Delinquent List for 1860
Nov. 28, 1861, Gallipolis Journal, pgs. 2 and 3
Transcribed by Henny Evans
This is a list of the lands and Village lots returned Delinquent by the Treasurer of Gallia County for the Taxes of the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty, to which is added a penalty of twenty per centum, together with the simple tax of the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one. All names were recorded as spelled in the article.
An * means more than one piece of land was taxed.
An example of a full description is as follows:

Blankenship, Wm.
n half w half n.e.qtr.

Ohio Township

Blankenship, Wm.
Elliot, Wm. A.
Greenlee, Clark, heirs
Gillmore, John*
Hunt, Absolem
Ruffner, Joseph
Smallwood, David
Trobridge, F.H.
Wooton, Littleton

Clay Township

Archer, John P.*
Birchard, Joseph
Birchard, Samuel C.
Blazer, Jacob 2d
Cottrell, Edward, heirs
Cating, John*
Graham, Reuben
Houck, Gabriel*
Lewis, John
Newkirk, B. A.
Overall, Jacob*
Pylmale, Hugh
Patterson, John B.*
Smith, John & James
Steinne, John
Sylvester, Joseph
White, Nicholas
Wooton, M.V.B.*
Wise, Samuel*

Cheshire Township

Ashworth, Thomas*
Boice, Martin*
Caldwell, H. & S.
Coughenour, C.*
Coughenour, D. &W.
Evans, John*
Flint, Samuel*
Fife, John N.
Grover, Elisha*
Grover, John*
Gates, W.W.*
Gates, W.W. & H.W.*
Gates, H.W.
Gates, S.H.
Gates, F.O.
Gates, Harriet S.*
Gates, Abigail A.*
Grover, Samuel
Hatfield, John
Hull & Frisbie
Irwin, Julia A.
Jones, Hezekiah
Lindsey, Wm.*
Lasley, Jonathan*
Manly, John
Nye, Melzar
Parkins, Nathan
Roush, Reuben*
Rothgeb, Joseph*
Roush, Ellis
Richards, Albert
Reynolds, Bowen
Saunders, A. D.
Shoemaker, Moses
Sayer, Anna M., heirs
Swisher, Peter*
Shuler, John*
Smith, Geo. R.
Thaxton, David C.

Raccoon Township

Beman, L.M.*
Elias, John*
Jones, Evan
Jones, Daniel P.
Kerr, Wm. H.
Kerr, Edward D.
Lloyd, Edward
Long, James
Morgan, Thomas J.
Owens, Jabez
Owens, Thomas J.*
Price, James, heirs
Rhoads, Jacob
Stanley, John A.
Wood, S.P.*
Warner, A.W.
Watson, A.A.
Ward, Fannie
Wood, Rebecca

Greenfield Township

Bruce, Russell
Dungey, Richard*
Gilliland, James*
Hunt, Joseph
Love, James C.*
Lambert, Ephraim
Lewis, John
Matthews, Pleasant F.
Morgan, John D.*
Nida, H.C.
Oney, John
Oney, Hiram
Shelton, Wm.
Stratton, Jeremiah*
Wood, Job*
Waggoner, Phillip


Harrison Township

Angel, Cornelius
Buckle, Joseph
Clark, Jacob S.*
Clark, Isaac*
Dewitt, Isaac
Grove, Jacob
Harrison, George
Harrison, Robert, heirs
James, Henry*
Kelly, John*
Lewis, John*
Lewis, Jesse D.
Leith, Theodorick*
Lewis, Jesse B.
Nott, Know???
Randolph, J.T.
Russell, Thomas*
Spangler and Loucks
Stanley, Timothy, heirs
Stewart, Robert
Shamhart, Geo.*
Smith, Margaret
Stewart, David

Springfield Township
Clark, John
Cripps, Wm. L.
Cherrington, James
Clark, Wm.
Delaney, Wm.
Evans, Wm.
Fee, Moses, heirs
Fee, Henry
Glassburn, John
Gwin, Mary
Howe, H. R. *
Johnson, Robert
Jarret, H. & W.
Johnson, Samuel, jr.
Jackson, James A.
Johnson, James
Poindexter, Merideth
Ray, Geo. W.
Russell, Samuel B.
Sisson, B.*
Sawyers, Sarah
Smith, Geo.
Weed, Wm.
Watkins, Wm., heirs

Perry Township

Clark, James A.
Clark, Geo.
Evans, Evan J.*
Griffiths, Rees D.*
Gates, David
Harbour, Madison*
Hudson, Joel*
Jones, Nathaniel
Jones, John S.*
Koontz, John L.
McDaniel, Benjamin
Morgan, David J.
Raymond, Peter
Taylor, Fountain

Huntington Township

Bowman, Henry, heirs*
Calhoon, Nancy
Crunkelton, Samuel
Dodrill, Mary
Fisher, Peter L.
Glass, Richard*
Guy, M. & J.L.
Huntley, Peter*
Hawks, Gillan
Jones, Wm.
Jones, David D.
Jackson, John
Kerr, John N.
Limestone Furnace Co.*
Long, James
McNenie, Patrick
Patridge, Wm.
Rice, Jeremiah
Thomas, Richard
Woods, John

Guyan Township

Archer, Geo. W.
Blankinship, Joel
Chapman, Geo.*
Dodge, Richard*
Donnally, Wm.
Guthrie, James H.*
Gatewood, James
Holley, Samuel
Henry, Brice
Lewis, William
Lewis, Jesse
Matther, Wm. W.
Neal, John
Parish, Sophia A.
Ruffner, A.D.*
Rankin, Hiram*
Trobridge, F.H.
Vohn, Joel J.

Gallipolis Township

Allen, Estherline
Cole, Samuel, heirs
Cromley, Wm.
Cromley, James M.
Gardner, Wm. L.
Hoy, John, heirs
Kaulbeck, Frederick
Quistel, Nicholas
Reynolds, Caleb, heirs
Tillinghast, N. P.
Wilkinson, Thos., heirs*

Addison Township

Ashworth, Thomas*
Bennet, Barbour
Carrell, Daniel*
Entsminger, Sam’l, heirs*
Fulton, John
George, ? N.
Graden, Alexander*
Johnson, Wm.
Jolly, Martha J.*
Tuck, Jane
Wheeler, James
Watson, James

Morgan Township

Anderson, Thomas
Barbour, H.C.
Barton, Austin
Baxter, Thornton
Butcher, Jacob
Brown, J. W.
Bailey, James
Caldwell, Jacob
Clause, Henry
Clark, Andrew A.
Erwin, Francis
Ferguson, J. & I.
Fulton, Samuel, heirs
Grate, John T.
Guy, Alvah
Hopkins, Wm.
Harrison, Lewis
Hill, Isaac, Jr.
Lambert, Frank
Nelson, Silas
Rowley, Thomas
Robinson, Jonah
Ralph, Frances M.
Rowland, Robert
Stephens, Wm.
Shields, Wm. C.
Siders, Joseph
Thaxton, Mary
Vance, Jacob*
Ward, Jacob, heirs
Walter, Alexander

Walnut Township

Achaman, Seth
Boggs, Sarah
Boggs, Samuel
Bostick, A.A.
Boggs, David
Brown, Nicholas*
Carter, Isaac
Canterbury, Levi
Cating, E.W.
Evans, Thomas J.
Firebaugh, Jacob*
Folden, Adam
Hall, William
Howard, Eli
Jackson, Geo. W.
Keller, Stephen
Lambert, Cornelius
McCall, Alexander
McDaniel, Henry
Maddy, John C.*
McCarley, John
Madden, Robert*
McDaniel, Joshua
Null, Wm., jr.
Newland, Wm.*
Null, Hiram*
Patterson, Ephriam
Riddle, Samuel
Sherer, Theodore
St. Clair, James
Stewart, Archabald*
Stewart, Joseph
Tipton, Edward
Tipton, Nicholas
Watts, John*
White, Ann
Webster, Jacob G.
Woollen, Jacob
Wray, James

Blazer, Jacob 2d
Benner, John*
Donnally, James
James, John
James, William
Lasley, Arius N.
Martin, J.W. & H.A.
Martin, Henry A.
Rader, Wm. O.*
Whittington, P. et. al.


Chambersburg Village

Cubbage, Phillip
Chambers, John*
Fletcher, D.R.*
Middleswart, Jonathan
Marshall, Samuel

Gallipolis City

Anderson, Mary
Allen, Zackariah
Allen, William
Alexander, Mary
Benjamin, Vincent
Bell, Henry*
Baltzell, John W.
Beck, Leonard
Brock, Sarah
Brown, Andrew
Bryan, James W.
Bell, Henry
Casey, John
Clark, Sylvester
Chapman, David
Curry, Thomas
Cating, John T.
Carroll, Wm. J.
Donnally, C. & C.L.
Edwards, Robert
Freedline, John
Frasier, Pierson
Grayum, Wm.
Grove, John
Hamilton, Jane
Humphrey, Nathan
Holmes, Lemuel P.*
Hoy, Charles F.*
Hutsinpiller, A.
Hill, Daniel*
Jackson, E.A.
Jones, Joseph
Jo nes, H.H. & Co.*
Jones, Jacob
James, A.K.*
Kaulbash, Frederick*
King, Harriet
Kennet, William
Lasley, John B.
Lane, William
Leiper, William
Morehead, Wm. H.*
Payne, James A. *
Pinnell, Danl S.
Ralph, William
Racer, Happy
Robinson, Wm.
Skees, James
Souverain, Nicholas
Tuck, Uriah S.

Vina, F.C. & N.
Walker, J.Q. & Mary
Walker, Wm. & J.Q.
Wilkinson, Thomas
Watkins, Robert
Williams, John*
Weaver, Wm. J.*
White, Sophia

Addison Town

George, J.N.
Parker, Wm.
Watson, James*

Kygerville Village

Boice, William*
Boice, Martha*
Fife, Elizabeth H., heirs
Fife, John M.*
Johnson, James H.
Hull & Frisbie*
King, Mary
Ravenscraft, Wm. H., heirs
Stewart, Nathaniel*
Treadwell, John

Cheshire Village

Coughenour, Jacob
Guthrie, James M.
Kerr, A.P.

Rodney Village

Bierly, Joseph
Fry, Moses, heirs
Payne, David R.*
Soles, Valentine

Porter Village

Davis, Jacob
Irwin, John
Kerr, John N.*
Mossman, Thomas*
Rowley, Isaac & S.*
Rowley, Isaac
Sisson, N.B.*

Evergreen Village

Lawless, Iradere
Stevens, Claiborn*
Shires, C., heirs

Patriot Village

Clark, John N.
Smeltzer, Joseph
Spicer, David E.*
Simmerman, H.P.*

Wales Village

Amlin, Eliza
Hughes, Robert
Street, Joseph*

Centreville Village

Combs, Joseph S.
Jones, Margaret E.
Lloyd, James
Smith, George
Siberts, Adam
Waddell, A.M.

Adamsville Village

Cole, John R.
Kerr, John N.
Watson, A.A.

Harrisburg Village

Davis, Joseph
Foster, Peter, heirs
Foster, Elizabeth
Rhoads, Jacob
Siders, John
Topping, Charles
Wood, L.R. & W.H.*
Warner, A.W.*

Vinton Village

Hamilton, James C.

Ewington Village

Benson, E.H.*
Matthews, T.S.*
Kerr, John N.
Matthews, N.S.*

Mercerville Village

Clark, John
Hall, Lucretia
Hall, John F.M.*
Montgomery, James H.*


I, WILLIAM NASH, auditor of Gallia County, do hereby certify that the foregoing list of Delinquent lands and Village Lots is truly copied from the list returned to this office as Delinquent for the taxes of the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty, by the Treasurer of Gallia County, and recorded in this office; that the same has been compared with the Duplicate and corrected according to law, and that the amount of tax and penalty charged and value upon each several tract is truly calculated as the law prescribes, and set opposite thereto.

NOTICE, therefore, is hereby given that all of said several tracts of land and village lots, or so much thereof as will be necessary to pay the taxes and penalty charged thereon as aforesaid, will be sold at Public Auction, by the Treasurer of said County of Gallia, at the Court House therein, on the second Monday of January next, between the hours of ten o’clock A.M. and four o’clock P.M., unless said taxes and penalty be paid before that time. In case a part of any tract of land (except village lots) shall be sold, the quantity sold will be laid off in a square form, or as near as practicable, at the most north-westerly corner of the tract from which the sale shall have been made; and if the sale be made from any in-lot of out-lot in any village, or from any particular part thereof, the quantity sold will be so laid off as to extend from the principal street, road or alley, which may the most convenient front to such lot, to the rear of the lot, and to be bounded by lines as nearly parallel with the outlines of such lot as practicable.
                                             WILLIAM NASH, Auditor Gallia County.
                                             November 28, 1861.