1876
News Items from The Gallipolis Journal January - June 1880

News Items from The Gallipolis Journal July - December 1880

         Oscar Odd McIntyre Writes About His Hometown

"That Was Happy New Year"
"That Glee-or-ious Fourth"
"Folks Back Home"
"Spry is the Word for Uncle Jimmy"
"My First Vacation"

            Golden Wedding Anniversaries

News and history articles can be accepted for posting in this History section. Click on the following link to see the guidelines for what can be accepted for publication.


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