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Gallia County, Ohio Residents, 1800-1825  
This book contains the 1820 census and resident/chattel tax lists for many years between 1800 and 1825. It is excellent proof for the residency requirement of First Families.
1874 Illustrated Atlas of Gallia County  
Contains plat maps of every township with names of landowner. Also, has pictures of local buildings in the city and county. 12.5 x 11.5 in.
1812 Tax List
This contains residents by township and the property on which they paid tax. There are townships in this list which are no longer in Gallia County but in Vinton, Meigs, Jackson or Lawrence. This is considered a resident's tax list as the tax is on chattel such as cows and horses.
Marriage Records
Marriage records contain bride, groom, date of marriage and name of person who performed the ceremony.
Marriage Records 1803-1850  
Marriage Records 1851-1900  
Marriage Records 1901-1925  
Funeral Home Records
The funeral home records contain many details of the deceased, if available, from name of parents or spouse, date of birth and death or age, place of birth and death, cemetery, occupation, other relatives,  and military service.
Miller's Funeral Home Records, Book 1, 1946-1957  
Miller's Funeral Home Records, Book 2, 1957-1966  
Miller's Funeral Home Records, Book 3, 1974-1986  
Geo. J. Wetherholt & Sons Funeral Home Records, 1897-1926  
Stevers Funeral Home Records, Gallia County, Ohio  
Coleman Funeral Home Records, 1922-1936  
Waugh Halley Wood Funeral Home Records   1946-1960  
Census Abstracts & Indices
Gallia County, Ohio; An Abstract of the 1850 Federal Census  
Gallia County, Ohio; An Abstract of the 1860 Federal Census  
Index to 1900 Gallia County Census  
Gallia County, Ohio; 1870 Census Index  
Gallia County, Ohio; 1880 Census Index  
Gallia County, Ohio; Abstract of 1890 Federal Census (primarily soldiers)  
Birth Records
Birth records contain the name of the child,
parents' names, date of birth and place of birth.
Gallia County Birth Records Vol. 1, 1864-1881  
Gallia County Birth Records Vol. 2, 1881-1895  
Death Records
Death records contain the name of the person, date of birth
and death, if given or age and place of birth and death if given.
Gallia County Death Records Vol. 1, 1867-1899  
Gallia County Death Records Vol. 2, 1899-1916  
Death Notices, Obituaries and Marriage Notices Taken from the Gallia County, Ohio Newspapers 1825-1875
The great advantage of this book is that it covers the years prior to death records being kept, which was 1867. Therefore, you might find the obituary of someone who died before death records were kept. Some are brief but everything of a genealogical nature was abstracted. There are many missing newspapers from this timeframe but it's worth a look.
Wills & Estates
Index to Gallia County, Ohio Wills and Estates, 1803-1900
This tells where to find the record by case or volume number.
Abstracts of the Journal of Wills, Inventory and Sale Bills. Vol. 1-A
and 2-B 1803-1824
This provides many names of heirs and abstracted contents of the will or indicates whether there is a sale bill or inventory.
Abstracts of the Journal of Wills, Inventory and Sale Bills. Vol. 30C
& 4-D, 1824-1847
This provides many names of heirs and abstracted contents of the Will or indicates whether there is a sale bill or inventory.
Court Records
Early Gallia County Court Records 1846-1900
This book contains a little bit of many things...divorces, minors cases, Revolutionary War pensions, minister licenses, tavern licenses. It is not meant to be a complete listing but it does contain all those contained in the Probate records for those years.
Justice of the Peace Records, Walnut Twp. Gallia Co. & Symmes Twp. Lawrence Co.
This book covers 1854-1882 for Walnut Township and 1884-1924 for Symmes Township.  It names many of the local people and is fully indexed. Limited number of copies left.
Abstracts of Chancery 1835-1852
This book contains many cases of partition which were considered friendly lawsuits wherein one heir sued the others to get an estate settled. When there was no will, these cases provide the heirs. There are also a variety of other kinds of cases but primarily the partition suits.
"History of the French Settlers" by J. P. R. Bureau      
"Year by Year The Writings of P. T. Wall" 1889-1901 Volume I
If anyone had a question about Gallia County, he was always referred to P. T. Wall. For fifty years Wall was a newspaper man and at different times was editor of every newspaper in Gallia County. He wrote about daily life, the opening of businesses, the events of the day, a local fire, the social life of who married whom, the tragedies in people’s lives, the politics and much more. This manuscript is the work he intended to publish as a history of Gallia County, but never did. The original work is a handwritten manuscript on unlined paper. It has been transcribed and indexed for those who love to learn about Gallia County.
Gallia County from Howe's Historical Collections of Ohio, 1888
* New this year. Henry Howe wrote a history of Ohio in 1888 and included a chapter on each county. We have used the Gallia County chapter in its entirety. Included are a section on the settlement of Gallipolis by the French 500 and some history of the Ohio and Scioto companies. Also, there is an entry from a visitor's diary describing Gallipolis in 1795 and mention of various townsmen such as Robert Safford, Joseph Drouillard, James Newsom, Mad Ann Bailey and Dr. and Madame Saugrain. There are several sketches of old Gallipolis and a map. It's a very basic picture of Gallipolis in the 19th century.
Pictorial History of Gallipolis
A great introduction about the French settlement of Gallipolis. The book contains over 550 photographs/sketches of life in Gallia County from the earliest days to 1990.
Hardesty's History of Gallia County, 1882 reprint
This book is the earliest known history of Gallia County and is filled with many early historical events and items of interest as well as many biographical sketches of individuals in the various townships.
Gallia County Ohio in the Civil War by Carolyn Cogar
Over 3000 soldiers listed in the book. They all lived or served in Gallia County at one time in their lives. Listings include cemetery, unit, enlistment, discharge, birth, death, remarks as to rank and age of entry. If an obit, it is noted. Remarks about wounded, POW, KIA.
Revolutionary War Soldiers Who Lived in Gallia County
List of men who served in the Revolution and then moved to Gallia County. Their service, family and general information is given when it was found.
Soldier's Discharge, Gallia County, Ohio Vol. 1
This contains the record of Civil War soldiers and their enlistment information as well as address and status of health or physical description.
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