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 The following obituaries are from the files of various Gallia County Newspapers and other publications. They are listed below in alphabetical order of the surname.

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Maxon, Charles Darius

Death of Mr. C. D. Maxon
     Mr. Charles Darius Maxon, bedfast for two weeks from an accident mentioned at the time, died this Wednesday morning, April 2d, 1902, at half past 7 o'clock. No definite arrangements have been made for the funeral services, though we might say that they will be conducted from his late home on Court street fronting the Park, by Rev. A. H. Beavin of St. Peter's Episcopal church, probably on Saturday, Hayward & Son having charge of the burial which will be under the direction of the Masonic order, of which he was a member.
     Mr. Maxon was the son of Dr. Darius Maxon and Mary Newsom Maxon being a grandson of the late General Lewis E. Newsom and he leaves two sisters -- Mrs. Mary Nash, wife of General W. H. Nash of Columbus and Mrs. George Hamilton, of Vinton and one brother, Ned S. Maxon. His father died in 1851 and his mother in 1887.
     He was married most happily October 17, 1889, to Miss Emma Kling daughter of the late Adam Kling, and sister of Mr. William Kling of the Kling Stove Works, Rev. R. H. Coulter of the Presbyterian Church, officiating. By this union he became the father of three children, a fine little son and two daughters, one born only recently, the last giving him great happiness especially, there being so much time between it and the other children.
     Mr. Maxon was born in 1849 and would have been 53 years old on the 8th of next month. He has always been known as one of the most industrious of men, and has always held responsible positions that required the best attributes of manhood. He was always at his post of duty, an untiring worker, never shirking a responsibility. He was a good business man and whenever he was employed this was recognized and appreciated. He received a good education at Gallia Academy and the city schools prior to that was a great reader and a very intelligent man.
     The first employment for which he received pay that we remember of was during the civil war in the Quartermaster's department with Capt. Boggess and then with Capt. Forsythe being a great favorite with both of those officers, and when the Post was closed here, he went with Mr. F. M. Bovie to Indianapolis with Capt. Forsythe. With this exception he has always lived in Gallipolis and was liked by every one. He was with the J. T. Halliday & Co. dry goods house a long time, then the wholesale house of Barlow, Lanning & Co., and the wholesale shoe house of Bailey & Ridenour a long time and for the past ten years has been the city and county salesman for the Henking-Bovie Co., and from all of them he received praise for his indefatigable industry honesty and attentiveness to his duties. Mr. Bovie informs us that he will be greatly missed by his house and we know that his death will be universally regretted wherever he is known.
     He had an attack of la grippe this winter that enfeebled him to some extent but he was nearly himself again and was flying around with his accustomed energy when death marked him for its own. He seemed to have some sort of premonition of his accident. The morning that he started to the country he said to Mr. C. D. Kerr at the drug store, that for some reason he hated to make the trip more than any one he had ever made for the house. He was asked why, and answered that he wasn't feeling first class and he expected that he would be hauled home in a wagon sometime.
     On that fatal day at about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, he was nearing the store of Mr. Gromer Jones' of Cora, when one wheel of his wagon dropped into a chuck hole, the horses lunged suddenly forward when his seat tipped and he fell over upon his head. The horses went on to Mr. Jones' and Mr. Jones and others ran to where he was thrown out and found him senseless. They carried him to Mr. Jones' house where everything possible was done for him, but it was six hours before he recovered consciousness. This happened on March 11th. He became some better and was brought to his home by Mr. Aaron Frank on the 14th, and at first there was every expectation that he would recover, but paralysis resulting from an injury to his brain by the fall terminated his useful life.
     He has at least $5,000 insurance on his life, showing that he with his usual business sagacity, was ever mindful of his family to whom he was greatly devoted. Between himself and sisters there was also great affection. He had been like a father to them and their hearts are nearly broken at his death.
     We do not know that it would be out of place here to say that the family have been singularly fated to accidents. His father fell from the second story of the old Fisher building that stood where the Silverman Levi Co. is, and lived but a short time. His mother died from a broken hip received by a fall. His brother-in-law T. N. Wilson was killed in a wreck on the K. & M. and Mr. Wilson's mother died from a fall. Mrs. Hamilton's first husband Mr. Kline, died from a stroke of apoplexy which caused him to fall down the stairway and lastly himself.
     To the sorrowing wife, children and sisters, who are prostrated by the shock of his untimely death, the Tribune extends its kindliest sympathy and condolence.

[Note: he is buried in Pine Street Cemetery in Gallipolis Township. May 18, 1849 - April 2, 1902]

The Gallipolis Tribune, p. 1
April 2, 1902
Transcribed by Mary Kay Clark

Maxon, Elizabeth [Rodgers]

Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Maxon
     Mrs. Elizabeth Maxon was born in this city March 13, 1810, and died February 3, 1899 at 3:20 p.m. The funeral services were conducted from the Presbyterian Church last Sunday afternoon, at 2:00 o’clock. Rev. Frederic Walton, of the Episcopal Church, officiating. The burial was at the Pine Street Cemetery, by Hayward & Son.
     Mrs. Maxon was the daughter of Thomas and Christena Rodgers, who came to this city in 1804. In July, 1839, she was united in marriage to Mr. Samuel Maxon, who died June 4, 1853. Several children were born to this union, one of whom, Miss Hannah Maxon, survives, besides a stepdaughter, Mrs. Lucy Cherrington.
She became a member of the old-school Presbyterian Church when quite young, and had lived the life of a Christian. On November 7, 1897, Mrs. Maxon received a severe fall, and had been confined to her bed ever since, though she never complained.

The Gallipolis Bulletin
Saturday, February 11, 1899
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maxon, Elizabeth

Death of Mrs. Maxon
     Mrs. Elizabeth Maxon, generally spoken of as Mrs. Eliza Maxon, widow of the late Samuel Maxon, departed this life Friday afternoon February 3d, 1899. Her funeral services will be conducted at the Presbyterian Church at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon by Rev. Frederic Walton, of the Episcopal Church, the interment by Hayward & Son following at the Pine street cemetery. The pall bearers selected are Messrs. James, John and Joseph Mullineux, Edward H. Neal, W. T. Minturn and Major S. F. Neal.
     Mrs. Maxon was the third child of Thomas and Christiana Rodgers and was born in a small frame house on Front street, now owned by Mrs. Eliza Mcclurg, March 13th, 1810, making her almost 88 years of age at the time of her death. Her brothers were the late Ronsell and John A. Rodgers; her sisters Christiana Sherriff, Eliza Margaret Pierson, Helen M. Hayward, Miss Mary Rodgers, Miss Romaine Rodgers and Miss Isabelle Rodgers. Mrs. Hayward and Miss Mary Rodgers survive. Her folks moved to the farm on Chickamauga in 1815.
     She was united in marriage with Samuel Maxon in July, 1839. Mr. Maxon died June 4th, 1853. Five children were born unto them two, Mrs. Lucy Cherrington and Miss Hanna U. Maxon surviving.
     She received a fall November 7, 1897, and from that time until her death never walked a step or stood alone or was able to turn herself in bed, but through her long confinment never murmured or complained.
     She was united with the Old School Presbyterian Church many years ago, and lived a consistently religious life. Her place in all churches was never vacant until failing health compelled it.
     Her life was quiet and retiring, but her hand was always open and ready to bestow charity or perform any deed necessary to relieve trouble or distress, and she never let her right hand know what the left one was doing. She avoided all publicity. God knew, that was enough. She was always cheerful and ever ready with a kindly greeting to those she knew. She was happy in the thought of meeting those she loved. Life lost its charm when talking of her everlasting home. Without a doubt or uncertainty she quietly, peacefully breathed her last as one lying down to peaceful slumber.

[Note by Henny Evans: Lucy Cherrington, born 1836, was actually the daughter of Samuel Maxon's first wife, Lucy McIntosh. Note by Neil Elvick: Name appears as Eliza B. Maxon on the cemetery entry.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
February 4, 1899
Transcribed by Romaine Smith                                                                       Top of Page

Maxon, Genevieve [Heisner]

Mrs. John C. Maxon
Body To Be Brought From Muncie, Ind.  For Funeral Here Thursday
     Word was received here Tuesday of the death of Mrs. Genevieve Maxon, wife of the late John C. Maxon of this city, at her home in Muncie, Ind.  Mrs. Maxon died at 9 o'clock Monday night following a stroke of paralysis.
     Mrs. Maxon was a native of Gallipolis, the daughter of the late John Heisner and grand-daughter of Charles Creuzet, one of the original French settlers of this city.  The Heisners were very prominent in the business and social life of Gallipolis. Her husband,John C. Maxzon, died in ths city many years ago.  Mrs. Maxon lived here until about ten years ago when she moved to Muncie, Ind. She is survived by three sons, Heisner, Harry and John, all of Muncie, Ind. and two sisters, Miss Lillian Heisner, Washington, D.C., and Mrs. Fannie Conner whose home is in the east.
     The body is expected to arrive in Gallipolis Thursday noon and funeral services will be held in St. Peter's Episcopal church Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock.  Burial will be in the family lot in Mound Hill cemetery in Gallipolis Twp..  W. N. Hayward is in charge of the burial.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
December 4, 1928
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

Maxon, Hiram

     To the Officers and Members of Ariel Lodge, No. 156, I.O.O. F.: You are requested to meet at your Hall on Sunday, February 28, 1875, at half-past one o'clock P.M., for the purpose of attending the Funeral of our departed Brother, HIRAM MAXON. Services at his late residence, Dufour House, at 2 o'clock P.M. Friends of the family are invited.
                                                                           Fred. Zehring, Per. Sec.
Gallipolis, Ohio, February 27, 1875.

[Note- born July 15, 1804; died February 26, 1875; burial in Mound Hill Cemetery]

From- Funeral Notice (printed card), unknown source
February 27, 1875
Transcribed by Lisa Halbig

Maxon, John Heisner

Heisner Maxon Dies in Indiana
     Heisner Maxon, a scion of a prominent Gallipolis family died in Muncie, Ind., Thursday morning. His death came after an extended illness with a heart ailment. He was in his 80's and had been a resident of the Indiana city for many years. In all the years he had lived away from Gallipolis he had never lost his interest and paid frequent visits until his health failed.
     Maxon was the great grandson of Charles Creuzet and was a descendant of the early French settlers. The Maxon home in Gallipolis is now owned by Miss Clara Worman, Third Ave. Prior to leaving Gallipolis Maxon was the head of the Gallipolis gas works and the late John McNealey trained under him and took over the operation.
     He is survived by his wife, the former Lucie Waddell and a son William. Another son preceded him in death this past winter.
     Funeral services will be held in the Episcopal church at Muncie Saturday morning and the funeral party will arrive in Gallipolis that evening. Burial services will be held in Mound Hill cemetery at 12:30 p.m. Sunday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
May 31, 1957
Transcribed by Henny Evans

Maxon, John James

Death of Jno. J. Maxon
     Jno. J. Maxon died at home in this city, at 6 o'clock Saturday morning last, succumbing a victim to the dread fever that he had so long battled with. Mr. Maxon returned some weeks ago from attendance on the Richmond fair, as was his usual custom, suffering from the lingering effects of malaria that he had contracted while there. There was nothing in his condition at that time, however, to excite alarm, and the consciousness of a strong constitution and unusual physique made him thoughtless as to proper care, and unknowingly he invited by exposure the ruthless disease that finally caused his death. The beginning of his last sickness dates from election day and was brought on by exposure on that occasion. The fever soon developed into typhoid, and although his sound physique encouraged his loving family and faithful physicians in the hope that he would be able to baffle it, yet the previous malarial attack had left his system in too weakened a condition to do so.
     Mr. Maxon was one of our prominent citizens, and that he was held in kind regard by the community in which he had lived from birth could be no better shown than by the universal interest and anxiety manifested daily in the news from his bedside and in the very large concourse of friends who assembled to pay tribute at his final obsequios.
     The deceased was in his 42d year, a native of this city, the only son and youngest child of the late Mr. Samuel Maxon. His aged mother and two sisters, Mrs. Wm. Cherrington and Miss Hannah Maxon, survive him. He was married December 31st, 1872, to Miss Genevieve Heisner, oldest daughter of Capt. Jno. and Fanny Heisner. Six children, two boys and four girls, were born of this union, the oldest boy of 15 years old, the youngest a baby boy in arms. All of these survive him, and to their sad affliction they have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community.
     The funeral services were conducted Monday afternoon, at Presbyterian Church, by Rev. Jno. Moncure and Rev. R.H. Coulter. The burial took place at the old cemetery in charge of undertaker Wetherholt. The pall-bearers were Messrs. Geo. House, Jos. Mullineux, B.T. Enos, Sam A. Dunbar, J.S. Blackaller, Wm. Kling, Ed. W. Vanden and Hollis C. Johnston, Escort, Dr. Jas. A. Lupton and Mr. Geo. D. McIntyre.

[Note: He is buried in Mound Hill Cemetery and was born April 24, 1847 and died December 1, 1888.]

Gallipolis Journal
December 5, 1888
Transcribed by Henny Evans                                                                          Top of Page

Maxon, Lucie W.

Gallipolis Native Dies in Indiana
     Mrs. Lucie W. Maxon, a native of Gallipolis and widow of John H. Maxon, Muncie, Ind., died at her home in Muncie Wednesday. She was born in Gallipolis, daughter of the late Robert and Romaine Mills Waddell. She attended the elementary and Gallia Academy High Schools here. She moved to Muncie in 1910 following her marriage. Mrs. Maxon was a member of Grace Episcopal Church in Muncie.
     One son, William H. Maxon, Danville, Ind., survives, along with a sister, Mrs. Esther Cole, St. Petersburg, Fla. Graveside services will be held at Mound Hill Cemetery 10 a.m., Saturday with Rev. Albert Mackenzie officiating. The McCoy-Wetherholt Funeral Home will be in charge of local arrangements.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
January 1, 1969
Transcribed by Henny Evans

Maxon, Ransom T.

     Mr. Ransom T Maxon, the blind brother of the late Hiram Maxon, of this city, and well known here, left here about six weeks ago to take a trip through West Virginia with a magic lantern show, of which he was the proprietor, and with which he has maintained himself mostly for 35 years. It has been his custom to make these trips through the summer returning in the fall and spending the winter with his brother-in-law, Mr. Emory Bailey, and other friends. He is said to have had a horse and wagon of his own, which he left for the winter in West Virginia, and it was his custom to always hire someone to go with him and to take care of him and his equipment. Nothing had been heard of him since his last departure, until the Charleston Star last week announced that he had while in company with a man named Jones taken sick a week before at the residence of Rev Davidson Honaker, near Sissonville, Kan. Co, and died in five days afterward. He was about 70 years old and a pleasant companion, and his friends here always felt it a pleasure to have him with them, but he, though blind, was independent and self-reliant and would always try to do something for himself and did. His remains will probably be brought to Gallipolis.

Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, July 18, 1888
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux                                                                      Top of Page

Maxon, Samuel

     Died in his residence at this place, on the 4th inst., Mr. Samuel Maxon, in the 56th year of his age.

The Gallipolis Journal
June 9, 1853
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Maxon, Samuel N.

Sam N. Maxon Dead
Found In Bed In New York Hotel Sunday Noon
     Samuel N. Maxon, brother of J. Heisner Maxon, of Muncie, IN, was found dead in the Wallack Hotel in New York at noon Sunday. He left Muncie Friday night on a business trip apparently in the best of health, arriving in New York Saturday evening.
     The cause of his death is not yet known here but Capt. Verne Bovie is making an investigation of it.
The body left New York this Monday afternoon and will arrive in Gallipolis Tuesday evening or Wednesday noon. It will be in charge of Hayward.
     The funeral will be in St. Peter's Church Wednesday at 1:30, with the Rev. Mr. Day of Muncie in charge.
The deceased was next in age to Heisner and was raised in Gallipolis.

[Note: Buried in Mound Hill Cemetery in Gallipolis Township]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday April 4, 1919
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Maxon, Thomas

Death of Thomas Maxon
     Mr. Thomas Maxon, an old Gallipolis gentleman, nephew of the late Dr. Darius, Hiram and Samuel Maxon, died suddenly at Huntington, Saturday evening. His wife was Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Ezekiel and Parnell Cheney and sister to Mr. Frank Cheney and Mrs. Julia Billings of this city. Mrs. Billings left Sunday after receiving news to be with her sister. Mr. Maxon left a son, Mr. Oscar Maxon an expert bookkeeper and accountant of New York City and a daughter, Mrs. Maggie Phillips of Avondale, wife of an attorney.
     Mr. Maxon was a warm hearted, genial man, who was a general favorite wherever known. Before the war he carried on a marble shop here, but was burned out, leaving here and going to Ironton, thence to Ashland and to Xenia and returning here and thence to Springfield and Dayton. He had other business besides the marble business, being a general all around trader and finally invented a lifting jack much used on railroads and out of which he made considerable money.
     About two years ago he formed a partnership with a man named Miller and they carried on the business at Huntington, WV. Sometime ago he met with a dreadful accident at Huntington by being struck with a train and his life was despaired of for a long time. It is believed here that it was the cause of his death, though to all appearances he had recovered from it. He was troubled greatly with sore eyes and handicapped by the infirmity, but not withstanding, was full of business and a live man, whose death will be greatly regretted.
     The remains will be bought to Wetherholt's by Tuesday morning train and after remaining there twenty minutes, be taken to Mound Hill for burial.

[Note: Death Certificate..Died Jan. 20, 1900 Huntington, WV. Age 65 Cause of Death: Heart Disease]

Gallipolis Tribune
Jan. 22, 1900
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                             Top of Page

Maxon, Thomas Rodgers

Maxon Rites Set Saturday
     Thomas Maxon, son of Heisner and Lucy Waddell Maxon of Muncie, Ind., died Thursday morning in Muncie. His death was caused by leukemia. He was a graduate of Harvard university and had practiced as an architect in California before being forced to retire on account of ill health. Both the parents are natives of Gallipolis and the son made his last visit to Gallipolis at the time of the death of his aunt, Letitia Mills.
     The funeral party will arrive in Gallipolis Saturday where graveside services will be held at 4 p.m., Saturday in Mound Hill cemetery. Mrs. Heisner Maxon will come with the party but Maxon will be unable to make the trip. Rev. Charles Chappelear of St. Peter's Episcopal church will officiate and local arrangements are being made by Miller's Home for Funerals.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
January 25, 1957
Transcribed by Henny Evans

Maxwell, Daisy

     Daisy E. Maxwell, 87, a native of Gallia County, died at Northland Terrace Nursing Home on Sept. 8. A former resident of Columbus, she was the widow of John Boyd Maxwell. She is survived by a nephew, W. Ray Saunders, Slidell, La.; nieces, Beatrice Pierce of Powell, Ohio and Gladyce B. DeAngelis, Westport, Conn. Several grandnieces and grandnephews also survive. Cremation with private burial in Gallia County was under the direction of Weir-Arend Funeral Home, Columbus.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, Sept. 12, 1979
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maxwell, James Richard

     GALLIPOLIS - James Richard Maxwell, 20, of 23 Berger Ave. Gallipolis, was among the victims of the Silver Bridge disaster. He was an upholsterer for the French Colony Furniture Co. of Gallipolis.
     Born at Gallipolis he was a son Ernest and Melville Lane Maxwell of Gallipolis. He is also survived by his wife, Mrs. Linda Preston Maxwell; two brothers, William and Timothy Maxwell of Gallipolis and five sisters; Mrs. Janet Thomas of Columbus, Mrs. Patty Phillips of Danville, Ky., Mrs. Christine Wray and Mrs. Marilyn Skidmore both of Gallipolis, and Miss Terri Maxwell at home.
     Funeral services will be held at the Miller Funeral Home at 3 p.m. Friday with the Reverend Everett Delaney officiating. Burial will be in the Pine Street Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home after 7 p.m. Thursday.

Athens Messenger
Dec. 21, 1967
Contributed by Joyce Robinson   

Maxwell, Maude R. [Rutherford]

Maude R. Maxwell Holzer Hospital Maid Dies 9 a. m.
     Mrs. Maude Rutherford Maxwell, wife of “Steeplejack” William Maxwell, died suddenly about 9 o’clock at their home at 750 First Ave. She had worked at the Holzer Hospital yesterday as usual but sent word this morning she was unable to leave home. She suffered from some pain she attributed to indigestion or some other minor ailment, but Dr. Howard Foster was of the opinion she had succumbed to a coronary thrombosis.

At Hospital 13 Years
      For faithful service and devotion to her family and to her hospital duties, Mrs. Maxwell won the respect and admiration of hundreds who knew something about her life story. She was a maid on the second floor and had been so employed since January, 1934. For every patient she saw she had a kind word and manifested a friendly and sympathetic interest; and today at the hospital all employees are deeply saddened and shocked by her passing.
     Mrs. Maxwell was 54 years old, having been born here March 29, 1892. She was a daughter of Thomas and Gertrude Bratt Rutherford. She and Mr. Maxwell, a painter, were married Sept. 23, 1919, but she was then a widow, her first married name having been White.
     Surviving are the husband, one son, Ernest, who has been in poor health for a year of more, and five little grandchildren, all living under one roof, and all receiving the full measure of love and care during the hours she was at home.
     The body was removed to Claude Miller’s mortuary.

Gallipolis Tribune
3 Oct 1946

Maxwell, Maude [Rutherford]

 Maxwell Funeral Rites To Be Sunday
     GALLIPOLIS - Funeral services for Mrs. Maude Maxwell, Gallipolis, who died unexpectedly Thursday, will be held at the Miller funeral home at 3 p.m. Sunday, with burial at Pine Street Cemetery. Mrs. Maxwell, who for many years was a maid on the third floor of Holzer Hospital, was a native of Gallipolis Ferry, W. Va.
     She is survived by her husband, William Maxwell; a son, Ernest White; her father and step-mother, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rutherford, Gallipolis; three brothers, Harry Rutherford of Weirton, W. Va.; and Robert and Edgar of Gallipolis; three sisters, Edith Rutherford and Lucille Walters of Gallipolis, and Helen Roberts, Ironton; and five grandchildren. Her first husband, Ross White, died 28 years ago.
     Mrs. Maxwell will rest in state at the former residence, 750 First Ave., Gallipolis, until noon Sunday. The Rev. J. E. Hakes was to be officiating clergyman at the funeral.

Athens Sunday Messenger
October 6, 1946
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                                Top of Page

Maxwell, Thomas

The River’s Victim
Fatal Ending of an Evening Spent in Serenading and Boat Riding
     Last evening about 10:30 o’clock when Mr. Jacob Levisay closed up his saloon at Olive and Third streets, he was in company with Thomas Maxwell, familiarly known as “Fattie” and B. H. Karnes. They went over to Thomas Lucas’ barber shop and got Tom, who plays the violin, and Frank Preston, who plays the guitar, both colored musicians, to go out with them on a little serenade.
     They hung around there a bit, probably went into Dolph Mink’s saloon and stood about a few minutes and then went down to Mr. J. O. Canaday’s and serenaded him in a decorous and proper manner, and then started further down street, when they met Officer Ed. Gilmore and asked him if he cared if they serenaded Mr. James H. Canaday, near the corner of Second and Spruce streets. He told them they could if they were nice about it, so they serenaded Mr. Canaday.
     They then concluded to go over to the river and take a bath. When they got there at Bush’s Landing, they concluded they would take a ride on the river if they could get a boat, and they soon procured a small john-boat of a Mrs. Pierce living in a shanty boat close by and Levisay and Lucas took seats at the stern, Karnes took the oars and Maxwell seated himself at the bow. Preston seeing the boat well filled got into another boat. The boat with the four was pushed out and they had gone perhaps 20 feet from shore and struck the main current, when at the same time they collided with Preston’s boat, when their boat began rocking and filling right up. Levisay jumped out and swam ashore. As he did the rest went into the river.
     Karnes got hold of the boat which had turned over, and pulled Lucas on to it, while Maxwell cried out to them for God’s sake to save him, but before they could get into condition to do it, he sank never to rise again, not being able, it is said, to swim a lick. Preston got Karnes and Lucas who were terribly excited, into his boat and got them ashore. Mrs. Pierce’s daughter thinks she saw Maxwell hold of a paddle or oar, when he went down.
     They all notified Marshal Kuhn, but nothing could be done then, and they returned home grieved over their night’s experience, for their lost companion was a good, jolly man, liked by every one with whom he came in contact.
     He came from Belfast, Ireland, about ten years ago, and came here with Contractor Dunbar from Canton when he first began on the Epileptic Hospital buildings and also worked for West water & Co. He was a fine mechanic, a stone cutter and made good wages when he worked. He came from the same place as Mr. Dan Henry, who knew him well.
     He left here last October or November and went to work on the Kanawha Locks and came here about August 1st, and expected work here again and was waiting on the contractors to begin. He was boarding at Mr. Frank Brown’s, who also gives him an excellent name. He was about 35 years of age and has no friends in this country. A hundred people were at Bush’s wharf this morning watching men in a dozen skiffs, dragging for him, but when we left, they had not got his body.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Friday, August 14, 1896

     The body of Thomas Maxwell drowned last Thursday night, was found Saturday at Athalia, Lawrence County, an oar clasped in his hand, after being in the water 36 hours. It was badly decomposed and was buried down there. He had no relatives here and it was as well buried there as here.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Monday, August 17, 1896
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Mayberry, Hannah Belle [Rogers]

Mrs. Mayberry, Aged 75, Died 5 This Morning
Funeral Set For 4 P.M. Friday At Baptist Church
     Mrs. Hannah Belle Mayberry, wife of William Mayberry, died at 5 o’clock this morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lula B. Fraley, 1903 Eastern Avenue. Mrs. Mayberry, who was 75 years old, had been in failing health for some time and several weeks ago, she fell and fractured her hip. She was cared for at the Holzer hospital for some time and later was taken to the home of her daughter. On Sunday she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and lapsed into a coma, since which time her condition was known to be hopeless.
     In addition to the aged husband, she is survived by one son and four daughters, all of whom were here at her death. They are Herman Mayberry of Mansfield, Mrs. Laura Alberry of Wheeling, Mrs. Mabel Weethee of Batavia, N. Y., Mrs. Doris Champer and Mrs. Fraley here. She also leaves 25 grandchildren and 31 great-grandchildren. Mrs. Mayberry was an estimable woman and devoted to her home and children.
     Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at 4 o’clock EWT at the First Baptist Church with Rev. J. E. Hakes officiating. Gallia Council, Daughters of American, of which she was a member, will have part in the service and burial which will be in Pine Street Cemetery by George J. Wetherholt and Sons.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, April 5, 1944
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mayberry, William

Mayberry Rites Are Held in Gallipolis
     GALLIPOLIS - William Mayberry, age 87, died Tuesday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Lula Fraley, Eastern Avenue. Mr. Mayberry was born in Lawrence County, May 5, 1858, and was the last survivor of his generation of the family. He had resided in Gallipolis since early boyhood and was highly respected and well-known throughout the community. Mrs. Mayberry died last April.
     Surviving them are the following children: Herman Mayberry of Mansfield, who arrived here almost at the moment of his father’s death; Mrs. Laura Allberry of Wheeling, W. Va.; Mrs. Mabel Withee of Batavia, N. Y.; Mrs. Doris Champer and Mrs. Fraley of Gallipolis.
     Funeral rites were held Thursday afternoon at the First Baptist Church by the Reverend J. Edward Hakes with interment following in Mound Hill Cemetery.

Athens Messenger
Thursday, March 16, 1944
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Maybrey, Dorcas

     Aunt Dorcas Maybrey, a colored woman of Raccoon Township, and the oldest woman in the township, claiming herself to be 115 years old, died early Sunday morning.
     She had children who died old people. She was quite a character. Her daughter, an old woman, lived with her and took care of her. She was very religious and had the reputation of being a true Christian. She left some property.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 2)
Tuesday, February 25, 1896
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Mayes, Alfred

Arrival Home Marred By Tragedy
Returning Gallipolis Soldiers in Fatal Motor Car Accident
Sergt. Mayes Instantly Killed and Others Badly Hurt
              Dead – Sergeant Alfred Mayes
              Injured – First Lieut. Alfred Barlow, Pvt. Earl Cromley, J. Warren Miller
     Returning in motor cars from Camp Sherman after gallant service in France, about twenty members of old Company F reached Gallipolis a little after six Monday evening—one dead and two injured, as the result of an automobile wreck, in which the driver and owner of the car, Mr. J. W. Miller, was also badly hurt.
     In the many conflicting reports of the tragic accident there seems to be this much of truth. The wrecked car, a fine 8-cylinder Oldsmobile, was approaching Gallipolis at a high rate of speed, preceded and followed by a number of other cars, all filled with soldiers and driven by men who had left their business and driven to Chillicothe to get them home early.
     At the railroad crossing beyond the Fox dairy, the Miller car left the road, and turned over head on, once or twice. At any rate it landed upside down. Its’ occupants suffered severely as follows:
     Sergeant Alfred Mayes, a splendid specimen of physical manhood, was instantly killed, the whole top of his head being crushed in and both legs broken above the knees. He was one of the squad who personally accompanied the King of Belgium on his triumphal entry into Brussels after the Armistice.
     Lieut. Barlow got two bad scalp wounds. He has the Distinguished Service Cross for gallantry, was severely wounded in battle, and lost a leg in the service. He was given first aid at the Holzer Hospital.
     Pvt. Earl Cromley had his jaw broken at the chin, hip bruised, and nose and hand cut. His jaw was wired together and other injuries dressed by Dr. Holzer.
     Mr. J. W. Miller received a bad cut on the head, and the ligaments of his back were all torn loose. He was taken to Dr. Bean’s office and given immediate attention. Dr. Bean is as yet uncertain as to whether he received internal injuries.
     The body of Sergeant Mayes was taken to the Hayward undertaking establishment on the fire wagon and prepared for burial.
     News of the tragedy spread like wildfire over the city, and filled the public with deepest regret. That soldiers should have such a sad homecoming depressed the entire community. All sorts of wild stories as to the cause of the accident, and its results, gained currency. Those in the accident were so hurt and shocked that their ideas of it were hazy, while those coming behind the Miller car knew only what they saw. After the plunge they saw the car burst into flames and arriving on the spot, they pulled the body of Sergt. Mayes away from it. The car itself burned up, a total loss.
     The hurt men were carefully and tenderly brought to the city as related above, and this (Tuesday) morning were all in much better condition. It is hoped by everybody that all the survivors will recover little the worse for their frightful experience.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 1)
Tuesday, April 22, 1919
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Sergeant Alfred Mayes's Funeral
     The funeral of Sgt. Alfred Mayes will be held from the Baptist Church at 2:30 p.m. Thursday and will be conducted by Rev. Mr. Petree. All men who have seen military service in Army and Navy are requested to meet in full uniform at the Elk's Hall at 1 p.m. to attend the funeral. Hayward has charge of the remains which will be interred at the Mound Hill Cemetery.

[Note: Death Certificate..born 1896; died April 21, 1919. Parents A.C. Mayes and Mary Johnston. Single. Discharged Soldier. Cause of death: automobile accident.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, April 23, 1919
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

Mayes, Clate

     Clate Mayes, aged 56, was instantly killed at 11:20 this forenoon when the front wall of the old brick building between the Miller produce house and the Harmony Creamery establishment tumbled down over the sidewalk. Mayes was buried under the brick and never knew what happened to him, his skull being crushed. The body was taken to Wetherholt's and the coroner sent for. Dr. Holzer was the first physician on the scene.
     Mayes had been out of the penitentiary on parole for about two weeks, and was recently sued for divorce by his wife, who, with nine living children survive him. It is thought the heavy rain last night weakened the walls of the building, and the high winds did the rest.

[Note: According to his death certificate available at, his name was Alfred Clayton Mayes b. 17 Apr 1859 in Mason County, WV, to Joseph T. and Leutitia Wallace Mayes and was buried in Mound Hill Cemetery.]

The Gallipolis Daily (Gallipolis, Ohio)
Saturday, March 17, 1917
Transcribed by Ronni Mayes                                                                           Top of Page

Mayes, Darlene Kay

Mayes Services
     Funeral services for Darlene Kay Mayes, 13, of Kanauga, a victim of Friday's Silver Bridge tragedy, will be held Wednesday at 2 p.m. at the Church of Christ in Christian Union in Point Pleasant. She died in the collapse of the bridge along with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Turner.
     Miss Mayes was born in Gallipolis, a daughter of Robert and Louella Jarrell Mayes. She was a student at Gallia Academy Junior High School. Surviving in addition to her parents are a brother, Jerry, of Lima; a sister, Connie, at home, and her paternal grandmother, Mrs. Georgia Robbins of Kanauga.
     Friends may call at the Mohr-Stevens Funeral Home after 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Athens Messenger
Dec. 19, 1967
Contributed by Joyce Robinson

Mayes, Della [Pickens]

Mrs. Wm. Mayes, Aged 71, Passes 1:30 This Morn
Rites At 1 Sunday, 245 Second Avenue; Burial Gravel Hill
     Mrs. Della Pickens Mayes, wife of William Mayes, died at 1:30 this morning at their suite of rooms in Mrs. Daisy Scurlock’s home at 245 Second Avenue. Mrs. Mayes had been in frail health a long time. She suffered from anemia and her condition became grave when she contracted the flu a few weeks ago. She was 71 years old last Nov. 9.
     Mr. Mayes also is in poor health and confined to his rooms most of the time. They were married 47 years ago and their wedlock had been spent in Gallipolis. She was a member of the Church of God. There survives one son, Clarence E. Mayes of Brandstetter Heights. There are two half-sisters and two half-brothers: Mrs. Mary Hill and George Mayes, both of Marietta; Mrs. Leo Watson of Long Bottom, David Pickens of Spokane, Wash.
     Funeral services will be held at the First Ave. address at 1 o’clock Sunday with Rev. H. M Smith in charge. Burial in Gravel Hill cemetery back of Cheshire by Halley.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, February 7, 1941
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mayes, James Wendell

     MAYES, JAMES WENDELL - 58, died early yesterday morning at his home, 313 1/2 Reynolds St. He was a veteran of World War I and a retired stove moulder for the Poling Foundry Co., Columbus, O. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Anna Mayes; four sons, James and Alfred of Gallipolis, O., Robert of Akron O., and Charles with the Army in Germany; a daughter, Helen Marie Mayes, Gallipolis; his mother, Mrs. Mary Buffington, Charleston; two brothers, Harry and Robert, both of Columbus, O.; two sisters, Mrs. Helen Thomas and Mrs. Elmer Belcher, both of Charleston and three grandchildren. The body is at the Cunningham Mortuary.

[James W. Mayes was the son of Alfred Clayton Mayes and Mary Ann Johnson, born 17 Jan 1892 in Gallipolis. Buffington was his mother's third husband.]

The Charleston Gazette (Charleston, West Virginia)
July 19, 1950, page 8, column 3.
Transcribed by Ronni Mayes                                                                           Top of Page

Mayes, Joesph

Joe Mayes, Aged 81, Hit By Automobile, Died Sunday P. M.
First Tragedy Of Kind In New Year Occurs On Eastern Ave. Near
Home Of Victim At 8 o’Clock On Saturday Night
Joseph Mayes, 81, retired steamboat fireman, was fatally injured about 8 o’clock Saturday night when he was struck by a car as he was crossing Eastern Ave. just above the old Fairgrounds and in front of Gino’s place. He died at the Holzer Hospital at 12:40 Sunday afternoon.  For several years Mayes had lived alone in a house belonging to C. B. Allen just a few doors above the Allen home on Chatham Ave.
One Leg Amputated
Death resulted from a fracture at the base of the skull. Mayes received other injuries and the lower part of one leg was so badly crushed that it was amputated at the hospital. The car involved in this tragedy -- the first of its kind within the county so far this year--

Last Year’s Fatalities
     Last year there were eight deaths from violence in the county. There were three accidental highway facilities and all occurred in the first 18 days of January and all on Route 7. Albert Charles Salster of Marietta was killed Jan. 15 above Georges Creek; Walter Nixon of Logan, Jan 17, above airport; Sherman Mitchell, Jan. 18, above Swan Creek.

--was driven by George Smith of Ellicott City, Maryland. It was a Ford sedan. Smith was accompanied by members of his family and they were en route to South Point, where he is employed by Stone & Websters, contractors, at the Buckeye Ordnance Works.
     Patrolman Cecil Thivener was summoned to the scene a few minutes after the accident. He made the initial investigation and brought Smith down to the police station. Subsequently, Thivener, Chief of Police Leaper and Prosecuting Attorney, Robert M. Betz questioned Smith and John Taylor, the only other eye-witness they found, and they were convinced the accident was unavoidable so far as Smith was concerned.
     Mayes had come out of Gino’s place and started across Eastern Ave. and stepped right into the path of the Maryland car, which was coming down the avenue. The left front bumper and fender struck Mayes and the impact lifted him up on the hood and against the windshield so hard as to shatter it. Mayes then fell off to the side of the thoroughfare. Smith stopped his car.
     Frank E. Wetherholt took the injured man to the hospital.
     Mayes is a native of Mason County. He was a son of George and Nancy Leeds Mayes and was born September 13, 1861. He had been married and is survived by a son, Russell, who formerly lived at Kanauga, but is now believed to be living near Mudsoc. A sister lives at Henderson and a brother, Charles Mayes, lived in the white house atop the hill near Salt Creek and across the river from a point between the airport and Kanauga.
     Joe Mayes has been a familiar figure long before he retired as a river fireman and located in Maple Shade. He was a large, muscular man and looked to be about 70 years old.
     The body is at the funeral parlors of George J. Wetherholt & Sons. Funeral arrangements will not be made until the son or brother is apprised of the death.
     The spelling of the name of M-a-y-e-s in the foregoing paragraphs follows that on the police blotter, but some of the dead man’s friends think the proper spelling is Maze. His death is the first from other than natural causes reported within the county so far this year.
Rites 2 Tuesday
     Funeral of Joseph Mayes will be held at 2 o’clock Tuesday at the parlors of George J. Wetherholt & Sons. Interment will be made in Mound Hill Cemetery.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, January 18, 1943
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Mayes, Lawrence

World War Veteran Dies In Parkersburg
Funeral for Bugler of Old Co. F. To Be Held Here Thursday
     Lawrence Mayes, 31, World War veteran, died Monday morning in Camden-Clark hospital in Parkersburg, W. Va. Mr. Mayes was bugler during the war in Co. F. 148th Infantry, 37th division, serving overseas and in several battles.
     Mr. Mayes and his two brothers left Gallipolis in Co. F. of the old Ohio National Guard. One of his brothers, Alfred Mayes, was killed in an automobile wreck as he was returning home after the war. Lawrence Mayes was the bugler who blew taps over his brother’s grave at the soldier’s funeral here.
     Mr. Mayes is survived by his wife, Mrs. Emma Mayes and two sons, Louis age 7 and William Lawrence, age 5, of Gallipolis, his mother, Mrs. Mary Mayes Driscoll, Parkersburg, two sisters, Mrs. Helen Whitlock and Mrs. Edith Belcher, Parkersburg, and four brothers, Harry and Robert of Columbus and William and James of Gallipolis.
     The body arrived Tuesday from Parkersburg and was taken to his brother’s home on Garfield avenue. Funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. at the First Baptist church by Rev. George Sagen. The services will be under auspices of the American Legion and comrades of the World War. Burial will be in Mound Hill cemetery. Taps will be blown over the grave by Mack Broyles, who served in Co. F. with Mr. Mayes.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 1)
Wednesday, August 7, 1929
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

Mayes, Lida Jane

Mrs. Mayes Dies At 82
     Mrs. Lida Jane Mayes, 82, died at 9:05 a.m. Wednesday at the home of a daughter on the Cora-Beaver Rd. She had been ill for a period of two years.
     A native of Putnam county, W. Va., she was born May 18, 1877, to John and Alice Racer Ruby. Prior to coming to Gallia county, she spent most of her life at Scot Depot, W. Va., and at Oak Hill. She was married to L. L. Mayes on July 11, 1894; and he died in May, 1958.
     Surviving are Mrs. Sam Guthrie of Route 1, Gallipolis, Mrs. Ethel Paul, Thayer Mayes, Cecil Mayes, Mrs. Opal McNealey, Van Mayes, Clifton Mayes, Phillip Mayes and Ervin Mayes, all of Charleston, Mrs. Ada Harden of St. Albans, W.Va., Mrs. Pearl Frazier of Oak Hill, Mrs. Lorene Curtis of Jackson, and Mrs. Robie Hodge of Bell, W.Va., children; 20 grandchildren, two brothers and a sister, John and Ervin Ruby and Mrs. Bessie Shanks, all of Scot Depot, W.Va.
     Mrs. Mayes was a member of the Baptist church at St. Albans, W. Va. The body will be sent to the Allen-Castorth Funeral home at St. Albans by the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral home. Services and burial will be at St. Albans.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, July 23, 1959
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron

Mayes, Mildred

Scarlet Fever Claims Another Tot At Bidwell
Daughter of Russell Mayes Dies, and Another Is Ill
School to Remain Closed All Week
     Scarlet fever has claimed the life of another child at Bidwell and as a result of the danger of the spread of the disease the schools did not open this morning. In fact, they will be closed all week, possibly longer.
Mildred Mayes, aged 7, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Mayes, died Sunday evening from the effects of scarlet fever. Another child in the same home is ill with the same ailment.
     Funeral services will be conducted at 2 o’clock Tuesday at the residence -- probably on the front porch -- but regardless of the weather none will be admitted, the house having been quarantined. Rev. J. L. Stephenson will officiate. Burial will be by Undertaker Coleman, probably in Pine Street cemetery. The Mayes family lives in the Williard Grover property in the village. There are five surviving children besides the one now ill. Clark Wade, 7-year old son of Albert Wade of Bidwell, died of scarlet fever last Tuesday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, October 22, 1934
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                   Top of Page

Mayhew, Mary A.J.

     DIED - of consumption, in this city, Mrs. Mary A. J., wife of Mr. Elisha Mayhew, and daughter of Rev. W. N. Cubbage, in the 24th year of her age. She had been a patient sufferer for nearly a year. In her sickness was most beautifully illustrated , the priceless value of the ever sufficient grace of God. She waited patiently for the salvation of God; often expressing a preference to depart and be with Christ, at the same time saying, she was willing to wait God's own time. Her dying utterances were beautifully eloquent. Thus has passed away one of the sweetest and happiest spirits of earth. She was a member of the M. E. Church in Spencer Chappel [sic]. Poem follows, signed L. H.

The Gallipolis Journal
March 8, 1866
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

Maynard, Oscar

     Oscar Maynard, 61, died at 9:45 p. m. Sunday at his home (the Robinson place) on Spruce St. Extension. He had suffered several strokes in the past five years and his condition had been serious since January.
Mr. Maynard came to Gallipolis 16 years ago from Kentucky and for a period of time was employed at Holzer hospital. He retired five years ago.
     He was born on July 7, 1900 at Inez, Ky., the son of the late G. D. Maynard, and his mother was Rosa Bowen. She lived with her son. His marriage was to former Alice Moore on Oct. 17, 1917 and she survives along with the following children, Arthur Jr., of Hurricane, Leonard K. of Gallipolis, Mrs. Helen Kline of Logan, O. There are eight grandchildren. A son George Grant is deceased.
     Brothers and sisters who survive are Carl of Gallipolis, Robert E. of Ashland, Ky., Homer of St. Petersburg, Fla., Mrs. Arva Maynard of Covington, Ky., Mrs. Esther Cooper of Matewan, W. Va., Mrs. Hester Steppe and Mrs. Della Brewer, both of St. Albans, W. Va.
     Mr. Maynard was a member of the E. U. B. Church at Pt. Pleasant and the Odd Fellows lodge in Inez, Ky. Services will be held at 3 p. m. Wednesday at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral home. Rev. Donald Pringle will officiate and burial will be in Sunset cemetery at Pt. Pleasant. Friends may call at the funeral home after 2 p. m. Tuesday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, April 16, 1962
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Mayo, Elizabeth [Hill]

Death of Elizabeth Mays

     Mrs. Elizabeth Mays, wife of King Mays, died at her home near Kerr's Station Wednesday, after having been sick some time. Mrs. Mays was a highly respected colored woman in that vicinity and was 75 years of age. The funeral will be at 2 o'clock Sunday at Providence Church on Buck Ridge.

[Note: Newspaper erroneously shows name as Mays..should be Mayo. Elizabeth Jane Mayo was born Dec. 12, 1848 in VA; died Aug. 29, 1923; aged 74 years 8 months and 17 days of age. Colored. Husband: King Mayo. Parents: Jeremiah Hill (born VA) and mother unknown. Burial in Providence Cemetery.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Aug. 31, 1923
Transcribed by F. K. Brown                                                                            Top of Page

Mayo, Edwin

     GALLIPOLIS - Edwin Mayo, 74, died Saturday at home. A native of Gallia County, he was born March 23 1879 in Springfield Twp to John R & Madelaine Smith Mayo of Kerr. He married Kathryn Guthrie on Oct 24 1922 who survives as do these children, Mrs Juanita Howard, Cincinnati; Mrs Pauline Smith, Spokane Wash; Robert Mayo of Cincinnati; Lawrence Mayo of Columbus and Earl and Ivan Mayo of Bidwell; two sisters, Mrs Wiona Cordell and Mrs. Lena Sullivan of Columbus.

The Sunday Sentinel
Oct 10 1971
Abstracted by Deanna Sinks

Mays, Wilma Darlene

     VINTON - Wilma Darlene Mays, 5, daughter of Pearl Martin Mays and the late Donald Mays, died Sunday evening in Holzer Hospital. She was born in Point Pleasant. Surviving in addition to her mother are a sister, Brenda Sue, 3; and her maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Martin and paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Mays of Ewington.
     Funeral services will be held Thursday at 1 p.m. at the Ewington Church of Christ in Christian Union with the Rev. Floyd Graves officiating. Burial will be in the Vinton Memorial Park. Friends may call at the family home after Wednesday noon. The McCoy Funeral Home at Vinton handled arrangements.

The Athens Messenger, pg. 12
Tuesday December 26, 1967
From the newspaper collection of Harold and Odella Mack
Transcribed by Shari Little-Creech

Mayse, Clara May [Dewitt]

Mrs. Mayse Dead

     Clara May Dewitt Mayse died of influenza last Thursday at her home in Clay Township, after a two weeks' illness. She was in her 28th year, having been born in Harrison Township, Aug. 17, 1891.
     On Nov. 14, 1908, she was married to Elmer Mayse and to them were born two sons, John Truman aged 9 and Elmer Dewitt aged 5 years. Besides her two sons and husband, she is survived by her father, John Dewitt, a sister, Mrs. Richard Brown of Gallipolis, and brothers Wesley and Riley of Gallipolis, Bert of Addison and Isaac Lester of Raccoon Island. She was a member of the Clay Chapel Church. The funeral was held at her home Friday by Rev. R. P. McCarley. The interment following at Clay Chapel by Undertaker Stevers.

[Note: Buried in Clay Chapel Cemetery, Clay Township, date of death from stone: 1919]

Gallipolis newspaper
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin                                                                         Top of Page

Maze, Taylor

Death of Taylor Maze
     Taylor Maze was born in Meigs county July 17, 1850, and died March 1, 1917, aged 66 years, 7 months, 10 days. In 1869 he was united in marriage to Minerva Rumfield, who departed this life in 1871. In 1884 he was married to Cassie Siders. To this union were born two children, a daughter who died in infancy, and one son George, who so tenderly cared for his father in his last illness.
     Besides the widow and son he leaves a host of friends to mourn his loss. He was a man of noble traits and his wholelife was characterized by deeds of kindness and love for others.
     In March 1885, he professed faith in Christ and united with the Rose Hill M. E. Church. After moving to this county, he transferred his membership and the time of his death was a member of the Addison Baptist Church.
     The funeral was held Saturday morning at the Baptist Church by Rev. Soper of Cheshire, interment following at the Reynolds cemetery by Undertaker DeMaine of Middleport. The family wish to thank their friends for their help and comfort during the illness and death of their father.

The Gallipolis Journal; March 8, 1917 Front Page
From the newspaper collection of Harold and Odella Mack.
Transcribed by Shari Little-Creech

McBride, Annie

Another Sad Note
Mrs. George D. McBride Called By Death Tuesday
     Mrs. Annie S. McBride, wife of Mr. George D. McBride, passed away at the noon hour Tuesday, June 21, 1910. The funeral services will be at her late home Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, the interment by Hayward at Mound Hill on one of the prettiest lots in that beautiful cemetery.
     Mrs. McBride and Mrs. A.R. Chase were daughters of the late W.R. and Margaret Stevens. After their marriage and the death of their parents their husbands improved the old Stevens homestead on 2nd Avenue between State and Locust and the two families occupied it jointly the sisters and their husbands living together in the greatest happiness.
     Two years ago last March Mrs. Chase was called away after long illness and while her death made sad the happy home and bore upon Mrs. Bride heavily it yet seemed that all was not gone and they tried to forget their sorrow, but in about two months afterward Mrs. McBride was paralyzed by a stroke of apoplexy and though she recovered to a great extent fell into an invalid condition and has been treated with the kindness and consideration of an invalid ever since.
     This morning she was up and about her household duties as usual. The help who had waited upon her left the evening before to be married, it is said, and her husband tried to persuade her to not do much and save her strength until they could get somebody and to prepare a light dinner, but she insisted on having some peas for dinner and was overcome with a second stroke while engaged in preparing them at about 8:30 o'clock.
     Mr Chase was there assisting about and noticed the change that had come over her and notified Mr. McBride at the store, who was home in a few moments and Ms. Karnes and Mrs. Entsminger and physicians were sent for. She was conscious and continued so until about 10 o'clock, her husband understanding everything she said. She then relapsed into a comatose condition and continued until death.
     Mrs. McBride was a handsome lady when young and always known as one of the most excellent ladies our city afforded, good to everyone and especially dear to her household. "She was the best friend I ever had" said her weeping husband and she was a good, kind woman to everyone and the news of her death will be received with regret everywhere she is known. They sympathy of our entire community will go out to the sorrowing husbands, bereft of their loving companionship and the hope entertained that in some way their grief may be alleviated and their hearts comforted.

[Note: Death Certificate..Annie E. McBride born July 1840; died June 21, 1910; aged 70 years.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, June 21, 1910
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

McBride, Annie Stevens

Death of Mrs. Geo. D. M'Bride
     Annie Stevens, wife of George D. McBride, passed away at her home in this city Tuesday, June 21, 1910, her death being caused by a stroke of paralysis. Mrs. McBride and the late Mrs. A. R. Chase were daughters of W. B. Stevens and the Chase and McBride families had made their home for many years in the old Stevens residence on Second avenue. About two years ago Mrs. Chase died and shortly after Mrs. McBride suffered a paralytic stroke from which she never fully recovered.
     The funeral services were held at her late residence Thursday afternoon by the Rev. D. W. Cox, a former Episcopalian rector here. The following acted as pall-bearers Jos Mullineux, Thos Bell, Frank Ulsamer, C. M. Adams, J. W. Gardner and Robert Coleman. The remains were laid to rest in Mound Hill cemetery by Hayward & Son.

Newspaper Unknown
June 24, 1910
Transcribed by Nancy S. Edwards                                                                   Top of Page

McBride, James W.
In Memory of James W. (Bill) McBride
Date of Birth – October 2, 1927
Date of Death – May 6, 1989
Services From – Willis Funeral Home – Tuesday, May 9, 1989 at 11:00 AM
Clergyman Officiating – Rev. Alfred Holley
Final Resting Place – Fairview Cemetery
Funeral Conducted By – Willis Funeral Home Trust 100

[Note: Memory Card also contains Psalm 121.]

Memory Card
Tuesday, May 09, 1989
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

McBride, Libbie [Wilson]

Mrs. McBride, 87, Of Bidwell, Dies; Rites 1 Sunday
     Mrs. Libble Wilson McBride passed away at her home at Bidwell Friday morning, Nov. 24, at the age of 87 years. She was born at Harris October 15, 1857, and had been a resident of Bidwell for the past 30 years.
     She leaves two brothers, James W. and Jacob Wilson. Several nieces, one of whom was with her when the end came, Mrs. E. C. Michaelis of Columbus.
     She was a member of Calvary Baptist Church at Rio Grande, where burial will be made after services at the Coleman Funeral Home at Bidwell Sunday at 1 o’clock C.W.T., conducted by Rev. Russell R. Barbour.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, November 25, 1944
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McBride, Willis W.

Mr. McBride, 64, Claimed By Death
     Willis W. McBride, 64, Bidwell, died in the Holzer Medical Center on First Ave. He was born Nov. 30, 1904, son of the late Lottie Jane White and Carl McBride. Mr. McBride was a farmer, substitute rural mail carrier, and sub-postmaster at Bidwell. He was a member of the Bidwell-Porter school board for 12 years.
     He married the former Hannah C. Rutan on June 18, 1927, in Gallipolis. She survives, along with the following children: James W. McBride, at home; Mrs. Lee (Eleanor) Nolan, Bidwell; Mrs. Richard (Virginia) Tipton, Bidwell; Mrs. Harold (Frances) Hayes, Germany; Mrs. Jackie (Kay) Easton, Fairborn; Mrs. Eddie (Judy) Feustel, Kanauga; Mrs. Tony (Jane) Werry, Fairborn; Donald G. McBride, Bidwell; Patrick McBride, Gallipolis; M. G. McBride, at home. Eighteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild survive. The following sisters survive: Mrs. B. Lewis Jones, Thurman; Mrs. Lula Sheline, Gallipolis; Mrs. Max Tawney, Gallipolis.
     Funeral arrangements will be announced later by the McCoy Funeral Home in Vinton.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, November 29, 1968
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCabe, Sarah C.

     Died, in this city, on Wednesday night, Mrs. Sarah C. McCabe, wife of Mr. Robert McCabe, in the 42nd year of her age. Mrs. McCabe was a native of Yorkshire, England, and came to this country when eight years old. She resided in the State of Ohio until April last, at which time she removed to this State [Iowa]. In 1828 she united with the Methodist Episcopal Church, of which, until her death, she was an active, useful, consistent, and devoted member. Her health for the last fourteen years has been feeble, but she has uniformly borne her afflictions with christian meekness and submission. As an authoress, she stood high, having contributed largely to the Ladies' Repository, and other periodicals. Her benevolence was active and disinterested, and the suffering of the poor and friendless elicited the warmest sympathies of her heart. From the efforts of her pen originated the "Ladies' Relief Society" of our city which we hope will long continue a living monument to "Nina." Burlington (Ia.) Telegraph

The Gallipolis Journal
February 12, 1852
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

McCafferty, Mrs. Lydia Owens

     At her home in this city, surrounded by her family, on Wednesday morn last, at 5:15 o’clock, Mrs. Lydia Owens McCafferty, widow of the late Thomas McCafferty, quietly and peacefully, “as one sinking into sleep,” died. She was just entering her eighty-fifth year, the 19th of July being the 84th anniversary of her birth, which occurred near Newark, New Jersey, on that day in the year 1808. She came to this city with her husband in 1842, and ever after this was her home.
     In the death of this venerable woman, we lose one whose place in the community it will be difficult to fill. In the broadest sense of the word, she was a Christian -- a practical Christian. Her good works are known and honored in hundreds of homes in this city and this section. They were part of her very existence. She could no more fail to perform a kindness -- help the suffering, the distressed, the needy -- than she could live without breathing. Acts of charity and benevolence went hand in hand with her daily avocations. In her benefactions she did not discriminate. She was unselfish, thoughtful of all, generous and kind to all; in truth, her life and her labors were consecrated to the welfare and happiness of others. She was beloved by all who knew her, and her friends -- they cannot be numbered. As wife, mother and friend she was faithful, devoted, loving and self-sacrificing.
     Before age, with its infirmities, had overtaken her, Mrs. McCafferty was a leader in all enterprises having for their object the advancement of morality, the relief of the poor, and the betterment of the community generally. She was a tower of strength, too; difficulties did not deter; opposition only added to her zeal in good deeds.
      Her long and useful life is ended. Death has claimed her. But, through the grave, where human struggles and human ambition end, the Christian hope plants our feet upon that path which leads to celestial glory in the bosom of our Father and our God.
     Eight children are left to mourn their loss -- Albert, John and Joseph; Malvina, Caroline, Mrs. Capt. R. L. Hamilton, Mrs. V. A. Gates, and Mrs. J. M. Smith. The funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at 3:00 o’clock, at the family residence, and were conducted by Rev. R. Buell Love, after which followed the interment at Mound Hill.

“We bent today o’er a coffined form,
And our tears fell softly down;
We looked our last on the aged face,
With its smiles of peace, its patient grace,
And hair like a silver crown.

We touched our own to the clay-cold hands,
From life’s long labor at rest;
And among the blossoms white and sweet,
We noted a bunch of golden wheat
Clasped close to the silent breast.

We know not what work her hands had found,
What rugged places her feet;
What cross was hers, what blackness of night;
We saw but the peace, the blossoms white,
And the bunch of ripened wheat.

As each goes up from the field of earth,
Bearing the treasures of life,
God looks for some gathered grains of good
From the ripe harvest that shining stood,
But waiting the reaper’s knife.

Then labor well, that in death you go,
Not only with blossoms sweet,
Not bent with doubt and burdened with fears,
And the dead dry husks of wasted years,
But laden with golden wheat.”

Gallipolis Bulletin
Saturday, July 23, 1892
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                    Top of Page

McCafferty, Thomas

     Mr. Thomas McCafferty died at his residence on Second Street, Thursday, March 18th.  Mr. McCafferty came here about the year 1842 and has been a citizen ever since. Mr. McC. was a good citizen and was much respected for his manly virtues. Honesty was one of his principal traits, and every one learned by experience that his word was as good as his bond. 
     Plain, out-spoken, full of originality, he certainly commanded the respect of his enemies and the admiration of his friends. The world were better if it had more of such men.  He came from Baltimore, where he was born 77 years ago. A large funeral procession followed his remains to the grave on Sunday afternoon. Elder Munroe officiated at the last rites.

[Note:  12/25/1803 - 3/19/1880; Buried in Mound Hill Cemetery]

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday, March 25, 1880
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCall, Alec

Death of Mr. Alex McCall
     Mr. Alec McCall, living three miles above Proctorville, died Sunday night of lobar pneumonia. He was a man of high standing with all his acquaintances, being in his 86th year.
     He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Niday, of Third avenue, a daughter, at Proctorville and one at the old home place, also two sons, one residing at Columbus, and the other at Springfield.
     The remains were brought up Monday evening on Str. Bowyer and were taken in charge by Hayward and conveyed this morning to to the old Joe McCall farm. The services will be conducted this afternoon by Rev. John Porter, interment following at the family cemetery.

[Note: he is believed to be buried at the McCall Cemetery in Harrison Township altough there is no marker. 5/18/1828-3/9/1914 from death certificate]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
March 10, 1914
Transcribed by Henny Evans

McCall, Earl

Limb Falls, Kills Earl McCall, 61
     Ernest McCall of near Mercerville has received further particulars about the accidental death of his brother, Earl, which occurred at Quincy, Calif., on Jan. 8. The first message, a telegram, told but little.
Earl McCall, a lumberman, succumbed to injuries received when a falling limb from a tree struck him.
     Interment was made in the Quincy cemetery. Decedent was in his 62nd year, having been born in this county Sept. 7, 1881. He went to California 35 years ago and had not been here on a visit for about 30 years. He owned several mines.
     Mr. McCall never married but is survived by these sisters and brothers, in addition to the brother mentioned: Mrs. O. W. Dickey, Gallipolis; George McCall, Bangor, Calif.; Mrs. William Beck, Erie, Pa.; Grover C., Pulaski, Va.

[Note: From California Death Index/Ancestry date of death January 8, 1943 in Plumas County; mother's maiden name Smith.]

Newspaper (prob. January 1943, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, McCall file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders                                                                          Top of Page

McCall, Edward Otto

Prominent Farmer Is Dead At 87
     Edward Otto McCall, 87, prominent Gallia County farmer died at 2:25 a. m. today at his home on Lincoln Pike (Rt 1 Northup). He had been in failing health for two years and his condition had become serious six weeks ago.
     Mr. McCall was born in Harrison Twp., on July 19, 1873 to the late Josiah and Eliza Ann Northup McCall. He spent his entire lifetime on the farm where he was born.
     His marriage to the former Margaret Shoemaker took place on Nov. 13, 1907, and she survives along with the following children: Mrs. Lee (Opal) Fellure of Northup, Ruth McCall, at home and Dale E. McCall of North Kenova. There are seven grandchildren and one great grandchild. A daughter, Rachel Jean, died in infancy. Brothers and sisters who preceded him in death were Rosena E. McCall, Mrs. Cora A. Thornton, Cyrus H. McCall, Josiah McCall and Theodore S. McCall.
     Mr. McCall was a member of the First Baptist Church. Services will be held at 2 p. m. Tuesday at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home. Dr. Howard G. Young will officiate and burial will follow in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home after noon on Monday and until the hour of the service.

The Gallia Times
Saturday, April 22, 1961
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

McCall, Elizabeth [Smits]

Death of Mrs. Elizabeth McCall

     Mrs. Elizabeth McCall, aged 79, died Sunday, Jan. 21, 1923, at Bluefield, WV, of infirmities due to old age.
Mrs. McCall was born in Gallia County and resided with her daughter, Mrs. Oscar Dickey, but at the time of her death was visiting her son, Grover McCall, of Bluefield.
     The funeral services were conducted at her late home Tuesday morning at 9:30 by Rev. Pierce. Interment was at the Dickey Cemetery near Mercerville by George Wetherholt.

[Note: Death Certificate...Born: 1843; died Jan. 21, 1923; aged 79 years. Parents Guys and Emilie Smits]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Jan. 23, 1923
Transcribed by F. K. Brown

McCall, Etta M.

Mrs. Etta McCall Dies Early Sunday; Rites Wednesday
     Seriously ill for the past 4 1/2 weeks and in failing health for several years, Mrs. Etta M. McCall, 76, died at her home, 620 Third Ave., at 1:45 a.m. Sunday. Her death was attributed to complications.
     A daughter of the late Brice H. and Samantha Wilcoxen Sheets, Mrs. McCall was born in Guyan Twp. and spent her entire life in the county. She married Claudie McCall and spent most of her married life in the Clay Lick community. Mr. McCall died March 3, 1933, and she moved to Gallipolis after that. Prior to her marriage, she was employed for 14 years at the Ohio Hospital for Epileptics.
     Mrs. McCall was a member of the Northern Baptist Church, the Eastern Star, Gallia Council 114, Daughters of America, and the Daughters of Union Veterans.
     She leaves a foster daughter, Mrs. Merrill McCormick of Portsmouth Rd.; two sisters, Mrs. Emma Bevan of Gallipolis and Mrs. Nancy Hineman of Crown City; and two brothers, Alfonso Sheets of Crown City and Silas Sheets of Huntington. Two brothers and three sisters preceded her in death.
     Funeral services will be held from the Baptist church here at 2 p.m. Wednesday with the Revs. Earl Cremeens and Charles Lusher officiating. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery under the direction of Clarence Waugh. Friends may call at the Waugh Funeral Home until the funeral hour.
     The Daughters of America will conduct rites of their order at the funeral home Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. They requested Daughters of the Union Veterans members to also attend the rites.

[Note: From death certificate date of birth May 25, 1872; date of death March 20, 1949.]

Newspaper (prob. March 1949) clipping found in the Simmerman files, McCall file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders

McCall, James

James McCall, Aged Farmer, Died Today
Strokes Seven Weeks Ago Proved Fatal-Rites At Son's Home Sunday
     James H. McCall, a venerable farmer and lifelong resident of the county, died at 1:45 this morning at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Virgil B. Carter, at Northup where he had been bedfast for seven weeks following two paralyzing strokes.
     He was nearing his eighty-fourth birthday- Sept. 17 - but despite his advanced age had been active and all his life was very industrious and thrifty. During his lifetime he had owned many acres of land in Green and Harrison townships.
     On October 3, 1877 he was married to Lucinda C. Folden who preceded him in death twenty years ago. To them were born six children of whom four survive: Arthur of Conover, O.; Mrs. Glen E. Tope, Prague, Okla.; Emmett of Green township and Mrs. Virgil Carter at whose home he died.
     The body will be taken to the home of Emmett McCall on Saturday evening where it may be viewed by friends until the hour of the funeral, 10 a.m. Sunday. The services will be conducted there also by Rev. Charles W. Fry of the Patriot charge with burial following in the Houck cemetery by A. E. Tope.

[Note: From death certificate date of birth September 17, 1856; date of death July 7, 1939; father Alexander McCall; mother Lucinda Howell.]

Newspaper (prob. July 7, 1939, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, McCall file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders                                                                          Top of Page

McCall, Mabel E.

     Word has been received by the Tribune of the May 22 death of Mabel E. McLaughlin McCall, 64, Indio, Calif, a former Gallipolis resident. Services were held May 26 at White Emerson Mortuary with burial in Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, Calif.
     Surviving are her husband, John Reuben McCall; two daughters, Mary Lou Garrison of Whittier, and Patty Loar of Sunnymead, Calif; two sons, John Jr., of Whittier and Elmer "Bill" of Idio; 23 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren; and two brothers, Johnnie McLaughlin of Toledo and Clarence McLaughlin of Gallipolis.

[Note: Died May 22, 1983]

Gallipolis Daily Tribue
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

McCall, Rachel Jean

Death of Small Child

     Mr. and Mrs. E.O. McCall lost their 6 month old child Thursday after a short illness at their home on Clay Lick. Burial was held (this) Saturday.

[Note: Death Certificate...born July 7, 1924; died Nov. 27, 1924; 5 months and 20 days of age. Parents: Edward O. McCall and Margaret Shoemaker. Burial Mount Hill Cemetery. Cause of death: Intussusception.]

Gallipolis Tribune
Dec. 5, 1924
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

McCall, Rebecca [Russell]

Mrs. Cyrus McCall, Aged 78, Passes At Bloomdale, O.
     Mrs. Cyrus McCall, who was born and spent nearly all her years in Green tp., died at 7:30 last evening at Bloomdale, Wood county, Ohio. She went there to live with her brother, Buell Russell, in September, 1937, or soon after the death of her husband.
     She was formerly Rebecca Russell, daughter of the late Buell and Sophia Russell of near Northup. She was born Feb. 15, 1860. She had no children and her one brother is the last survivor of his generation of the family.
     Mr. Russell, who arrived here today, said the funeral will be held at Centenary at 1 o'clock Wednesday p.m., with Rev. Thomas Taylor in charge if available. Burial there by W.W. Pmillips [sic- Phillips].

[Note: From death certificate date of death December 4, 1938; mother Sophi]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 1)
Monday, December 5, 1938
Transcribed by Lynn Anders                                                                           Top of Page

McCalla, Bessie Lorain [Martindill]

     Bessie Lorain Martindill McCalla was born at Ashland, Kentucky, April 16, 1880, and departed this life March 7, 1915. She was united in marriage with Mr. Maurice McCalla of Swan Creek on Jan. 31, 1900, at Gallipolis. She leaves to mourn her departure, husband and four children, parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Martindill of Swan Creek and one brother, Dr. Edwin M. Martindill of Huntington.
     Practically all of her life was spent at Swan Creek, and her last resting place is in the beautiful churchyard cemetery there. Her death came as a great shock after five days of suffering sweetly and patiently borne, and her going leaves a dreadful void which never can be filled. Mrs. McCalla was a noble woman, a devoted wife, mother, daughter and sister, and her cheerful disposition won all hearts.
     The funeral services were conducted at Swan Creek Church Tuesday afternoon by Rev. J. W. McConnell of Raccoon Island, and were largely attended by neighbors and friends who all had a word of sympathy for the sorrowing ones.

Gallipolis paper
March 7, 1915
Transcribed by Irene Blamer

McCalla, Bessie

Died After Long Illness
     Mrs. Bessie McCalla, wife of Mr. Morris McCalla of Swan Creek, and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Martindale, died Saturday night after long illness. Her husband, four children and a brother, Dr. Ed Martindale of Lawrence County, survive her.
     The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at Swan Creek church by Rev. McConnell.

[Note tombstone gives dates of 1880-1915]

Gallipolis paper
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall                                                                       Top of Page

McCalla, John W.

John W. McCalla, Nearly 57, Dies Early Sunday
Funeral is Set for 10:30 [A,M,] Tuesday At Ohio Chapel
     John Wesley McCalla, aged 56, died at 3 o'clock Sunday morning at his home back of Clipper Mills, after a lingering illness.  He never fully recovered from an operation he underwent a year ago, it is said, and there was a turn for the worse in his condition two or three weeks ago.
     Mr. McCalla's adult years were spent in the community where he died.  He was a son of the late Morris and Sarah McCalla and was born Jan. 28, 1886.
     On April 5, 1911, he married Blanche Chevalier, a daughter of Charles Chevalier and to them were born 12 children.  All but one of these survive and they are; Edna McCalla and Mrs. Myrtie Bauer, both of Columbus; Mrs. Lois Sironko, Everett, WA; Frank, who is in the U.S. Navy, somewhere in the Pacific; John Jr and Bessie, Gallipolis; Nellie, Muriel, Pauline, Mary Jean and Patsy, all at home.  Also surviving are two sisters and a brother; Mrs. Chauncey Thivener, Clipper Mills; Mrs. Louis Sheeley, Manchester, Ohio and a brother, William McCalla, Bellefontaine, Ohio.  There are three grandchildren, Betty ad Phillip Arrington and Max McCalla.
     Funeral will be held at 10:30 Tuesday at Ohio Chapel, with Rev. Earl Cremeens and Rev. H.W. DeWolfe in charge.  Burial in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Ohio Township by C.H. Halley.

[Note: died 1941]

Gallipolis Paper
No date
Transcribed by F.K. Brown 

McCalla, Lulu B.     

     Lula Blance McCalla, 99, of South State Route 7, Clipper Mill community, died Saturday, March 28, 1992, at Scenic Hills Nursing Care Center. She was born Nov. 14, 1892 in Clipper Mill, daughter of the late Charles and Naomi Baker Chevalier. She was a homemaker and a member of the Christ United Methodist Church.
     Survivors include six daughers, Mrs. Myrtle Bauer of Inverness, Fla., Mrs Kerr (Muriel) Myers of Commercial Point, Mrs Gene (Pauline ) Winfough of Grove City, Mrs. Nellie Jenkins of Huntington, W.Va. Mrs Willis (Joy) Fanin, Grove City, and Mrs. Lois Collinger of Louisville, Ky. two sons John E. McCalla and Frank McCalla, both of Gallipolis; 24 grandchildren; 36 great-grandchildren; four great-great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband, John Wesley McCalla in December 1941; three daughters, Bess Gillispie, Mary Jean Galbreath and Edna F. Seat; and one son, Charles Maurice McCalla.
     Services will be held 1p.m. Tuesday at Christ United Methodist Church, with Rev. Scot Ocke and the Rev. Michael W. Smith officiating. Burial will be in Mount Zion Cemetery, Ohio Township. The body will be taken to the church one hour prior to services on Tuesday. Friends may call at the Cremeens Funerla Chapel from 69 Monday. Grandsons will serve as pallbearers.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune 
Transcribed by Marian Baker Schoonover                                                         Top of Page

McCalla, Marion

     Marian McCalla, son of Maurice and Sarah McCalla was born in Adams Co. O., Feb. 26, 1878 died at his home near Gallipolis May 12, 1911 aged 33 years, 2 months and 10 days. He had been ill with tubercular and bronchial trouble for some months and was unable to talk for several weeks prior to his death.
     Dr. C. G. Parker attended him and loving hands did all things possible to rescue him from the fatal disease, relieve his suffering and make his last hours pleasant. We have known Marian since the family located in Gallia Co., several years ago and can truthfully say that he was an exception of a young man, excellent christian character, kind and quiet and well spoken of by all who knew him best.
     He leaves a father, three brothers and two sisters and many friends in whose memory his kind words and loving deeds can never die. His body was laid to rest beside his mother and sister at Mr. Zion church Saturday morning by Hayward and son. Brothers and cousins acting as pall bearers. Funeral by Rev. S. S. Denney.

Gallipolis paper
May 12, 1911
Transcribed by Irene Blamer

McCalla, Morris

Morris McCalla, Produce Dealer, Died Thursday
Funeral Being Held At Mt. Zion Near Swan Creek
     Morris Perry McCalla, aged 60, died Thursday morning in Memorial Hospital, Huntington, following a brief illness.
     When a young man he came to this county with other members of the family from near Manchester, Adams county, where he was born May 17, 1880. Here he engaged in shipping livestock and produce, traveling between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh and becoming well known among rivermen. In December, 1917, Mr. McCalla established a produce business at the Huntington city market and continued with it till his death.
     Surviving are his widow, Georgia McCalla; two sons, A. L. McCalla of Charleston and Max of Ola, Arkansas; a daughter, Eileen Wahneeta of Huntington; five grandchildren, Billie, Marie, Julia Lou, Conard M., Lorraine and John E. Freshcorn; and two brothers, John McCalla of near Gallipolis and Rev. W. A. of Belle Center; two sisters, Mrs. Chaucey Thevenin of Clipper Mills and Mrs. Sam Sheely of Manchester.
     Funeral services are being held this afternoon at Mr. Zion church near Swan Creek. Active pall bearers are Jeff Withers, Gay Waugh, Wilbut Waugh, Jim Hannan, Ira Neal and Wick Ritchie. Honorary pall bearers: W. B. Peebles, Homer Bradley, Fred Kaiser, Thurmond Mounts, Morris Blake, T. O. Wikel, A. C. Simpson, Ed Bates. Elza Baldwin, Theo Love, Smalley Conrad, J. Templeton, Don Pemberton, Percy Watson, Donald Jock, C. O. Blake, Clarence Wats, C. Boling, Mack Adkins, Bert Fulks, Roswell Eaton, W.M DeWese, Walter Davis, Dell Singer, Buster McNeeley, P. T. Taylor, C. Bruce Taylor, Sherd Mullins, Luke Scaggs, Joe Cook, Jim Lettingwell, John Jerrel, Robert McCormick, Carl Pratt, Everett Carico.

[Note: date of death from stone: 1940]

Gallipolis newspaper
Transcribed by Joanne Galvin

McAllister, Charles

Stroke Fatal To Charles McAllister      Charles McAllister, who suffered a stroke of paralysis Friday, died early Monday morning in the Holzer hospital.  Mr. McAllister, who was a member of the board of education of Cheshire special district, was stricken while attending a meeting of the county boards at the court house.  He was fifty two years of age and is survivied by his wife, a son and daughter.  He was employed in the shops at Hobson until about a year ago when his failing health caused him to retire.  Funeral arrangements are in charge of Rawlings of Middleport.

[Gravel Hill Cemetery stone: 1872-1930]

Gallipolis Paper
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

McAllister, Charles

Cheshire Man At Board Meeting is Victim of Stroke
     Charles McAllister, age 57years, passed away suddenly Sunday morning at the Holzer Hospital.
Mr. McAllister, apparently in good health, was attending a meeting of the school board a Gallipolis Friday when he was seized with a stroke of paralysis. He was immediately rushed to the Holzer hospital and died there.
     Mr. McAllister, who lives near Cheshire, was employed at the Hobson shops for a number of years
He is survived by his widow, one son George and one daughter Lillian and one sister, Mrs. Isaac Lambert of Bradbury. A son, John preceded him in death about twelve years ago.
     Funeral services will be held Wednesday at two o'clock at the Methodist church in Cheshire with burial in Gravel Hill cemetery in charge of the Rawlings funeral home., Funeral will be in charge of the Masonic Lodge of Middleport.

[Note: From death certificate: born October 21, 1872, died January 19, 1930.]

Newspaper Unknown
No Date
Gallipolis, Ohio
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin                                                                       Top of Page

McAllister, Charles

Death Comes Twice in One Family
Charles McAllister
     The death of Charles McAllister, an account of which appeared in our Monday evening edition brings to the family of his widow, who was Miss Louise Zuspan, the second death in less than a month. Their sister, Miss Kate Zuspan died Jan. 2nd and Mr. McAllister's death occurred on Jan 18.

[Note: death certificate: Charles McAllister born Oct. 21 1872 in WV; died Jan. 19, 1930 in Gallipolis...age 59 years, 2 months and 28 days. Parents: Allen McAllister and Harriett Michael He was a machinist for the NYC Railroad.]

Gallipolis Paper
January, 1930
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

McCafferty, Albert Owens

Death of A.O. McCafferty
     Mr. Albert Owens McCafferty, whose illness during the past nine months has been frequently mentioned, departed this life at the home of his sister, Mrs. R,L. Hamilton, Wednesday evening, September 14, 1904, aged 73 years, of Bright's disease.
     He was the son of the late Thomas and Lydia McCafferty and was born in Newark, N.J. , but had lived here by far the greater part of his life and was well known to all as a man of sterling integrity of character.
     The funeral services will be conducted at his late home Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock by Rev. T. S Armentrout, the interment by Hayward & Son following at Mound Hill Cemetery. The pall beareres selected are W. O. Miles,Frank Smith, E.W. Sauns, Thomas Gates, M.G. Cole and S.H. Eagle.

The Tribune
September 15, 1904
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

McCall, Ann Eliza [Northup]

Burned To Death
Awful fate of Mrs. Eliza McCall of Harrison Tp.
     Mrs. Eliza McCall, the widow of Josiah McCall, received burns at her home on Clay Lick Saturday morning which resulted in her death Sunday. She was winding the clock on the mantel before an open grate when her apron was ignited and she rushed to the door screaming. Rev. John Porter passing heard her and saw her in flames and succeeded in extinguishing them, burning his face and hands severely, but she had inhaled the fire and received such serious burns all over her body that made every effort to save her life futile, and she passed away Sunday. She is survived by two sons, Artie and Claudie of Clay Lick.
     She was a lovable lady and was well known here. Her friends are grieved at her shocking death.
The funeral will be conducted at her late home Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock by Rev. Mr. Ewing, interment following at the family cemetery under direction of Wetherholt.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
March 20, 1916
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

McCallister, W. M. [or W. S.]

W. S. McCallister Dies of Injuries
     W. M. McCallister, 54, contractor of Huntington, died early Thursday morning in a hospital from the effects of injuries received Monday, when a loaded bucket of earth fell on his head while he was working in a well.
McCallister was born in Gallia county, Ohio, and has lived in Huntington many years. He is survived by ten children.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, October 9, 1920
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

McCarley, Arrilla [Straight]

Arrilla Straight McCarley

     Mrs. Rilla McCarley, 87, Gallipolis Rt 2, widow of the Rev. R.P. McCarley who died in 1946, died Thursday afternoon in Holzer Hospital where she had been a patient for two hours. She had been ill for several weeks with a heart condition.
     Born in Flag Springs Jan 20, 1879, she was the daughter of the late Lewis and Mary Ellen Waddell Straight. She died November 10, 1966, at 87 yrs. 9mo. 20 ds. She was a member of the Ohio Valley Methodist church and a member of the WSCS of the church. She was a charter member and helped to organize the Ohio Valley Grange. She and her late husband were active in both state and national Grange work. She married Rev. McCarley May 13, 1899.
     Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Basil Mildred Evans, Gallipolis Rt 2, with whom she resided; a grandson, Billy Gene Evans and a granddaughter, Mrs. Zelma Vance, both of Gallipolis, and four great grandchildren. A brother John and two sisters, Sally and Jane Straight, preceded her in death.
     Funeral serviced will be held Sunday at 2:30 PM at the Ohio Chapel Methodist Church by the Rev. Earl Cremeens and the Rev. Jack Stutler. Burial will be in the Mound Hill Cemetery. The body is being taken from the Miller Funeral Home to the home of the daughter where friends may call after 7 pm Friday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
November 10, 1966
Transcribed by Cheryl A. Enyart                                                                      Top of Page

McCarley, Barbara Ellen

Wife of John McCarley Dies On Tuesday
Rites Are Set For 2 O’clock Saturday
Mrs. Barbara Ellen McCarley, 72, wife of John McCarley, died during the noon hour Tuesday at their home in the Harmon community, Morgan Twp. (Vinton R.D.1).
     She had been an invalid for three years, in poor health for a decade, and critically ill the last 10 days. Decedent was a daughter of George Washington and Permelia Harmon Dunfee and was born August 4, 1871.
     Her marriage to Mr. McCarley was an event of April 30, 1893, and her married years were spent in the community where she died. Mr. McCarley is in poor health. The McCarleys were Gold Star parents, their son, Oley, having been a World War I casualty. Another son, Belford, lives at the parental home.
     Other survivors of Mrs. McCarley are three brothers and sisters: ___aron [Shannon] Dunfee, Lyle, Minn.; Amazona Earls and [Laura] Ester Bunting, Britt, Iowa; Sarah Jane Wilson, Clarence Dunfee, California; George E., Corwith, Iowa and John L. Dunfee, Kanawha, Iowa.
     Mrs. McCarley was an estimable woman and a member of the Vinton Christian Church. Funeral services will be conducted at 2 o’clock Saturday at the Vinton Baptist church by Rev. J. L. Stephenson. Interment will be in Vinton Memorial Park by Butler-McCoy.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, July 28, 1943
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCarley, Cynthia Alice [Phillips]

Wife Of John M’Carley Died 9 Last Night
Pneumonia Proves Fatal After Short Illness
Funeral 1 P. M. Sunday
Mrs. Cynthia Alice McCarley, aged 63, wife of John McCarley, died at 9 o’clock last night at their home near Harris. Death resulted from pneumonia, after an illness of six days. She was a lifelong resident of that community, a daughter of Abraham Phillips, a most estimable woman, and for some years was a clerk in the E. T. Morrison store at Bidwell.
     The McCarleys were married by J. F. Baxter at Pt. Pleasant on May 22, 1913, and their home was between the village of Harris and the E. N. Ridgeway home. She was born Nov. 2, 1873, and her age was 63 years, 1 month, 9 days.
     There survive besides the husband two step-daughters, Mrs. Esta Radekin of Logan and Miss Ella McCarley of Columbus; one brother, Luther Phillips, and two sisters, Mrs. James Vaughan and Mrs. Addie Abbott, all of near Kerr Station. She was a member of Westerman M. E. Church.
     Funeral services will be conducted by Rev. J. L. Stephenson at Calvary Baptist church in Rio Grande at 1 o’clock Sunday. Burial in Calvary cemetery by J. L. Coleman.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, December 12, 1936
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCarley, Edward L.

E. L. McCarley, 94, Succumbs
     Edward L. McCarley, 94, a lifelong resident of Vinton, died suddenly at 5 p.m. Friday. He was walking on a sidewalk when he expired. Mr. McCarley was born in Gallia county June 6, 1871, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. William McCarley. His marriage was to the former Alice Levey, who preceded him in death many years ago.
     Four surviving daughters are Mrs. Minnie Tipton of Washington, D.C., Mrs. Mamie Hartsbarger and Mrs. Mary Ellen Johnson, both of Columbus, and Mrs. Cora Ethel Waldron of Ewington Rt.
     Services will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the McCoy Funeral Home. Burial will be in Mt. Olive cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home until the hour of the service.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, December 27, 1965
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCarley, Ella

Death of Mrs. Ella McCarley
     Mrs. Ella McCarley whose sickness had been mentioned at different times died Monday morning, December 5, 1904 at Harris. Mrs. McCarley suffered a great deal during her sickness. Several physicians were called in attendance but there was no help for her. She was about 70 years of age and leaves a husband and two daughters, Mrs. Wm. Jones and Mrs. Luther Wood and three sons, John, Thomas and Bert all married and living in the same neighborhood.
     Her funeral services were conducted at Calvary Church and burial in the cemetery nearby Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm. The family has the sympathy of friends and neighbors in their sad loss of a loving wife and mother.

Unknown newspaper
Transcribed by Pamela L. Smith

McCarley, Ella C.

     In Ewington, Ohio, Oct. 7, 1876, Ella C., daughter of A. E. and S. C. McCarley, aged 15 years and 3 months.
     Her illness, though brief, was exceedingly painful but she endured her intense suffering with a fortitude rarely seen in one so young, and so unaccustomed to sickness of any kind, for she had always been remarkably strong and full of life and spirit.  It seems indeed a mysterious dispensation of Providence that she should have been taken away; for she was endowed with a mind of peculiar clearness and strength, and promised to be a useful member of society, and an ornament to her sex.
     From earliest childhood, books were her delight, and study a mere pastime.  She availed herself of every opportunity for improvement, and her acquirements were far beyond those of most other girls of her age.  Her mind, however, was not her only charm.  She had a warm and loving heart, and deported herself in such a manner as to win the hearts of all who were thrown into contact with her, and especially endeared herself to her teachers and school-mates.
     Life was very sweet to her, and she did what she could to make it so to others.  A father and a mother mourn a dutiful and an affectionate daughter, two sisters and two brothers, a loving sister, and numerous relatives and acquaintances a faithful friend.  It is very, very hard to give her up in the freshness and beauty of dawning womanhood; but, she was only lent to us for a little while, and we must teach our hearts to say, “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

[Note: Buried in Woods Cemetery; Cause of Death: Fever]

Gallipolis Journal
October 26, 1876
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCarley, Ethel May

     And so the Hands of the Clock of Life stopped for our dear friend, Miss Ethel May McCarley, when she passed quietly away Tuesday morning, November 12, at the Medical Center Hospital on 4th Avenue, Gallipolis, Ohio. She had suffered a thrombosis Saturday night at the home of Mrs. Garnet Betz on 2nd Avenue in Gallipolis; where she had lived happily for the past several months.
     Miss McCarley, "Ethel: as she was lovingly and familiarly known, was born Dec. 17, 1891, the eldest of three children of Thomas E. and Luella Lackey McCarley. Her early life was spent on the farm near Rio Grande where she later returned to care for her ailing parents.
     Survivors are her brother, Elmer, of Rio Grande, two nephews, three nieces and several grand-nephews and nieces. She was preceded in death by her parents and her younger sister, Mary Mildred (Mrs. Ralph Palmer of near Urbana, Ohio). The death of this dearly loved sister was a severe blow to her.
     She attended the Rio Grande schools and was graduated from Rio Grande College in 1912. Her teaching career began in Gallia County in the Bidwell and Vinton High Schools and later she taught in other counties. Always interested in her chosen profession, she continued her education by obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in 1915 from Ohio University and in 1928 a Bachelor of Arts degree from the same institution.
     She was a member of the Simpson Chapel United Methodist Church of Rio Grande and was faithful in attendance as long as her health permitted.

Gallipolis Paper
No date
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                             Top of Page

McCarley, Etta

Death of Mrs. McCarley
     Mrs. Etta McCarley, wife of Mr. John McCarley living between Harrisburg and Rio Grande, and sister-in-law to Mrs. Bert McCarley who died recently, died this morning (Wednesday.) She is a niece of Mr. Sam Shires and she died after he left. He had heard of her not being well, but she was a large robust woman and he had no idea of her death.
     She was a daughter of Mr. Peter Myers of Adamsville. She is survived by two daughters and her husband, and two brothers, Ed and Fred Myers and Mrs. Kate Shoemaker and Mrs. Connie McDonald of Jackson and her parents.
     She was a member of the Harrisburg Free Baptist Church and was a fine woman and nursed her sister-in-law, Mrs. Bert McCarley, all through her illness. Here are two brothers losing their wives inside of two weeks.

[Note: Born Feb 20, 1868 - Died Dec 28, 1910 Buried Calvary Baptist Cemtery]

Gallipolis Bulletin
Dec 30, 1920
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall

McCarley, Goldie [Alexander]

Vinton Native Dies In Point Clinic Today
     Mrs. Goldie Alexander McCarley, 68, a lifelong resident of Vinton died at 7:30 a.m. today in the Point Clinic. She had been in failing health in recent months and her condition became serious a week ago. Mrs. McCarley was born in Vinton on Dec. 9, 1891, the daughter of the late Lewis and Ruie Russell McCarley [Alexander]. Her father was a Vinton merchant. Her marriage was to Woods McCarley, who operated a hardware store in the village. He preceded her in death in 1940. One son survives, Walter McCarley, a member of the Tribune mechanical staff. There are four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. One brother, Clyde Alexander of Vinton and Windermire, Fla., survives.
     Funeral arrangements are in charge of the McCoy Funeral home and will be announced later. Mrs. McCarley was a member of the Vinton Baptist Church.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, January 18, 1961

Mrs. McCarley Rites Set For Saturday
     Services for Mrs. Goldie Alexander McCarley, 68, who died Wednesday morning will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Vinton Baptist church. Rev. John Davis will officiate and burial will be in Vinton Memorial Park under the direction of the McCoy Funeral home. Friends may call at the funeral home on Friday and until the hour of the service.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, January 19, 1961
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCarley, Ida Sprouse [Spires)

Death Claims Mrs. McCarley
     Ida Sprouse McCarley, 82, died at the home of her son, Harmon, at Alice yesterday. Time of death was 5:30 p.m. She had been in failing health for about 20 years and became in serious condition last December when she was taken to Holzer Hospital.
     The deceased was born Oct. 16, 1870 in Springfield Twp. near Porter. She was the daughter of John Spires and Malissa Harmon Spires of Porter.
     Mrs. McCarley was married twice, first to Thomas Sprouse Mar. 15, 1890 and to this union five children were born Mrs. Ora (Viola) Snyder, Springfield, Mrs. Harry (Mae) McCarley, Alice, Thomas, Springfield, Rodney, Ewington, and Harmon, Alice. Mr. Sprouse died in 1913. Deceased married John McCarley in 1914 and he died in 1926.
     Three sisters, Mrs. Mary Brandum, Marion; Mrs. Margaret Glassburn, Bidwell, Mrs. Nettie Sprouse, Columbus survive and also two brothers, William Spires, Jackson and Roy Spires, Columbus.
     Services will be Sunday at 2 p. m. from the Ewington Methodist Church with the Rev. C. J. Lemley in charge. Burial is in Franklin Cemetery. Friends may call at the Harmon Sprouse home after 5 p. m. Saturday. McCoy Funeral Home has the body.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 2)
Friday, June 6, 1952
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

McCarley, J. E.

Vinton Man Found Dead At Home
     J. E. McCarley, aged about 55 years, was found dead Friday morning at his home, the old Frank Glenn Farm, below Vinton. Mr. McCarley lived alone, his wife having died about six months ago. The coroner was called and pronounced death due to heart failure.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Saturday, March 31, 1923
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCarley, Jessie [Stewart]

Death Claims Mrs. McCarley This Morning
Funeral Services Will Be Conducted At Olive Church At 2 Sunday
     Mrs. Jessie Stewart McCarley, wife of N. S. (Stephen) McCarley, Gallipolis R.D. 2 (Alexander community), died at the Holzer Hospital at 3 o'clock this morning. She was brought to the hospital the first of the week but had long been ill. Death was attributed to cancer of the liver. Decedent was nearing her 59th birthday, having been born Oct. 2, 1870, the daughter of the late John T. Stewart. Her mother, now Mrs. Nellie Powell, is living at Osborne, O.
     On June 5, 1905, she was married to Mr. McCarley. They never had any children. Surviving brothers and sisters are Claude Stewart, Gallipolis; Charles Stewart, Bidwell R.D. 1; Rhoda, Alice and Archie, all of Osborne; Willie, Dan, Gomer and Mrs. Alberta Summers, all of Dayton.
     Mrs. McCarley was a member of the Flag Springs M. E. church. Funeral services will be held at Olive church near Cadmus at 2 o'clock Sunday, probably in charge of Rev. O. L. Hall of Wellston. Burial at the same place by J. L. Coleman.

[Note: Year of death from her gravemarker 1939.]

Newspaper unknown
From the collection of and transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans

McCarley, Margaret

Mrs. McCarley Dead
     Mrs. Margaret McCarley, 70 years of age, widow of Washington McCarley, died Sunday at her home near Cadmus of leakage of the heart. She leaves several adult children. The funeral was Wednesday at Olive M. E. Church by Rev. Hall, the interment following by Undertaker Tope.

The Gallia Times
November 18, 1920
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin                                                                       Top of Page

McCarley, Moses

     Departed this life on Tuesday, the 24th ult., Moses McCarley, in the 54th year of his age. His disease was painful and protracted through many months, but all those days of languishment and tedious nights of excruciating pain were endured without a murmur of impatience. Mr. McCarley had been a faithful and exemplary member of the Presyterian church from the time of its organization, 22 years ago. The church and community as well as his family will feel deeply bereaved by his death, but "mark the perfect man and behold the upright; for the end of that man is peace." Such were the last hours of our departed friend. "I know that my Redeemer liveth," were almost the last words that fell from his faultering [sic] tongue.

The Gallipolis Journal
July 10, 1851
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

McCarley, Nathaniel Washington

Gallia Man Dies In Springfield
     Funeral services for the late Washington McCarley will be conducted at 2 p.m. Sunday at Mt. Olive Church, near Cadmus, by his nephew, Rev. R.P. McCarley, Clipper Mill. Mr. McCarley, who was a native of Walnut Township, this county, died Friday at the home of his son, Pierce McCarley in Springfield. A.E. Tope will be in charge of the funeral, going up to Springfield Saturday for the body.

[Note: Death Certificate...Nathaniel W. McCarley born Feb. 6, 1845 in Gallia County; died Feb. 16, 1928 in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio; aged 83 years and 10 days. Parents: John McCarley and Nancy Boggs. Wife: Mary. Burial Mt. Olive Cemetery as Nathaniel W.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Feb. 18, 1928
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

McCarley, Oley

     Oley McCarley, son of Mr. and Mrs. John McCarley of Glenn, this county, died at Camp Sherman Friday of pneumonia. His body was sent home Monday and the burial was held the same afternoon at Mt. Olive, interment by Kerr Butler of Vinton.
     The family have the sympathy of all in their loss of their soldier son.

[Note: 3/13/1894 - 10/4/1918; WWI 32nd Co. 8th Tr. Bat. Camp Sherman, Chillicothe, Ohio]

The Gallia Times
Wednesday, October 9, 1918
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCarley, Samuel

Personal Notes
     Samuel McCarley, age 55, died at his home at Vinton Sunday and was buried yesterday. He was a good citizen and left a wife and four children.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, August 18, 1903
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCarley, Susan

     Mrs. Susan McCarley, widow of the late John McCarley, died on Saturday, last. She was 75 years old and a lady much respected and with many friends. Funeral services were held on Sunday. Interment at the family burying ground near Vinton.

The Gallipolis Bulletin
Saturday, October 27, 1894
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                    Top of Page

McCartney, Mary Ann

     Mary Ann Hall McCartney, daughter of Jesse and Mary Hall, was born in Jackson County, Ohio, March 9, 1844 and passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. N.E. McCarley, April 4, 1922, aged seventy-eight years and twenty-five days.
     She was married to J.F. McCartney in Feb. 1862, who preceded her to the Great Beyond May 23, 1917. To their union were born six children, five girls and one boy, two of the children dying in infancy. One daughter, Mrs. Herbert Winkles, preceded her to the unknown land, in 1900. The children living are: Mrs. Addie Drummond of Hanging Rock, Ohio; Mrs. Effie Aleshire of Klamath Falls, Oregon and Mrs. N.E. McCarley of Gallia, Ohio.
     She also leaves ten grandchildren, five great grandchildren, two half sisters, one half brother and a host of relatives and friends to mourn her loss.
     She was converted in early life and united with the Palestine Baptist Church, but later transferred her membership to Sandfork Baptist Church, where she remained a member until her death. She was always in her place in Church and Sunday School, when her health would permit. SHe had been in failing health for some time, but had been able to attend to her household duties until the morning of April 4, when she was suddenly called away.
     She was a devoted mother and grandmother. Nothing that she could possibly do was too hard for her when any of her loved ones were sick or in trouble.
      For thirteen years she had faithfully cared for a sister-in-law who is now left behind. One of her chief characteristics was her kindness to the poor and needy. She will be missed not only by her relatives, but a host of friends who will not soon forget her kindness to them in the past.

We can truly say:
"We sorrow not as those who have no hope.
This life of mortal breath
There is no death, what seems so is transition;
Is but a suburb of the life Elysian
Whose portals we call death."

     The funeral of Mrs. McCartney was held Thursday, April 6, at the Sandfork Baptist Church. Rev. O.L. Hall had charge of the funeral service and Wm. P. Phillips was the Undertaker.
Mrs. McCartney was greatly loved and respected by all who knew her. She spent much of her time in taking care of the sick and needy. Her desire to live was that she might be of service to others.

[Note: Buried in Sandfork Cemetery.]

Gallia Times
April 13, 1922
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

McCarty, Alonzo

     Mr. J. J. Coughenour, of Cheshire in town today, reports the death of Alonzo McCarty Friday forenoon. He was about 50 years old and a very nice man.

[Note: 1850 – March 26,1897; Age 47 yrs. 3 mos. 3 das.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Saturday, March 27, 1897
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

McCarty, Esther F. [Rife]

     At the residence of her son, Jonas McCarty, near Cheshire, Gallia Co., Ohio, September 4th, 1884, Mrs. Esther S. Rife.
     Was born in Greenbrier County, W.Va., March 23, 1791. She was married to Jonas McCarty in 1811. Her husband died June 20, 1851. She remained a widow until her death. She was the mother of seven children, four of whom are yet living. She has 61 grandchildren, 104 great grandchildren and 22 great great grandchildren.
     She joined the Freewill Baptist Church in 1811 and lived a devoted Christian life. She was a kind and loving mother, a good neighbor, and has been a blessing to the community in which she lived and will be kindly remembered by many. She has lived with her son Jonas McCarty for 30 years and received from him and his family every attention that loving hearts and hands could give. Being 93 years, 2 months and 24 days, was perhaps the oldest woman in Cheshire Township.
     The Baptist minister not being at home, her funeral was preached by the Rev. P. Henry, of the M.E. Church.

From the Gallipolis Tribune
About June 1884
Contributed by great-granddaughter, Cheryl Enyart                                         Top of Page

McCarty, Jonas

Death of Jonas McCarty
     Mr. Jonas McCarty died at his home near Cheshire last Saturday morning. He was seventy-three years of age and had been ill for the past sixteen weeks. Rev. W. J. Fulton conducted the funeral services from his late home Sunday afternoon at two o’clock, and the burial was in the Turkey Run Cemetery. A wife, one son and two daughters are left to mourn their loss. Mr. McCarty was a man well known and highly respected in the neighborhood in which he resided. He was a member of the Kyger Free Will Baptist Church, and had spent his life on the farm, where he died.
     Peace to his ashes.

The Gallipolis Bulletin
Friday, November 15, 1901
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCarty, Mable Lynn [Brewer]

     Mable Lynn McCarty, 39, of Gallipolis, passed away in the Riverside Methodist Hospital at Columbus on Monday, March 21, 2005. She was born Jan. 3, 1966 in Gallipolis, daughter of the late Noah and Doris Rose Brewer. She married Joseph McCarty on Sept. 8, 2001, in Eureka, and he survives.
     She is also survived by her sons, Mike Spence, Glenn Chick, Jr., and John Chick of Vinton, and Timmy Chick and Jimmy Chick of Gallipolis; a stepson, Keith McCarty of Gallipolis; three grandchildren; a brother, John Michael Brewer of Vinton; a sister, Rosa Ann Brewer of Vinton; and a half-sister, Verna Workman of Vinton. She was preceded in death by an infant son.
     Services will be noon Thursday, March 24, 2005, in the McCoy-Moore Funeral Home at Vinton, with the Rev. Ted Glassburn officiating. Burial will be in the Brush Cemetery. Friends may call one hour prior to the services on Thursday at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be sent to the McCoy-Moore Funeral Home, P. O. Box 148, Vinton, Ohio 45686.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCarty, Richard

Cheshire is Again Scene of Suicide
Richard McCarty Takes Own Life In Face of Preventative Efforts
     Friday evening about 4 o'clock, Richard McCarty, familiarly called Dick, shot himself through the heart with a shotgun, which he had borrowed from a neighbor “to shoot a duck,” saying he would need only one cartridge. He went out to an outbuilding nearby with the avowed purpose of faking his life.
     A neighbor tried to take the gun from him and was told to stand back or be shot. A sister also tried in vain to avert the tragedy. The coroner, Dr. J.T. Hanson, was called and later the body was removed to De Maine's undertaking establishment at Middleport.
     Dick was about 55 years old, the oldest son of Uncle Samuel McCarty and wife, both deceased. He was unmarried and lived with two unmarried sisters in the Mulford property, formerly the Dr. Weed home. One sister was prostrated with the shock and grief and required the services of a physician. He leaves three sisters and two brothers. An older sister died a few years ago.
     He was a familiar figure about Cheshire and was gifted with an unusual wit which was a constant source of pleasure to his many friends. He was a coal miner, working in a mine on Old Kyger. His parents were among Cheshire township's most respected families. Mr. McCarty was a close friend of the late Dr. Ely and did chores for the doctor.

From an old scrapbook, 1926
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

McCath, Elias

     Elias McCath, of Green township, in this county, an elderly man, was killed last Thursday by the discharge of his gun. He had taken his gun and left the house, stating that he was going out to shoot a hawk. Not returning when dinner was ready, some one was sent to call him, who found him lying dead, the charge having entered his mouth and passed out of the back of his head. He was a worthy citizen, and respected by all.

The Gallipolis Journal
November 8, 1866
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

McClain, Rachel

Death of Mrs. McClain
     Mrs. Rachel McClain, a widow of Chambersburg, died Sunday morning. She was the daughter of the late Wes Wright and about 60 years of age. She left two daughters, Mrs. Jean Robinson and Miss Emma McClain at home.
     Her funeral services were conducted today by Rev. H.E. Brill at Bethel M.E. Church and burial by Weatherholt at the Bethel graveyard. She was called by everyone a fine woman and had many friends.

[Note: Death Certificate - Rachel McClain born 1847; died Dec. 19, 1897 Ohio Township, Gallia County, Ohio; age 50.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
December 20, 1897
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

McClaskey, Bryce

     PORTER - Bryce McClaskey, 82, a resident of this community, died Friday afternoon in the Holzer Medical Center. [March 5, 1976] He was born at Rowlesville, Ohio, son of the late Charles and Ella Hutchinson McClaskey.
     He is survived by his wife, the former Dale Russell McClaskey; a daughter, Mrs. Bruce (Virginia) Stout, Rt. 1, Bidwell; three sons, Pearl Wayne McClaskey, Ewington; Marshall McClaskey, Junction City, Ohio, and Colby McClaskey, Norwalk, Ohio; 15 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Seven children, four brothers and two sisters preceded him in death.
     He was a member of the Porter United Methodist Church and Gallipolis Odd Fellows Lodge.
     Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Monday from the McCoy-Moore Funeral Home with Rev. Charles Lusher officiating. Burial will be in Vinton Memorial Park. Visitation will be held at the funeral home from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. today.

Gallipolis Sunday Times Sentinel
March 7, 1976
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                    Top of Page

McClaskey, Colby H.

     Colby H. (Mac) McClaskey, 71, of Norwalk, died Friday, Dec. 6, 1991, at his home. He was born on Feb. 17, 1920 in Vinton, son of the late Bryce and Dale (Russell) McClaskey.
     He was an operating engineer for the A. J. Baltes Construction Company of Norwalk for 20 years and was a member of the International Union of Operating Engineers. The World War II veteran, who served in the U.S. Army, was also a member of the VFW Post 2743 of Norwalk and of the Sch-Loe-Man American Legion Post 547 of Monroeville.
     Also preceding him in death were two brothers. Survivors include two step-daughters, Mrs. Linda Feltis of Collins and Mrs. Pam Lodermeier of Willard; one stepson, Ken Bergstedt of Norwalk; six step-grandchildren; one sister, Virginia Stout of Vinton; one brother Marshall McClaskey of Florida (city unknown); and several nieces and nephews.
     Services will be Thursday at 11 a.m. at the Kubach-Smith Funeral Home, 314 E. Main St., Norwalk. The Rev. Fred Wiechers of St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norwalk will officiate. Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery in Norwalk, where the VFW Post 2743, will conduct graveside military honors.
Friends may call at the funeral home Wednesday from 2 to 4 p.m. and from 6 to 8 p.m.
     Memorial contributions, if desired, may be given to the American Cancer Society’s Huron County unit, P.O. Box 532, Norwalk, OH 44857.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday, December 10, 1991
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron

McClaskey, Marshall C.

     Marshall C. McClaskey, 72, Bidwell, died Tuesday, Sept. 12, 1995 in St. Mary’s Hospital, Huntington, W. Va. Born May 18, 1923 in Vinton, son of the late Bryce and Samma Dale Russell McClaskey, he retired in 1978 as an employee of the Ohio Department of Corrections in Chillicothe and Junction City.
     A U.S. Army veteran of the Pacific Theater during World War II, he was a member of the Trinity United Methodist Church, and a former 4-H leader of the Porter Explorers Club.
     Surviving are his wife, Delcie Reynolds McClaskey, whom he married Dec. 24, 1942 in Gallipolis; a daughter, Barbara Sue Regent of Orlando, Fla.; a son, Ronald McClaskey of Fort Myers, Fla.; two grandchildren, Shawn McClaskey, with the U.S. Marine Corps in San Diego, Calif., and Sheri McClaskey of Fort Myers; and a sister, Virginia Stout of Porter.
     He was also preceded in death by three brothers, Pearl Wayne McClaskey, Colby McClaskey and Robert McClaskey.
     Services will be 1 p.m. Friday in the McCoy-Moore Funeral Home, Vinton. Burial will be in the Vinton Memorial Park. Friends may call at the funeral home from 6-9 p.m. Thursday. Military graveside rites will be conducted by American Legion Post 161, Vinton.

[Note: Cemetery stone records birth date as 1921]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, Sept. 13, 1995
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                    Top of Page

McClaskey, Pearl Wayne

     Pearl Wayne McClaskey, 64, a resident of Ewington, died in Holzer Medical Center Monday evening. [Dec. 13, 1982]
     A retired heavy construction worker, Mr. McClaskey was born August 2, 1918, in Marion, Ohio, son of the late Clarence Bryce and Samma Dale Russell McClaskey. He married Virginia Roberts July 5, 1941, in McArthur. She survives, along with seven sons and one daughter: James W. and Pearl K., both of Columbus; Robert, Gary, Mark Allen, all of Vinton; Daniel, U.S. Army in Germany; Colby Dale, at home and Mrs. Charles (Sandra) Burris, Vinton. Also surviving are two brothers, Colby, Norwalk, Ohio and Marshall, Naples, Fla.; one sister, Mrs. Shirley (Virginia) Stout, Rt. 3, Bidwell, and 11 grandchildren.
Mr. McClaskey was preceded in death by one brother. He was a member of the Church of Christ in Christian Union in Ewington, and Vinton American Legion Post No. 161.
     Funeral services will b e held 1 p.m. Thursday at the Church of Christ in Christian Union with Rev. Tom Rhoads officiating. Burial will be in Vinton Memorial Park. Friends may call at the McCoy-Moore Funeral Home in Vinton on Wednesday from 6 until 9 p.m. The body will lie in state at the church one hour prior to the services.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, December 14, 1982
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron

McClaskey, Phoebe Alice [Longstetch]

Mrs. McClaskey Called by Death
     Phoebe Alice McClaskey, 82, died yesterday at 6 p. m. at the home of her son, Charles McClaskey, 1212 South Washington St., Columbus. She was the widow of T. M. McClaskey, who died in 1937. They were residents of Gallia County and she went to Columbus to live with her son in January.
     For a number of years, the McClaskeys had charge of the county home in Gallia County. The deceased’s father was David Longstetch and her mother Letitia Hugg.
     Surviving are three other sons besides Charles, Heber, Columbus; Homer, Farrington, Mo.; Loren, Gallipolis. One daughter Jessie McCarty, Florida, and a stepdaughter, Mrs. John Lusher, Mercerville, also survive. Twelve grandchildren and six great-grandchildren survive.
     Services will be Thursday at 2 p. m. at the Gallipolis Baptist church. The Rev. W. H. Green will officiate. Interment is at Vinton Memorial Park. Elliott and Sanders Funeral Home will be in charge of the burial. The body will be brought to the home of her son Loren in Gallipolis Wednesday where friends may call.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 2)
Monday, July 14, 1952
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

McClaskey, Robert Leonard

Vinton Man Victim Of Electrocution
Bob McClaskey Hits 7,200 Volt Line In Scioto
     Robert Leonard McClaskey, 27, Vinton, a veteran of the Korean War and for the past six years employed by Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Co., was electrocuted Thursday afternoon when he came in contact with a 7,200 volt line near Rarden, ten miles east of Peebles, in the northwest corner of Scioto county.
McClaskey was one of a nine-man crew operating out of the Middleport division on maintenance work. The men were replacing cross arms and poles on the Peebles-McDermott line, which carries two circuits, a 33,000 volt transmission line and the lower voltage distribution line with which the victim made contact. He was working on a pole at the time.
     Artificial respiration was administered for three hours by members of the crew, and McClaskey was taken to a Portsmouth hospital, where he was reported dead on arrival.
     The accident victim was born at Vinton, Aug. 9, 1926, the son of Brice and Dale Russell McClaskey, who survive, and are residents of Porter. He was graduated in 1944 from Vinton High School and served in the armed forces in Korea.
     He was united in marriage to the former Phyllis Harder of Ewington on April 25, 1953. They were the parents of one son, Cletus Richard. Other survivors are a sister and three brothers, Mrs. Virginia Stout, Colby Howard, and Marshall, all of Porter, and Pearl Wayne of Ewington.
     Funeral services will be held at the Vinton Baptist Church at 4 p.m. Sunday, with Rev. William H. Green officiating, assisted by Rev. William Turner. Burial will be in Vinton Memorial Park under the direction of the McCoy Funeral Home. Friends may call at McCoy’s until 5 p.m. Saturday, when the body will be taken to the late residence in Vinton, where it will remain until shortly before the funeral hour.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, July 22, 1955
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                      Top of Page

McClaskey, Samma Dale [Russell]

     BIDWELL - Samma Dale McClaskey, 86, a resident of Rt. 1, Bidwell, died at 9:30 a.m. Saturday in the Holzer Medical Center. She was born June 1, 1894, in Morgan Twp. to the late Samuel and Ida Dyke Russell. She married Bryce McClaskey Aug. 5, 1913 in Point Pleasant. He preceded her in 1976.
     She is survived by three sons and a daughter, Pearl Wayne of Ewington; Colby of Norwalk, Marshall of Rt. 1, Bidwell, and Mrs. Bruce (Virginia) Stout, Rt. 1, Bidwell. She was preceded by one daughter and five sons, and one sister. There are also 15 grandchildren, six step-grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren surviving.
     She was a member of the Porter United Methodist Church. Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Monday from the McCoy-Moore Funeral Home in Vinton with burial following in Vinton Memorial Park. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. today.

Gallipolis Sunday Times Sentinel
September 14, 1980
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                    Top of Page

McClaskey, Thomas M.

Served as Head of County Home Nearly Decade
Three Sons And One Daughter Survive
     Thomas M. McClaskey, for 10 years superintendent of the County Home, died at 3:20 this morning at the home of his son, Heber, first door below the Baptist parsonage on Third Avenue.
      A week ago he was brought to his son's home. His condition was then deemed hopeless. He became seriously ill in January--so serious that he was prompted to resign the official position--and his death come on the second day after he and Mrs. McClaskey had been succeeded as superintendent and matron by Mr & Mrs. John J. Rees.

Native of Morgan
     Mr. McClaskey's death was due to a complication of heart and kidney ailments of long duration. He would have been 69 years old on April 20, next.
     Decedent was born in Morgan Township, a son of James and Demarius Carpenter McClaskey. He was twice married. His first wife was Pluma E. Ward of the same township. They were married May 1, 1893, by Squire E.H. Robinson. She died leaving one daughter, Susan, now the wife of John R. Lusher of Mercerville.
On May 1, 1901, Mr. McClaskey and Mrs. Phoebe Longstreth Halliday were married by Squire J.M. Robinson.    
     They are survived by three sons, besides Heber, Clayton McClaskey, Gallipolis, Homer, who is in the army and stationed at Des Moines, IA; Loren who moved from Chillicothe to Findley about 1 year ago. There are 10 surviving grandchildren and these three brothers, Charles, living at Marion; Homer, Vinton and John at Racine.
     Mr. McClaskey was extensively acquainted in the county before his appointment as head of the County Home on April 1, 1927. As a young man he was a member of a railway section crew. He farmed in Morgan and later moved to Turkey Run and then to Cheshire and conducted a meat market there. For some years he was a salesman of imported horses for a Maryland concern.
     Mr. McClaskey was a member of the First Baptist Chuch here and of the Knights of Pythias. He was a genial, kindly man, devoted and indulgent in his family life, attentive and considerate in looking after the elderly and helpless persons committed to his care and a useful and worthy citizen.
Funeral arrangments will not be completed until after the arrival of Homer; but burial will be by H.K. Butler of Vinton.

[Note: Thomas McClaskey born April 20, 1868; died March 2, 1937; aged 68 years, 11 months and 13 days. Burial: Memorial Cemetery, Vinton]

Gallipolis Paper
March, 1937
From the Debbie Carter Evans Collection
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

McClellan, Andrew

Death of Andrew McClellan
     It becomes our painful duty to record the death of our old friend Andrew McClellan, which sad event occurred at his nice home on upper Second street Sunday morning, June 30, 1901, at 6:30 o’clock. The funeral services will be conducted at his late home at 3:30 p. m., Tuesday, by Rev. L. L. Magee, of Grace M. E. Church, of which church the deceased had been a member for 34 years. The interment will be at Mound Hill cemetery by Hayward & Son. Those chosen to serve as pall bearers are Messrs. A. R. Weaver, George House, J. C. Hutsinpiller, H. P. Hanna, James W. Gardner and S. B. Winters, all old friends and neighbors.
     Mr. McClellan was born in Rockbridge, Va., 78 years ago the 28th of last December. He came here with his parents when only 4 years old and ever since has been a near-town resident of this city and was known as an honest industrious clever gentleman and he leaves a host of friends to regret his death.
     His parents settled first on what is now known as the Gus Langley farm and afterward brought and settled on a nice garden farm embracing a portion of what is now the O. H. E. grounds, the present building occupied by Dr. Rutter as an administration building and residence being the old McClellan homestead. He was a great grower of melons in other days and supplied this market for many years when but a few people raised them for sale. He sold his farm nine years ago to the State for the O. H. E., and since that time has not followed any active business. He bought ground and built a nice home and has some other real estate. Six years ago he had a bad spell of the grip, and every winter since he has had a recurrence of the disease passing through sick spells that his physician thought would be his last, when he would rally and become quite hearty again.
Three weeks he had cerebral hemorrhage producing complete paralysis of the body, but leaving him nearly unclouded mentally. Sunday morning another came and it was the finishing blow.
     He was united in marriage 49 years ago the 26th of next September with Miss Susan Curry, daughter of Mr. James and Sarah Curry. By this union they became the parents of Dr. James S. McClellan, of Bellaire, Mrs. J. D. Rockey, of Whatcom, Wash., Mr[s]. Will Schoenlein, of Pomeroy, Mrs. J. M. Gatewood and Mrs. George P. Mohr, of this city, Dr. John McClellan, who died in 1885, just after graduating at a dental college of Philadelphia, L. C. McClellan, (Dick as he was familiarly called), who was a partner in the Deardorff & Co., dry goods store and who died six years ago last May, and Freddie who died in infancy.
     He was the youngest and the last of his father’s family, and the only son. His sisters were Mrs. Addison McGloflin, who lived in the West, and Mrs. John Atkinson and Mrs. Chris Randall of this county. His father died at the age of 36, and his mother at 55. His surviving children, with the exception of Mrs. Rockey, will be here at the funeral services. The Doctor has been here from Bellaire for a week or more.

[Note: His wife is listed as Sarah in her obituary below and in the 1900 census.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, July 01, 1901
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

McClellan, Hazel

     Hazel McClellan, 42, 90 Hubbard Ave., Gallipolis (Kanauga), died Friday, Sept. 16, 1994 in Holzer Medical Center. Born April 12, 1952, she was the daughter of the late Frank and Elaine Runyon.
     Surviving are her husband, Jack D. McClellan, whom she married Jan. 8, 1966; two sons, Timothy (Cindy) McClellan of Gastonia, N.C., and Christopher (Staci) McClellan, both of Gallipolis; two daughters, Nora McClellan and Elaine McClellan of Gallipolis; six grandchildren; and two brothers, Frank Runyon of Gastonia, and James Runyon of Gallipolis. She was also preceded in death by a brother.
     Services will be 2 p.m. Sunday in the McCoy-Moore Funeral Home Wetherholt Chapel, Gallipolis, with the Rev. Eugene Harmon officiating. Burial will be in the Centenary Cemetery.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
September 18 1994
Transcribed by Irene Hively Blamer                                                                  Top of Page

McClellan, Dr. James S.

Death of a Former Resident
     Word reached Gallipolis Wednesday of the death of Dr. James S. McClellan at his home in Bellaire Wednesday morning, May 16, 1923, at 10 o'clock after a few days illness. He was the son of the late Andrew and Sarah McClelland and family resided here.
     He is survived by his wife and daughter, Mrs. James Robinson of Bellaire and three sisters, Mrs. Mary Gatewood and Mrs. William Schoenlain of Pomeroy and Mrs. George Mohr of Columbus. The funeral will be held at his late home Friday afternoon.

[Note: Death Certificate..born June 8, 1855 Gallipolis]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
May 17, 1923
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

McClellan, Dr. John

     Dr. John McClellan, son of Mr. Andrew McClellan, just above the city, died last Thursday at Bellaire. He left here with the intention of going to New York, where he had good business prospects, and, stopping with Dr. James McClellan, his brother, at the above mentioned place, was persuaded to remain there and settle. He arrived there two weeks ago Monday, and was taken sick the following Thursday with typhoid pneumonia. He improved from this when a diarrhea sat in, which completely prostrated him, and he sank away in spite of all that could be done for him. His mother was sent for and was with him when he died. His remains, accompanied by relatives and friends, arrived here last Friday afternoon.
     His funeral services were conducted at the residence of his parents at two o'clock, Sunday afternoon, under the direction of Ariel Lodge, I.O.O.F., of which he was a member. Rev. W. H. Lewis delivered the funeral discourse, and Hayward & Son conducted the interment.
     Dr. McClellan was a young man with many friends and endowed with more than oridinary mental ability, and of most excellent habits. He studied dentistry under Dr. Lupton before entering college at Philadelphia. He graduated there, third in a large class, last March, and the future seemed unusually promising for him. His death is a great regret to all, as was attested by the very large attendance at his funeral services.

[Note: Middle initial "A". b. 11/26/1860, d. 6/4/1885; buried in Mound Hill Cemetery]

Gallipolis Bulletin
June 9, 1885
Transcribed by Lisa Halbig

McClellan, Louis C.

     The funeral services of the late Mr. L. C. McClellan, whose almost tragic death was mentioned yesterday will be conducted at the residence of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McClellan, Wednesday afternoon, at 2 o’clock by Rev. J. W. Dillon, if that gentleman arrives at home in time. The interment will be at Mound Hill by Hayward & Son under the direction of Ariel Lodge No. 156, I. O. O. F. Mr. McClellan was not a K. of P. as was supposed at the time of his death.
     Telegrams announcing his death was sent to all relatives and the noon train brought his brother, Dr. James S. McClellan and family of Bellaire, Mr. Jas. Gatewood, his brother-in-law, temporarily at Green Springs, O., Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Rookey and daughter, brother-in-law and sister of Charleston, W. Va., and perhaps other friends and business associates from Greenfield, O. The deceased was a partner in the store there with Mr. Charles Lupton and with Deardorff Co. here. Indeed, they were all associated together.
     He had some life insurance in the Mutual Life in Judge Cowden’s agency and was regarded as in excellent circumstances financially. So sudden was his death that his friends are hardly able to realize the sad event that separated him and them. It is an unusually sad one in the prime of a vigorous mental and physical manhood with such bright prospects spread out before him, soon to lead to the alter a cherished sweetheart, one of our most esteemed ladies, the world must have seemed more than ordinarily bright and beautiful to him.
     His death reminds us of those favorite lines of the immortal Lincoln,
 “Oh, why should the spirit of mortal be proud?”
     It shows with appalling truthfulness that life is but a fleeting shadow and that but a thread connects the visible with the invisible. Peace be with him, and may peace and comfort come abundantly to those so severely afflicted by his untimely death.
     Later---Rev. W. E. I. d’Argent will conduct the funeral services.

     The pall bearers selected for Mr. L. C. McClellan’s funeral services are J. Will Clendenin, E. J. Alexander and Henry Menager from the Odd Fellows and C. E. Lupton, W. O. Miles and E. N. Deardorff of the United Commercial Travelers.

[Note: May 15, 1868 – May 11, 1896; Age 26. The cause of his death was Apoplexy.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Pg. 3)
Wednesday, May 12, 1896
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

McClellan, Sarah M. [Curry]

Death of Mrs. McClellan
 Mrs. Sarah M. McClellan, widow of the late Andrew McClellan, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wm. Schoenlein, of Pomeroy. The funeral will be there Thursday at 1:30 p. m., burial here at Mound Hill.  Futher particulars tomorrow.

[Note: Died August 12, 1913 in Pomeroy, Meigs Co., OH. Born August 9, 1829. Daughter of James Curry and Susan Sprague. In her husband Andrew’s obituary above, she is listed as Susan and her mother is listed as Sarah.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, August 12, 1913
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

McClellan, Sarah R. [Curry]

Mrs. Sarah L. McClellan
      The death of Mrs. Sarah R. McClellan was briefly mentioned in the Tribune of Tuesday, as having occurred at 1:30 a. m., that morning, August 12, 1913. She died at the residence of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Will Sc[h]oenlein, of Pomeroy, where she had made her ome for sometime, having been an invalid for a number of years.  She was a few days past 84 years of age, but will be remembered by many old friends here.  She and family lived on a farm which was a part of what are now the O. H. E. grounds. Her husband, Andy McClellan, was one of the best known men in Gallia county.
     Their children were reared on this farm.  Those surviving are Mrs. Marie Gatewood, of Pomeroy, Mrs. Geo. Mohr, of Columbus, Mrs. Will Schoenl[e]in, at whose home she died, Mrs. Dauton Rocky of Bellingham, Wash., and Dr. James B. McClellan, a prominent physician of Bellaire, O.  One sister Mrs. Samuel T. Cook, of this city, also survives.  Miss Susie Stone, book-keeper at the J. M. Kerr Co’s store, is a niece.
     She was a member of Grace M. E. Church, of this city, almost from childhood and was a fine old lady with hosts of friends in the days of her usefulness. Her funeral services will be conducted at her late residence in Pomeroy Thursday by Rev. C. W. Brady, pastor of Simpson… M. E. Church, at 1:30 p. m., when the body accompanied by friends will be brought here on the Hocking Valley and received by Undertaker Hayward and Gallipolis friends, and taken immediately to Mound Hill cemetery for interment. The pall bearers here will be Messrs. E. N. Deardorff, J. C. Butz, J. Will Clendenin and Charles Cadot.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, August 13, 1913
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

McClelland, Freddie A.

     Died, Freddie A. McClelland, son of Andrew and Sarah McClelland, March 4th, 1874, of lung fever, aged 9 months and 2 days. [Followed by a long poem by W. K. F.]

The Gallipolis Journal
March 12, 1874
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

McClintock, Virginia

     Services were to be held today at 10 a.m. in the Denton Funeral Home Chapel for Virginia McClintock, 82, 1017 Eddy, who died Tuesday (Sept. 22, 1992) at Guadalupe Medical Center.
     The Rev. Herb Orrell of Epworth United Methodist Church was to officiate; burial was to follow in Carlsbad Cemetery.
     Mrs. McClintock was born July 1, 1910, in Gallipolis, Ohio. She married James E. McClintock March 15, 1930, in Ripley, N.Y. She was employed as a bank teller in Cleveland for 19 years before retiring in 1971, when they moved to Carlsbad. She was a member of the American Iris Society Organization.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
September 28, 1992
Transcribed by Irene Hively Blamer                                                                  Top of Page

McClure, Adam C.

A.C. McClure, Pioneer, Dead at Crown City
Leaves Widow, Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren
     A.C. McClure, of Crown City, one of the pioneers of this section of the country, died yesterday, about ten days after a second stroke of paralysis.  A similar attack twelve years ago broke the health of Mr. McClure, a man of seventy-four years, and forced him to retire from active business life.  He was a prosperous general store keeper and farmer.
     In 1861 and 1862 in the early days of the settlement,the late Mr. McClure had a general store in Huntington at the corner which is now Second avenue and Sixth street.  For several years and before there was a town this side of the Guyan river he operated the store.
     Later the aged citizen went to Millersport and still later to Crown City. After he had suffered the first paralytic stroke he retired from the merchandise business and bought a large farm close to Crown City where he lived until the time of his death.
     The widow of the late Mr. McClure, whose age is seventy-two years, is in feeble health and is not expected to live long. The shock of her husband's death was great, and it is feared, may hasten the end.
     Since the attack to Mr. McClure ten days ago, he had not been conscious. Seven sons and daughters were at the bedside at the time of death.
     Wednesday was the fifty-fifth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. McClure.  However, with both in serious condition, it was impossible to observe the day excepting that a number of persons called and expressed wishes for the recovery of Mr. McClure.
     Besides the sons and daughters twenty grandchildren and three great grandchildren survive, making four generations.
     The names of the near relatives follows: The widow, C.W. McClure and B.C. McClure of Huntington, and Robert McClure of Crown City, sons; Mrs. S.R. Bishop of Huntington, Mrs. Charles Garlic and Mrs. Linus Berry of Crown City, and Mrs. Jesse Snyder of Le Sage, daughters; Charles McClure, Jr. of Huntington, and John McClure of near Columbus, O., brothers.
   The great grandchildren are from five to ten years old.
   The late Mr. McClure was born in Lawrence county, Ohio, the son of a well-to-do farmer.  He was a member of the Methodist church, and the Masonic lodge.  He was an Odd Fellow.  The funeral will be held Saturday morning at ten o'clock at the farm home of the late Mr. McClure.  It is expected to be one of the largest funerals ever held at Crown City.  The late Mr. McClure was well known in Cabell county, and in Lawrence and Gallia counties in Ohio.

[Note: Death records show that his full name was Adam C. and that he is buried in Miller's Cemetery in Lawrence County.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
August 21, 1914
Transcribed by Henny Evans 

McClure, Adam C.

Pioneer Dead
A.C. McClure of Crown City Passed Away Last Week
     Mr. A. C. McClure, one of the best known residents of Guyan Township, passed away Thursday at his farm home near Crown City. The direct cause of his death was a second stroke of paralysis, which he suffered about ten days before. He was first stricken by this dread disease some twelve years ago.
     Mr. McClure is survived by his wife, who is in very feeble health, sons B.C. McClure of Huntington and Robert McClure of Crown City; daughters Mrs. S. R. Bishop of Huntington, Mrs. Charles Garlic and Mrs. Linus Berry of Crown City and Mrs. Jesse Snyder of LeSage, WV and brothers Charles McClure of Huntington and John McClure of near Columbus.
     Last Wednesday, August 19, was the fifty-fifth wedding anniversary of Mr & Mrs. McClure. However, with both in such a serious condition of health, it was impossible to observe the day excepting that a number of friends called and expressed wishes for their anniversary.
     The funeral services of Mr. McClure were held at his late home Saturday morning. A large number of friends and neighbors attended as a tribute of respect to his memory. He was a member of the Methodist Church and of the Masonic and Odd Fellow fraternities.

Gallia Times
Aug. 26, 1914
Transcribed by F. K. Brown                                                                            Top of Page

McClure, C. W.

C.W. McClure Dies
Retired C&O Man
     Charles W McCLURE, Sr., 72, of 2016 Fifth Ave, former roundhouse foreman for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co. here died at 11 PM last night in a Huntington hospital following a brief illness. He was a 32nd degree Mason, and was a member of the Twentieth Street Baptist Church. He belonged to the Junior Order of United American Mechanics and the Woodsmen of the World.
     A native of Gallia,County, OH he had resided here for 58 years. He was retired from the railroad in 1933. Surviving are his widow, one daughter, Mrs Eula Charles; one son, Charles W McClure, Jr.; three grandchildren, Mrs Sallie Cromwell, Miss Edna Belle Charles and Joe Charles and one great grandson, John Cromwell Jr., all of Huntington, and three brothers, CG and Otto McClure of Huntington, and Fred C McClure of Charleston.

Huntington Hearald Dispatch
12 MAR 1947
Transcribed by Ernie Wright

McClure, John G.

Former Resident Dead
John G. McClure, Forme[r]ly of Crown City, Contracted Severe Cold and Died in Hospital
Special to The Times

     The many friends of John G. McClure, a lifelong resident of Crown City, this county, will be grieved to learn of his rather sudden and unexpected death. During the series of baseball games for the National Championship, he had been daily watching the electric scoreboard out of doors, and while doing this he contracted a cold, to which he gave little attention until about a week before his demise.
     He developed difficult breathing, which grew steadily worse and on Sunday, Oct. 18, was driven to Cleveland, where he sought medical attention from his son, Dr. Earl W. McClure, practicing in Lakewood. His son, recognizing immediately that his condition was of a serious nature, committed him to the Lakewood hospital where competent consultation was held and every medical assistance given, but to no avail. Pulmonary oedema, complicating an acute parenchymateous nephritis progressed, and the end came rapidly but easily.
     John G. McClure was born at Millersport, Ohio, June 11, 1852, spending his boyhood days there and at Rome, Ohio. He became a teacher in the public schools at the age of eighteen and continued in that profession for eighteen years. He then embarked in the mercantile business which he successfully conducted for thirty years.
     He was the father of ten children, one of whom died in infancy, and one, Mrs. Pauline O’Neill who died in Warren, Ohio, five years ago. His wife, Mrs. Martha McClure, Warren, Ohio, five daughters, Mrs. Ola Bennet, Columbus, Ohio, Mrs. James Bullock, Huntington, W. Va., Mrs. D. Home V. Lusher, Huntington, W. Va., Mrs. Jacob Gault, Warren, Ohio, Mrs. Boyven Fritz, Warren. Ohio, and three sons, Dr. John R. McClure, Newark, Ohio, Dr. Earl W. McClure, Lakewood, Cleveland, Ohio, and Ralph E. McClure, Warren, Ohio.
     He was a life-long member of the Methodist church, and was an active member of the First Methodist Episcopal church at Warren. He was for more than 53 years an active member of the Odd Fellows, and recently received a decoration for being the oldest active member present at a meeting at Warren. He was a Blue Lodge mason, a member of Ohio Valley Lodge No. 536, of Gallipolis Chapter, of Martale Council of Royal Arch Masons, and of The Rose Commandary, Knights Templar. He was a loving and dutiful husband, a kind and provident father, an honest citizen, a true American and a good man.

Gallipolis Times
Thursday, November 12, 1925
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux                                                                      Top of Page

McClure, Nellie

McClure Rites Set Wednesday
     Mrs. Nellie Kennedy McClure, 62, wife of Mr. D.C. McClure of Huntington and a native of this county, died suddenly at her home at 216 Nineteenth St., Huntington, Sunday morning at 7 o'clock. Although she had been ailing for almost three years, from a serious heart ailment, Mrs. McClure's condition seemed much improved and her sudden passing came as a distinct shock t her family and friends.
     Mrs. McClure was the daughter of the later Mr. and Mrs. A. Jack Kennedy, pioneer settlers of the Swan Creek community. She was married to D.C. McClure, a native of Crown City, 41 years ago and they had spent their entire married life in the home in which she died.
     Mrs. McClure was deeply devoted to her family and friends and seemed to reap her greatest enjoyment in serving them. Although her health had been precarious for many months, she continued to make frequent visits to relatives and [missing words] She was a lifelong member of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Bladen but attended Twentieth Street Baptist Church in Huntington, where she was a member of the AMOMA class. She was also an active member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Axillary.
     In addition to her husband, a former Cabell County Tax Deputy, she is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Mary E. Shank of Baltimore MD; two sons, Dennis W. and Jack K. McClure, both of Huntington; one sister, Miss Mary Kennedy of Bladen; two brothers, Edgar K. Kenned of Belmont, IA and Stanley S. Kennedy of Urbana, IL and six grandchildren.
     Funeral services will be held at the late home, Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock and the body will be brought to Swan Creek for burial in a private family plot on the Kennedy farm. Chapman's Mortuary in Huntington has charge of the body, which is at the late home where friends may call.

[Note: Death Certificate....Born April 27, 1887; died Sept. 23, 1951; aged 64 years, 6 months and 16 days of age. Parents: Andrew J. Kennedy and Mary Elizabeth Clark..cause of death..coronary occlusion. Burial Kennedy Cemetery, Ohio Township.]

Gallipolis Paper
Sept. 1951
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

McClurg, Bishop

     News reached here Tuesday, by telegraph, of the death, in St. Louis, of Mr. Bishop McClurg, of this city. He was a steamboat engineer and was a young man highly esteemed by his acquaintances.

The Gallipolis Journal
August 16, 1866
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

McCoglin, Leona E. [Hern]

     Leona E. Hern, daughter of John T. and Phoebe Hern, was born Feb. 20th, 1870; died Dec. 29th, 1894, aged 24 years, 10 months and 9 days.
     She was married 28th of Oct., 1892, to James J. McCoglin, of Huntington, who was born 28th day of Oct. 1869, and who was killed Nov. 8th, 1894, at the Gallipolis Water Works, aged 25 years, 11 days. They left two children, one whose age is 2 years and an infant 7 days old.
     She was a devoted wife, mother and friend. She evinced through her whole life a cheerful, patient disposition, such as very few possess, always thoughtful of others and anxious to serve them. Only to God were the secrets of her heart known, but her friends and neighbors will ever remember that the seeds of the Holy Spirit grew and bore fruits in her life.
     She leaves a father, mother, six brothers and three sisters to mourn. Two brothers are absent in the far West, unable to have the sad news to reach them. Two brothers and two sisters have preceded her to the better world.
     Funeral services were held at Addison Townhouse on Monday, December 31st, Rev. W. E. I. d’Argent officiating.

The Gallipolis Bulletin
January 5, 1895
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                      Top of Page

McComb, Esther Marie

Young Wife Dies of Bright's Disease At South Side
     Mrs. Esther Marie McComb, wife of J.C. McComb, died at her home in South Side, WV, Tuesday, March 30, after a two week illness with Bright's Disease. She was 25 years of age and was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Johnson, formerly of this county.
     Mrs. McComb was a member of the Harmony Baptist Church of South Side. She is survived by her husband, father and mother, one brother, M.W. Johnson and sister, Miss Stella Johnson. Another sister, Nellie, who preceded her in death seven years ago.
     Funeral services were held Thursday, April 1, with Rev. Dye of Pt. Pleasant officiating.

[Note: Death Certificate..born April 7, 1901; died March 30, 1926 Mason County, WV; age 24 years, 11 months and 23 days of age.. Mother: Lida S. Bechtel. Burial Mountain Valley Cemetery]

Gallia Times
April 8, 1926
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

McCombs, James G.

J. G. McCombs, Northup, Died Early Today
Nine Children and Many Other Near Kinfolk Survive
Illness Was Brief

     James G. McCombs, well-known Walnut tp. resident and father-in-law of Deputy County Auditor Otis Drummond, died at 6:15 this morning at the Holzer Hospital. Suffering from a heart ailment and complications, Mr. McCombs was brought in Elliott’s ambulance to the hospital from his home (Northup R. D.) yesterday afternoon. He had been ill two weeks.
     Decedent was a son of James McCombs and was born Dec. 27, 1872. On Feb. 23, 1893, he married Savannah Tipton, who died a few years ago. They are survived by nine children.
     In August, 1937, at Roscommon, Mich., Mr. McCombs and Anna Ingram were married. She survives him. The surviving children are Lucille Drummond, Gallipolis; Mrs. O. Stout (Esther) of near Circleville; Edith Edwards, Florence McLeod, Violet Gearhart, Elmer and Raymond McCombs, all of Columbus; Alfred, Springfield; and Leslie, near home. Also surviving are a brother, John, near Circleville; sister, Anna Stout, Columbus; and two half-sisters, Mrs. Marietta Prose and Mrs. Charles Cook, both of this county.
     Mr. McCombs was a member of Masonic lodge of Patriot and the Jr. O. U. A. M. here.
 Arrangements for the funeral which will be in charge of O. E. Elliott, may not be completed until late today.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Thursday March 09, 1939
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

McCombs, Savannah [Tipton]

Wife of James McCombs Died this Morning
Born and Reared in Walnut Tp.---Funeral Services Set for 2 Friday At Bethesda Church
     Mrs. Savannah Tipton McCombs, died early today at her home at Bethesda after a long illness at the age of fifty-eight. Mrs. McCombs had been in failing health for the past two years. About three months ago she suffered a stroke and a week ago another, the last one proving fatal.
     She was the wife of James McCombs and was born and reared and spent her entire life in the neighborhood where she died. In addition to the husband nine children survive: Mrs. Esther Rhodes, Mrs. Ada Edwards, Mrs. Florence McLeod, Mrs. Violet Gearhart and Elmer McCombs, all of Columbus, Alfred McCombs, Springfield, Mrs. Lucille Drummond, Walnut township and Leslie and Raymond at home. Two brothers also survive: Alva Tipton, in Michigan and Claude Tipton, Bowling Green.
     Mrs. McCombs was a member of the Bethesda M. E. church. She was a devoted wife and mother and a helpful and much esteemed resident of her community.
     Funeral services will be held Friday at 2 p.m. at Bethesda church with the pastor, Rev. Kyser, assisted by Rev. E. R. Denny in charge. Burial will be in Salem cemetery by O. E. Elliot.

[Note: From death certificate date of birth November 26, 1875; date of death June 13, 1934; father Lewis Tipton; mother Eliza Wilson.]

Newspaper (prob. June 1934, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, Tipton file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans

McConnehea, Eulah

Eulah McConnehea
     Eulah McConnehea, 83, Gallipolis, died Monday, January 1, 1996 in Holzer Medical Center. Born February 9, 1912 in Gallipolis, daughter of the late Ira and Ella Baker Chick, she was a homemaker. In addition to her parents, she was also preceded in death by her husband, Harry McConnehea; and one three sisters, Carrie Chick, Esther Plymale and Irene Delaney. Surviving are a nephew, Garland Plymale of Gallipolis; a great-nephew, Richard Plymale of Gallipolis; a great neice, Sheri Plymale of Gallipolis; and two great-great nephews, Chris Plymale and Charles Plymale, both of Gallipolis.
     Services will be 1 p.m. Wednesday, January 3, 1996 at the Pine Street Cemetery, with the Rev. Bruce Unroe officiating. There will be no visitation.  Arrangements are by the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home.

Unknown publication
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McConnell, Charles

     Again we are called upon to announce the sad death of a dear friend and brother. CHARLES McCONNELL, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. James McConnell died May 7, 1886; aged 22 years. He was a young man of good habits and loved by all who knew him. Just a few months ago his mother was called from this world of toil and sorrow to her heavenly home, and a few weeks ago that dreadful disease, spinal, visited that home and marked Charley for its victim. Why the young are taken and the aged left to pine and sorrow is more than we can understand; but God knows best. Charlie joined the Salvation Army and was a faithful member. He was not afraid to die, and we know he would as soon be with his mother, who hath gone on before. He leaves a number of relatives and a host of friends to mourn his loss. Rev. W. H. Lewis preached his funeral at his father's residence, on Fourth street, and his remains were taken to Mound Hill Cemetery for burial.

Dear Charlie, thou art gone where the weary are blest,
And the mourner looks up and is glad;
There in the arms of thy Savior to rest,
And never more to be sad.

We listen in vain for a footstep light,
A step that forever is still;
There's an aching void in our hearts to-day,
A void time never can fill.

Then let us not weep for Charley, though gone,
He is free from all burden and care;
He lives in the light of our Father's love,
And sorrow cannot reach Charlie there.                                    
                                                                        By a friend

Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, May 19, 1886
Transcribed by Karen Strojin

McConnell, James M.

Jas. McConnell Dead
     James McConnell, who was reared to manhood here, died Sunday at his home in Ironton after a long period of failing health. He was the son of the late A. M. McConnell and among the relatives surviving is a sister, Miss Flo McConnell, of Gallipolis. His wife is said to be critically ill.
     Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 in a funeral home at Ironton.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, July 10, 1933
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McConnell, James W.

James McConnell Dies at Ripe Age of 90
     James Wilson McConnell, son of the late William and Susan Brothers McConnell, died Sunday, June 13 at 8 a.m. at the age of nearly ninety-one. He passed away at his home here, where he had been so well cared for by his daughter, Miss Flo.
     Mr. McConnell was born at Wellsburg, Va., November 21, 1835, and had been preceded in death by his wife who before her marriage was Amelia Wooley. Mr. McConnell's father was born in Ireland.
     Surviving him are three daughters: Mrs. Clara McConihay of East Bank, Mrs. Bell Wooldredge of Charleston, and Miss Flo at home, four sons: James of Ironton, Fred of Charleston, Bob of Chelyan, W. Va., and Tom of Cabin Creek.
     Funeral services will be conducted from the home Tuedsay at 1:30 p.m. by Rev. Robert Peirce of the First Baptist church. Burial will follow at Mound Hill by Geo. J. Wetherholt & Sons.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
June 14, 1926
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McConnell, John W.

     Rev. John W. McConnell, 80, retired Methodist minister and one of the best known residents of the county, died at his home at Bethesda in Walnut township Wednesday morning, April 24, 1935.
He had suffered a paralytic attack some six weeks before and had been confined to his bed. Prior to that he had been in poor physical condition from heart trouble.
     Mr. McConnell was born on Greasy Ridge in Lawrence county, and was active in political matters in addition to his ministerial duties. At one time he represented Lawrence county in the State legislature.
He is survived by his wife formerly Miss Emma Dement. They are the parents of Alva McConnell, Mrs. Ben Robinson and Mrs. Charles Webb of Huntington, Charles McConnell of near Springfield and Ray McConnell of Columbus.
     Funeral services were held Sunday morning at Bethesda and later at Locust Grove in Lawrence county, where interment was made.

[Note: Death record April 24, 1935]

Gallipolis paper
April 24, 1935
Transcribed by Irene Blamer

McConnell, John W.

In Memory

John W. McConnell
     John W. McConnell, son of Jackson and Sarah McLucas McConnell, was born in Lawrence county, April 6, 1855. His last illness was of short duration and full of intense suffering but he bore it all patiently, and continually admonished his friends to prepare for a future life. All that could be done by medical science, loving hearts and kind hands for his recovery was done but to no avail. God called him to his reward April 24, 1935 at the age of 80 years and 18 days.
     In 1878 he united in marriage with Emma Dement. To this union were born four sons, Alva of Huntington, Charles of Cable, Ohio, Roy of Columbus, Ohio, and Leo who died in infancy; also two daughters, Mrs. Ben Robinson of Huntington, and Mrs. Charles Webb of Springfield, Ohio.
     At the age of 17 he was converted and became a servant of Him who is able to keep that which we commit unto Him against that day. The greater part of his life was spent in Lawrence county, from which he was sent as Representataive to the Legislature for two consecutive terms, 1893-95. Twenty-two years ago he came to Gallia county. Seven years of that time he was pastor of Patriot circuit; also pastoring other churches for five years and was a faithful attendant as long as health permitted.

O, for a faith that will not shrink,
Though pressed by every foe;
That will not falter on the brink
Of any earthly woe.

     He leaves besides his companion, sons and daughters, nineteen grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren, and many other relatives and friends to mourn his passing.

In heaven there'll be no parting, no pain to bear;
No care-worn brow, no sigh, no silvery hair;
No death to snatch our loved ones from our side,
No angry waves, no sea, no treacherous tide.

In heaven there'll be no thirst, no cry for bread;
No soul that knows not where to lay his head;
No one to feel the Winter's chilling blast,
For there the piercing storm will all be past.
In heaven there'll be no toil without repay;
No building for a brief ephemeral day;
For all the joys that prophets old have told
'Twill take the endless ages to unfold.

In heaven, there'll be no weary pilgrim band;
No seeker, for a better, fairer land;
For all who reach that blissful, happy shore,
Will never cry nor sigh, nor wish for more.

Gallipolis paper
April 24, 1935
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall                                                                       Top of Page

McConnell, Lucretta (Mrs. Quincy)

     Mr. Richard Rader whose wife is a sister of Mrs. Quincy McConnell, received word Monday that Mrs. McConnell had died in Columbus Monday morning, June 16, 1913, of complicated troubles. She had been blind for nearly a year and in poor health. The funeral services and burial will be at Marietta at 10 a.m. Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Rader will attend from here.
    Her maiden name was Lucretta Halley, being a daughter of Jesse Halley of Thevenin, and she was about 57 years of age. Four sisters survive, Mrs. Homer Wise of Leaper, Mrs. Myrt Ingels of Rockwood, and Mrs. Carl Simms of Piney, and three brothers, Lafayette of Thevenin, Sandford of Mexico and Emery of Onway, Mich. Her mother survives her also making her home with Mr. Rader. Three children, two sons and a daughter also survive. Mr. McConnel has been living on Columbus for the past five years and prospering. They formerly lived here and Mr. McConnell served on the police force for many years.

Galipolis Daily Tribune
June 17, 1913
Transcribed by Maxine Marshall                                                                       Top of Page

McConnell, May R.

     McConnell - September the 26th, of diptheria, May R., daughter of John and Annie L. McConnell, aged three years and two months. They are not dead but sleepeth.

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday, October 21, 1880
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McConnell, Minnie Rosetta

     McConnell - September the 25th, of Diptheria, Minnie Rosetta, daughter of John W. and Annie L. McConnell, aged one year and three months.

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday, October 21, 1880
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCorkle, Elizabeth

Death of Miss McCorkle
     Miss Elizabeth McCorkle, living just below town, with her nephew, Mr. Henry McCorkle, died at one o’clock Monday, Dec. 17, 1906. She had been afflicted for several weeks with partial paralysis, and received another stroke Monday morning about one o’clock, which carried her off.
     She was never married and was 76 years old. She was born in Rockbridge county, Va., and came with her parents here about 50 years ago. Their names were James and Polly McCorkle, and both died a number of years ago. She was a fine inoffensive old lady. There was simply a private burial by Wetherholt at Mound Hill.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, December 18, 1906
Transcribed by Sandy Milliron

McCorkle, Henry F.

Dies at Age of 83
     Henry F. McCorkle, a life long resident of Gallia county died Oct. 18, at his home, river road, at the age of 83 years. He leaves on daughter, Mrs. Bertha Martin and a grand daughter, Margret Martin. Funeral Thursday at 10 a.m. Burial in Mound Hill cemetery is charge of George J. Wetherholt and Sons. 

[Note: Home address is listed but can’t be read.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
October 19, 1927
Transcribed by Jessica L. Weber

McCormick, Augusta [Halliday]

Rites Will Be Held At 2 Sunday-Interment To Be In Mound Hill Cemetery
     Mrs. Augusta Halliday McCormick, widow of Hon. Charles H. McCormick, died at 6:15 last evening at the family home at Fairfield or McCormick. Death was due to a blood clot and came after she had been in a coma nearly a week, though she had appeared to be better Tuesday and Wednesday.
In fact, her improvement had continued up to within an hour or so of her death and during that period relatives of Meigs county had paid her a visit and left there with the feeling she might recover.

Oldest In Township
     Mrs. McCormick would have been 93 next January 21 and was the oldest woman and doubtless the oldest person in Green tp. since the recent removal of Emma Rader to West Virginia.
     Mrs. McCormick was an outstanding woman in an outstanding rural community. Though the very oldest persons of this day are not to be considered pioneer (numerous newspapers to the contrary notwithstanding) Mrs. McCormick, in her strength of character, in her religious faith, in her generous impulses, in her self-reliance and in her achievements as a mother and homemaker, seemed to typify the best of our pioneer heritage. She was a member of Fairfield M.E. church and the Fairfield Social was organized in her home.
     She was born in Gallipolis and was one of eight children- five girls and three boys- of Captain Laing and Margaret Walker Halliday. Their home stood at 218 Second ave. on the site of the present home of Mrs. Myrtie Hanson, the youngest and the only survivor of the eight. Captain McCormick as the owner of the Ohio line of packets (the last one being the Ohio No. 4) was prominent all along the Ohio and its tributaries.

Lived In Gallipolis
     Charles H. McCormick was interested in the mercantile business when he and Augusta Halliday were married here. They at first lived next door below her birthplace and later in what is now the J. C. Butz home overlooking Garfield ave. At different periods he conducted a retail dry goods store on Court st. and was associated with her uncle, the late Captain John T. Halliday, in the wholesale dry goods business.
Later they moved to the farm and home where both died. Mr. McCormick became a farm leader and was widely known as such and represented the county in the General Assembly. He died Jan. 2, 1917, at the age of 70. Two of their children preceded her in death- Ocie, the firstborn, dying when but four years old, and Alex Miles McCormick dying at Gretna, La., about three years ago.
     Surviving children are T. Wey McCormick, living near the old home; Laing Halliday McCormick, at Leadore, Idaho; Earl L. near the parental home; Charles D., Arimo, Idaho, and Edwin at home. There are grandchildren and many distant relatives.
     Funeral services will be held at Fairfield church at 2 o'clock Sunday, in charge of Rev. Thomas Taylor, pastor, and Rev. Fred Rice, former pastor, now at Haverhill. Burial in Mound Hill cemetery by George J. Weatherholt & Sons. For pall bearers have been selected [sic] Postmaster A. K. Merriman, Judge John E. Halliday, Harry Maddy, Harry K. Mills, C. J. McCormick and J. Paul Mossman.

In a second obituary........

McCormick, Augusta Halliday

Mrs. Augusta McCormick Dies Thurs. Evening
Was Probably Oldest Resident in Green Township
Was Outstanding Community Leader
     Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon for Mrs. Augusta Halliday McCormick, 93, who died at her home at Fairfield Thursday evening. She was the widow of the late Charles H. McCormick who at one time was well known in local mercantile business. In his later years they moved to the farm home where Mrs. McCormick resided at the time of her death. He became well known as a farm leader and represented the county in the general assembly.
     Mrs. McCormick was born in Gallipolis, January 21, 1847. She was the daughter of Captain Laing and Margaret Walker Halliday. Captain Halliday was a prominent riverman and operator of a packet boat line on the Ohio and its tributaries.
     Surviving are the following children: T. Wey McCormick, Fairfield; Laing Halliday McCormick, Leadore, Ohio; Earl L. McCormick, Fairfield; Charles D. McCormick, Arime, Idaho and Edwin at home. One sister, Mrs. Myrtie Hanson also survives. 
     Last rites were held from the Fairfield M.E. Church, of which she was a member. Services were in charge of Rev. Fred Rice and Rev. Thomas Taylor. Interment was made in Mound Hill cemetery. Active pallbearers were A.K. Merriman, Judge John E. Halliday, Harry Maddy, Harry K. Mills, C. J. McCormick and J. Paul Mossman.

[Note: From death certificate date of death November 23, 1939; "Emma Augusta".]

Newspaper (prob. November 1939, Gallipolis)
clipping found in the Simmerman files, McCormick file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders                                                                           Top of Page

McCormick, Benjamin Franklin

     Died, November 24, 1863, in Springfield Township, from the effects of Diptheria, Benjamin Franklin, oldest son of Rev. John W. and Caroline McCormick, in the eighth year of his age.

The Gallipolis Journal
December 17, 1863
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

McCormick, Bert

Bert McCormick of Athens Dies In Cleveland, O.
Rites At Athens Monday, Interment At Mound Hill
     J. Bert McCormick, a member of a prominent Gallia County family, died unexpectedly Friday evening in the home of his daughter Mrs. Ray (Ruth) Davis in Cleveland.
     Mr. McCormick had been in failing health for some time from a heart ailment and just a few weeks ago he and Mrs. McCormick had closed their home in Athens and gone to Cleveland to spend the winter. His death came in a sudden heart attack.
     He was the son of the late Harvey McCormick, and the only surviving member of his father's family is a brother Clyde McCormick. In addition to the widow, Mrs. Mary Beardsley McCormick, herself in ill health, and the brother, survivors are three daughters, Mrs. Davis before mentioned, Frances and Dorothy both of whom are married and live outside of Ohio. Decedent was a contracting carpenter.
     Funeral services will be conducted Monday morning at the home in Athens after which the body will be brought here for interment in Mound Hill Cemetery, presumably shortly after noon.

[Note: From death certificate date of birth February 5, 1873; date of death November 10, 1944; father James Harvey McCormick; mother Mellissa (?) Thompson.]

Newspaper (prob. November 1944, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, McCormick file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders

McCormick, [James] Bert

Bert McCormick Dies At Home of Daughter
     Mr. Bert McCormick, age 73, a carpenter, resident of Athens for 35 years, died Friday night at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Ruth Davis, Cleveland, with whom he and his wife had been living temporarily.  Mr. McCormick had been ill for a year and a half.
     Mr. McCormick was born in Green Township, Gallia County.  In Athens, he was a member of the First Methodist Church, the Knights of Pythias, and the Athens Chapter of the Izaak Walton League.  He leaves his wife, Mrs. Mary B. McCormick; three daughters, Mrs. Frances Vorhes, St. Louis, Mo., and Mrs. Dorothy Mather and Mrs. Davis, both of Cleveland, and a brother, Clyde, of Gallipolis.
     Funeral services will be held Monday afternoon at 1 o’clock in the Dowler and Ferguson Funeral Home, conducted by the Rev. Harold Kellogg.  Burial will be made at Gallipolis.  Friends may call at the funeral home after Sunday noon.

[Note:  2/5/1873 - 11/10/1944; Son of James H. & Melissa Thompson McCormick; Married Mary Frances Beardsley in Gallia Co. on 12/8/1897.  Buried at Mound Hill Cemetery]

Athens Sunday Messenger
November 12, 1944
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCormick, Catharine Jane

     Died, April 15th, in the 30th year of her age, Mrs. Catharine Jane, wife of Wm. McCormick. She joined the M.E. church when about 14 years of age, during the ministry of Bros. Hopkins and Taylor in Gallipolis Circuit.—She was converted eleven years ago under the labors of Bros. Jones and Morris, and lived an accepted member of the church militant, until she joined triumphant. Her afflictions were long and severe, of about five years' continuance, depriving her almost entirely of the privilege of the public means of grace.—Her greatest anxiety was in regard to her family during the greater part of her affliction, but she was at last enabled to commit them into the hands of the Savior. As she felt her end fast approaching, every doubt and fear was removed and she shouted the praise of God, whose grace enabled her to triumph over the last enemy. Finally without a struggle she passed from labor to reward.

The Gallipolis Journal
May 5, 1864
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

McCormick, Charles H.

McCormick's Rites to be 2 Wednesday
     Funeral services for Charles H. McCormick will be held at Alexander church at 2 o'clock Wednesday, in charge of Rev. C. W. Frye and Rev. Thomas Taylor. Burial will be in Mound Hill cemetery by A. E. Tope.
Mr. McCormick was a well known farmer, who took a keen interest in public affairs, and was a familiar figure in Gallipolis. He had not been robust for a good while, and his last illness was a distressing one.
Decedent was in his 69th year, having been born below Rodney on March 28, 1870, the son of J. Harvey and Malissa Thompson McCormick.
     On Nov. 29, 1894, he and Gwinnie Jones were united in marriage. She was a sister of W. Gomer Jones and the late John J. Jones and she died March 9, 1933.
     After their marriage they located in Bidwell, where he pursued the blacksmith trade for several years. Then he bought the farm on which he died. He was a good, industrious man. He belonged to the Gallipolis Council, Jr. O.U.A.M., members of which will have charge of the rites at the grave.
     As stated in yesterday's paper, the surviving children are Hayden McCormick, Columbus; Halsey, Akron; Hollis and Merrill, both of Gallipolis, and Mrs. E. N. Reynolds, Orrville, O. Also surviving are these brothers and sisters: Mrs. E. G. Waddell, Green tp, Frank McCormick, Rio Grande; Mrs. Roscue Fov, Rodney; Bert McCormick, Athens, and H. Clyde McCormick, Somerset, Pa. Edward M. McCormick of this city, who died last January 1, was another brother. There are 11 grandchildren.

[Note: Ann Simmerman wrote "Oct. 18, 1938" on this obituary.]

Newspaper (prob. October 1938, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, McCormick file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders                                                                           Top of Page

McCormick, Charles Way

Death of an Infant
     Mr. and Mrs. Way McCormick’s little two months old son, Charles Way, died yesterday, Sunday 28th, and funeral services and burial were at Mt. Zion today by Rev. G. W. Brown of the Rodney circuit and Undertaker Wetherholt.
     The little fellow only weighed three pounds at birth and never got along or gained. The parents will have the sympathy of all in their bereavement.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, January 29, 1912
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

Death Of An Infant
     Charles Way, the two months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Way McCormick, died Sunday and the funeral services and burial were held at Rodney Monday by Rev. G. W. Brown and Undertaker Wetherholt. The baby only weighed three pounds at birth and had never gained in weight or strength.

The Gallipolis Journal
Wednesday, January 31, 1912
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCormick, Clarence Judd

C. J. McCormick, Farmer, Florist, Died Saturday
Funeral Services Are Being Held At Fairfield Church
     Probably no local news of the New Year was so shocking as that of the death of Clarence Judd McCormick which occurred around 3 o'clock Saturday morning at his home in the Fairfield (or McCormick) community of Green Twp.
     Mr. McCormick had not been well for many months and had undergone an operation or two the past year. He had been somewhat active, however, after having nearly recovered from the flu. A relapse followed and death is believed to have been caused by a heart attack. Mrs. McCormick was at his bedside at 2 o'clock and when she returned to him about two hours later he was dead. He was in his 71st year.
     Funeral services are being held this afternoon, starting at 2 o'clock, at Fairfield church, with Rev. James M. Lane in charge. Interment will be made in Mound Hill Cemetery by F. J. Entsminger.
     Mr. McCormick was the son of the late George H. and Eustacia Gardner McCormick and was born October 14, 1873. He attended Green Twp. Schools and the Gallipolis high school in the early '90s.,
On Sept. 12, 1906, he married Leona Durr and she and the following children survive: Margaret (Mrs. Lloyd Blazer) and Ethel (Mrs. Hoke Robinson), both of Gallipolis, and Gardner, living at the parental home. There are five grandchildren: three brothers, Robert of Huntington, Dale of Sunbury, and Carl of Proctorville, and one sister, Alice (Mrs. Ernest Riggs) of Utica, New York, but now in Florida.
     Mr. McCormick was engaged in farming but devoted much time to rose culture and his home was a showplace season after season. He was a worthy citizen, an earnest and active member of the church where the funeral is being held, a devoted husband and father.
     Pallbearers were Edwin and T. Way McCormick, C. Y. Lakin, William Tawney, Glenn Powell and Hugh Bartlett.

Gallipolis Newspaper
No Date
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin

McCormick, Deborah

Death of Mrs. Deborah McCormick
     Mrs. Deborah McCormick, of Rodney, widow of the late James McCormick, and step-mother of G. H. and Harvey McCormick, died Friday afternoon, Aug. 1, 1913, aged 89. She would have been 90 years old next January, and was a fine old lady, living with her stepson Marion McCormick, an old bachelor. The funeral services are at Mt. Zion Sunday at 10 a. m. by Rev. J. W. McCormick, the interment at Mt. Zion by Wetherholt.

[Note: According to her death certificate available at, she was born November 19, 1823, in Gallia Co., OH, the daughter of Thomas Rose and Margaret Neal.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
August 2, 1913
Transcribed by Suzanne Giroux

Death of Deborah McCormick
     Mrs. Deborah McCormick, widow of the late James McCormick and residing at Rodney, passed away Friday. She was aged 89. She was the second wife, George H. and Harvey McCormick, well known in Gallipolis, being the surviving members of Mr. McCormick's first wife. She was much respected in her community. The burial services were held at Mt. Zion Church, Sunday, by Rev. John W. McCormick.

The Gallipolis Journal
August 5, 1913
Vol. 45 NO. 32
Transcribed by Sharon Hobart                                                                        Top of Page

McCormick, Dennis V.

     PATRIOT - Dennis V. McCormick, 45, Peniel Road, Patriot, died Wednesday, May 22, 2002, at his residence. Born Sept. 17, 1956, in Germany, son of the late Otis McCormick, and Vivian Rawlins McCormick of Jackson, he was the owner of Tri-State Plasterers.
     Surviving in addition to his mother are three daughters, April Zornes and Shelly Spradlin, both of Troy, and Kassandra McCormick of Oak Hill; six grandchildren; five sisters, Valerie Holter of Bidwell, Jean Hook of Ashville, Cheryl Johnson of Oak Hill, Ramona Jenkins of Jackson, and Shawna Massie of Minford; and seven brothers, Brad and Paul, both of Patriot, Otis Jr., of Ashville, N. C., James, Shawn and Tim, all of Oak Hill and John of South Webster. He was also preceded in death by a son, David, in 1995; a brother, Presley; and a sister, Nancy Lemasters.
     Services will be 11 a.m. Saturday in Kuhner-Lewis Funeral Home, Oak Hill, with the Rev. Herman Stewart officiating. Burial will be in Gallia Baptist Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home from 4-8 p.m. today.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, May 24, 2002
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCormick, Earl Leander

     Earl Leander McCormick was born in Green township, Gallia county, Ohio on Jan. 2, 1878. He is the son of Charles H. and Emma Halliday McCormick, and the grandson of John R. and Sarah Waddell McCormick and Laing and Margaret Walker Halliday. The McCormicks came originally from the North of Ireland, and the Hallidays from Scotland in 1823.
     Earl L. McCormick was educated in the Gallipolis public schools, graduating in 1896. That fall he attended one term at the Ohio State University at Columbus. Being anxious to get to work he secured employment with the Columbus dry goods firm of Bancroft, Sheldon & Co., and remained with them four years, in the house and as city sales man. He then came to Gallipolis and succeeded T. Sid Cowden as manager of The C. B. Hanson Co. Two years later, he resigned this position and went with The Sheldon Dry Goods Co., of Columbus, traveling for them three years. He then returned to Gallipolis, where he has since remained as manager of The C. B. Hanson Company.
     On June 18, 1901, he married Miss Ruth Emily Fuller, daughter of Thomas D. and Emily Hedges Fuller. Mr. Fuller has been an insurance man in Columbus for forty years. His family came originally from England.
Two children have resulted from the marriage of Earl L. and Ruth Fuller McCormick: Thomas Fuller, and Alice Margaret.
     Mr. McCormick is a member of the M. E. Church, and of the Board of Public Safety by appointment of Mayor Merriman to succeed Mr. Chas. R. Comer. He was made a Mason in Morning Dawn Lodge of Gallipolis several years ago.

Transcribed from the Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Dec. 20, 1957
By Maxine Marshall

McCormick, Edward Monroe

Edw. Monroe McCormick, 71, Died this A. M.
Funeral Services Will Be Held at Entsminger Funeral Home 2 Monday
     Edward M. McCormick, once an active figure here but in distressing health for a long time, died at 6:15 this morning at his home at 607 First avenue. Throughout his long invalidism he had been tenderly watched over and cared for by his wife, Clerk of Courts Margaret Bing McCormick.

Street Car Supt.
     Mr. McCormick was for 14 years superintendent of the last street car company operating here with lines connecting Gallipolis and Kanauga. Previously he had served under Frank R. Vance, the directing head of the city's first street car lines. When a gasoline-driven street car was brought here as an experiment, Mr. McCormick operated it. When the last street car company quit business, Mr. McCormick entered the bus business and operated the first such vehicle between here and Jackson.
     During the epidemic of 1918 he was stricken with the fllu. Though he never regained his health, he remained active for a decade after a partial restoration to strength. Slowly, but without cessation, his health ebbed month by month, or at least year by year, but the decline was progressive in recent weeks and his death had been expected at any hour since the first of the week.
     Mr. McCormick was born 71 years ago on a farm south of Rodney. He was one of seven children of J. Harvey and Melissa Thompson McCormick and the others survive; Mrs. E. G. Waddell, Green tp.; Frank McCormick, Rio Grande; Charles H., Gallipolis R. D. (Green tp.); Mrs. Roscoe Fox, Rodney; Bert McCormick, Athens, and H. Clyde McCormick, Somerset, Pa.
     Mr. McCormick and Margeret Bing were married in 1893 by the late Rev. Purley A. Baker. The first year or two of their wedded life was spent on what was known as the Joe White farm near Rodney and then they moved to Gallipolis. They were deeply devoted to each other. He was a very generous man, industrious and home-loving, and he and Mrs. McCormick have always had the respect and esteem and genuine affection of an extended circle of relatives and neighbors and other friends.
     Funeral services will be held at the Entsminger funeral home at 2 o'clock Monday and the body will remain there till then. Rev. W. Scott Westerman, pastor of Grace M. E. church, of which decedent was a member, will officiate. Burial in Mound Hill cemetery.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune; Front page
January 1, 1938
From the newspaper collection of Harold and Odella Mack
Transcribed by Shari Little-Creech                                                                   Top of Page

McCormick, Ellen

     Died, in Green Township, on the 23d, Ellen, daughter of Mr. James McCormick, aged 12 years.

The Gallipolis Journal
October 29, 1874
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

McCormick, Frank Hanson

     Frank Hanson McCormick, son of William and Catherine Hanson McCormick, was born March 10, 1862. He was married to Emma Keller on May 17, 1883 and lived in Gallipolis for a number of years. They moved to Oklahoma and were of the original settlers of Clinton, Oklahoma. Mrs. McCormick died July 27, 1908. He afterwards married Martha MacMasters of Clinton, Oklahoma, who survives him.
     The funeral services will be held Friday morning at 10 o'clock in his old home now occupied by Walter B. McCormick.

McCormick Funeral
     The body of Mr. Frank H. McCormick will arrive here Thursday evening on the Hocking Valley and will be taken to the home of his brother, W.B. McCormick, where funeral services will be held on Friday morning at 10 a.m. by Rev. A.H. Beardsley, with burial in Mound Hill Cemetery by George J. Wetherholt and Sons.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
November 11, 1926
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

McCormick, G. C.

Gallia Native Dies Wednesday
     G. C. McCormick, 75, a retired farmer and fruit grower, died at 10:40 a.m. Wednesday at his residence in Proctorville after a lengthy illness.
     Born Nov. 6, 1878, in Gallia county, he is survived by his wife, Mrs. Lena Waddell McCormick, five sons: C. W., Proctorville; G. H., Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Donald A., Proctorville; Clyde, Huntington; Robert, St. Albans; a daughter, Mrs. Julia Frances Ash, Proctorville; a sister, Mrs. Ernest Riggs, St. Petersburg, Fla.; and two brothers, Dale, Westerville; and Robert M., Huntington. Thirteen grandchildren also survive.
     Funeral services will be conducted Friday at 2:30 p.m. from his late residence by Rev. J. D. Klein with burial following in Rome cemetery by Schneider Funeral Home.

[Note: Ann Simmerman wrote 2 (?)-10-1954 on this obituary.]

Newspaper (poss. February 1954, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman files, McCormick file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Lynn Anders                                                                           Top of Page

McCormick, George H.

Suddenly Called!!
George H. McCormick Of This City Found Dead By His Son Thursday Morning
     Mr. George H. McCormick, aged 77 years, a well known and highly respected citizen, died very suddenly Thursday morning of heart failure. Mr. McCormick had been gardening a plot of ground under the river bank at First and Vine and on Thursday went to it rather early to do some work Shortly after seven o'clock his son Robert, who wished to see his father on a business matter, went to the garden and found Mr. McCormick in a reclining position and lifeless.
     Mr. McCormick leaves his wife and six children. They are: Clarence J. McCormick of Nitro, WV; Dale H. McCormick of Sunbury, Ohio; Carl McCormick of Proctorville, Malcomb McCormick of Ravenna, Ohio and Robert H. McCormick and Mrs. Dallas Neal of this city.
     The funeral services of the late Mr. McCormick were held Sunday at 1 o'clock at his late home, conducted by Rev. C.W. Brady of Portsmouth and Rev. Smith of this city. The interment was in Mound Hill Cemetery.
     Mr. McCormick spent many of his active years on the farm in Green Township, later moving to Gallipolis, where he operated the tile and brick plant north of this city. He was a splendid man, a good citizen and hosts of friends mourn his death.

[Note: Death Certificate..born 1845; died Sept. 28, 1922; aged 78 years. Parents : James McCormick (born VA) and Margaret Waddell (born Gallia County). Wife Eustacia.]

Gallia Times
Oct. 5, 1922
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

McCormick, Hannah  [Blake]

Death of Mrs. McCormick
     Mrs. Hannah McCormick, widow of the late William H. McCormick died at noon, Wednesday, December 2, 1908, after a long and painful illness.
     She was a daughter of the late Ansel T. Blake and was aged 69 years, 5 months and 3 days. November 8, 1865, she was married to W. H. McCormick and three children, Alexander W., Walter B. and Paul A. McCormick blessed the union.
     Since the death of her husband, she has made her home with her son, Walter, where during her long illness she received every attention. Her other sons Alex and Paul will not be present at the funeral, the former being in New York state and the latter in Utah. She also leaves step-children, John R. McCormick, Frank McCormick, Mrs. J. W. Miles and Mrs. W. H. Andrews, two sisters, Mrs. Martha B. Moore, of Gallipolis, and Mrs. Julia Eaton, of Proctorville and one brother Ex-Sheriff Nat Blake, of Swan Creek.
     Mrs. McCormick was a most estimable lady. Religious, kind, charitable, an indulgent mother and a faithful wife, she was loved and respected by all who knew her and her death brings sorrow to many friends.
     The funeral services will be conducted Friday at 12:30 o’clock at her late home, by Rev. John W. McCormick, assisted by Rev. Meyer and Rev. Cherrington. The interment will be at Mt. Zion by the side of her husband, by Undertaker Wetherholt. The pall bearers will be Wm. Eaton, Sherwood Moore, Fon Blake, J. E. Halliday and Thomas and Earl McCormick. Peace to the spirit of this good woman.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Friday, December 4, 1908
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron

McCormick, Hannah D

Mrs. W.H. McCormick Dead
     Mrs. W.H. McCormick, mother of Walt McCormick and stepmother of John R. McCormick, died at noon today, Wednesday, Dec. 2, 1908. She was also the stepmother of Frank McCormick, Mrs. J.W. Miles and Mrs. W.H. Andrews of Columbus. She had been ill for a year or more. Her age was 69 years 5 months and 3 days.
     Her marriage to W.H. McCormick occurred Nov 8, 1865, from which three sons were born, Alex W., Walter B and Paul A. Two sisters survive her, Mrs. Julia Eaton of Proctorville and Martha B. Moore of this city and one brother, C.B. Blake of Swan Creek.
     Mrs. McCormick was a kind and good woman, a devote wife and mother and an excellent stepmother. Her death will be mourned by many friends.
     The funeral will be Friday at 12:30 o'clock by Rev. J.W. McCormick, assisted by Rev. Mr. Mayer and Cherrington. Internment at Mt. Zion by Wetherholt.

[Note: Death Certificate..born 1839 Swan Creek. Parents A.F. Blake and Hannah Tubridge]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Dec. 2, 1908
Transcribed by F. K. Brown                                                                            Top of Page

McCormick, J. Hollis

     GALLIPOLIS - J. Hollis McCormick, 70, of 147 Second Avenue, died Friday in Holzer Hospital where he had been a patient nine days. Mr. McCormick operated a cream station in Gallipolis for 42 years, retiring four years ago. He was a representative of Delaval Milkers. He was a member of the Morning Dawn Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite Masons, Aladdin Temple Shrine of Columbus, Elks Club and Modern Woodman of America.
     He was born in Bidwell, a son of the late Charles H. and Gwinnie Jones McCormick. A son, John Charles, preceded him in death in 1927 and a brother, Hayden, also died previously. Surviving are his wife, Nan W. Wingner McCormick; two brothers, Hasley L. of Cuyahoga Falls and Merrill of Patriot Star Route, and a sister, Mrs. Robert (Irene) Smeltzer, Gallipolis.
     A Masonic service will be held Sunday, 8 p.m. at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home.  Funeral services will be conducted at 1 p.m. Monday at the funeral home by the Rev. Rex Marrs. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Sunday from 2 until 4 p.m. and 7 until 9 p.m.

Athens Messenger
Sunday, August 20, 1967
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCormick, James

     James McCormick died at his home in Green township, Dec. 1st, 1890. He was born on the farm now owned by Thomas M. McCormick, Feb. 1st, 1813, and at the time of his death was aged 77 years and 10 months. In his boy-hood and youth he did not possess the advantages and facilities for mental training such as are now furnished to the young, but using the means attainable in the little log school-houses of that day, he procured the rudiments of an education, and by industry, self-denial and good common sense, and the foundation for a long, useful, and exemplary life.
     He was married to Margaret A. Waddle (Waddell), Dec. 5, 1833. With but little to begin life, their industry and thrift soon secured for them a house of comfort and independence, where they raised their family of four sons and one daughter. His first wife dying, he was married to Miss Mary Cherrington, May 2d, 1855. Three children, a son and two daughters were born to them. His 2d wife dying, he was married to Miss Vesta Trobridge, in 1866. She dying, he was again married to Mrs. Deborah Wray his surviving wife, Oct. 11, 1876. Mr.
     McCormick's occupation was farming and stock raising. Being a man of industrious and frugal habits, and possessed of good judgment, he managed his affairs with such prudence and success as to win for himself the confidence and respect of all who formed his acquaintance. About the time of his first marriage he joined the Methodist Episcopal Church, and lived a faithful and consistent member of the same till death. Though timid, and lacking confidence in his ability to take an active part in church work during his early christian life, he was honest and conscientious, and faithfully adhered to the discharge of christian duty, and attendance upon the means of grace until he learned to glory in the cross of Christ. He was for many years a class-leader in the society to which he belonged, and here his earnestness and usefulness in christian work were clearly manifested. His faith failed him not when he could enjoy the privileges of the sanctuary no longer, but when affliction came and death drew near, he longed to enter the christian's final rest, and meet the loved ones gone before. A good old man has entered the great here-after. He leaves a widow, four sons and two daughters to mourn their
     After funeral services at Mt. Zion Church, his remains were laid to rest in the cemetery at that place.

Gallipolis Journal
December 10, 1890
Transcribed by Henny Evans                                                                          Top of Page

McCormick, Jerry Lee

Jerry Lee McCormick Loses Long Battle With Leukemia
     Jerry Lee McCormick, 16, lost his long struggle for life, which had stirred the residents of this community for over two years. He had a type of leukemia. The end came at 5:15 p.m. Monday [June 8, 1959] at Holzer Hospital. During the two years of his illness, which had been pronounced incurable when he first took ill and was sent to Children’s Hospital at Columbus, he had been much in the thoughts of his fellow students at Gallia Academy and among the many friends of the family. He had been a patient at intervals at the hospital, and spent the last Christmas season at the family home, 321 Fourth Ave., reentering the hospital Dec. 31, 1958, and had been a patient there ever since.
     Had he lived he would have been a senior at Gallia Academy High School next year. He was a popular student at the school and active in youth affairs. He was a member of Grace Methodist Church and its Youth Fellowship and of the Boy Scouts.
     He was born at Charleston, W. Va., on Dec. 30, 1942, the son of Rex and Jeane Murray McCormick, who survive along with a sister, Miss Judith Ann McCormick, 15, and a brother, John Michael, 12. Other survivors are the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Murray of Roanoke, Va., and Mr. and Mrs. M. H. McCormick of St. Albans, W. Va. The family have resided in Gallipolis for five years, where Mr. McCormick is the manager of the Gallipolis Motor Co.
     Services will be held at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday at Grace Methodist Church. Rev. Warren H. Wilson will officiate. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery under the direction of the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home. The body will lie in state at the church from 1:30 p.m. until the time of the service. Friends may call at the funeral home after 6 p.m. today.
     Pallbearers will be Jerry Walker, Fred Ferguson, Robert Mackenzie, Charles Neal, Sr., Delmar Gingerich and Ronald Walker. The Gallipolis Motor Co. will be closed all day Wednesday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, June 9, 1959
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCormick, John

     In Tremont, Illinois, on the 2nd inst., John McCormick, in the 73rd year of his age. Mr. M. moved to Illinois from this county in 1847.

The Gallipolis Journal J
June 17, 1852
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

McCormick, John R.

     We were pained to hear of the death of John R. McCormick, which took place at his residence in this county. He died of typhoid fever, in the 49th year of his age. Mr. McC. was a farmer, and an honest, upright and very useful man, and his loss will be keenly felt by his family and neighbors.

The Gallipolis Journal
September 14, 1854
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes                                                                            Top of Page

McCormick, Malcolm

Malcolm McCormick Dies At Home In Ravenna, Ohio
     Malcolm McCormick, scion of a prominent Gallia county family, died Friday at his home in Ravenna, Ohio, according to messages received by local relatives last evening. Though he had not been well for a while, the news of his passing came as a shock to kinfolk and old friends here.
     Funeral services will be held at 2:30 Monday at the Ravenna Methodist church and it is thought interment will be made there. Malcolm was a son of the late George H. and Eustasia Gardner McCormick and was born at McCormick. He married Bessie Gibbons and she and three married sons survive. The youngest of these sons was born here.
     The sons are Ernest and Riggs McCormick, both of whom hold important positions in the federal service at Washington, and William, the youngest, who has a position not far from the parental farm.
Mr. McCormick attended Rio Grande College and was graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University. When still in his teens he taught school in this county. He was a devout and active member of the Methodist church for many years. He was 58 or 59 years old.
     The McCormicks immediately after their marriage, lived at Indianapolis; then they were here a few years; then at Batavia a few years, going from there to Ravenna 18 to 20 years ago. He was a salesman for the American Gypsum Company.
     There are four surviving brothers and a sister: Clarence McCormick of Gallipolis R. D., Dale of Sunbury, Mrs. Alice Neal of St. Petersburg, Fla., Carl of near Proctorville, and Robert McCormick of Huntington.

[Note: From death certificate date of birth April 9, 1880; date of death March 21, 1941; wife’s name on death certificate is Bessie Guthrie McCormick.]

Newspaper (prob. March 1941, Gallipolis) clipping found in the Simmerman file, Bean file, Bossard Library.
Transcribed by Debbie Carter Evans                                                                Top of Page

McCormick, Margaret

     Died, on Sunday evening last, of typhoid fever, after a short but painful illness, Mrs. Margaret, wife of Mr. Jas. McCormick, aged 38 years

The Gallipolis Journal
September 21, 1854

M'Cormick, Margaret A.

     DIED - on the 17th inst., Mrs. Margaret A. M'Cormick, wife of James M'Cormick and daughter of Wm. Waddell, Sr., aged 38 years 2 months and 3 days. Sister M. was a member of the M.E. church 22 years; in her death, brother M'Cormick has been bereft of a kind companion, five children of an affectionate mother, the church of a faithful friend and votary; but our loss is her infinite gain, for her end was not only peaceful but triumphant. May her numerous relatives follow her as she followed Christ. Amen.

The Gallipolis Journal
September 28, 1854
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

McCormick, Mark Anthony

Infant Dies Shortly After Birth Today
     Mark Anthony McCormick, infant son of Willard and Mary Simms McCormick of 35 Smithers St., died at 8:30 a.m. today, shortly after birth at Pleasant Valley Hospital. In addition to the parents, the child is survived by a brother, Michael, 20-months-old, and the grandparents, Clinton McCormick of Rt. 1, Patriot, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Simms of Rt. 1, Crown City.
     Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral home has charge of arrangements, which will be announced later.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Friday, December 30, 1966
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                      Top of Page

McCormick, Mary Anna

Death Claims Mrs. McCormick After Illness
     Mrs. Mary Anna McCormick, 98, of 144 First Ave., who had been in failing health for the last six years, died Saturday night at Holzer Hospital.
     Mrs. McCormick had been a member of Grace Methodist Church for more than 50 years. Born June 8, 1869, in Gallia County, she was the daughter of the late Albert and Mary Anna Carter McCormick. She spent the major part of her life in Gallia County.
     On April 27, 1891, she was married to James H. McCormick, and he preceded her in death in 1926. She is survived by one daughter, Miss Alma McCormick, 144 First Ave., an employee of Holzer Hospital.
     Several members of the family preceded her in death, including a son, a brother and a sister.
     Funeral services will be conducted at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home by the Rev. Paul Bauders. Burial will be in Mound Hill Cemetery. Pallbearers will be Harold Smith, Bryce Smith, James C. Saunders, Aldo K. Jeffers, Lee Rose, and Don Rose. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Monday.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, July 31, 1967
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron

McCormick, Mary Elizabeth [Evans]

Death of Mrs. McCormick
     Mayme [Mary] Elizabeth McCormick, wife of T. Way McCormick, died at the Holzer Hospital Monday, Sept. 1, 1924, after a long illness at the age of 52 years. Mrs. McCormick was born at Jackson, O., and on Feb. 22, 1897, was married to T. W. McCormick at Columbus, O. To this union were born four sons and one daughter, four preceding her in death leaving one son Jack who is in his senior year at West Point. Besides her husband and son she also leaves two sisters Mrs. Margaret Williams of Toledo and Mrs. Jennie Phillip and one brother Benson Evans of Gilmore, Idaho. Funeral services will be held Thursday at 10:30 at Fairfield church with burial at Fairfield cemetery by Geo. Wetherholt & Sons.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday September 2, 1924
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

McCormick, Mary [Tawney]

Death of Mrs. Edwin McCormick
     The death of Mrs. Edwin McCormick occurred Saturday morning, Feb. 5, 1921, at 5 o'clock at her home at Fairfield following a short illness. Mrs. McCormick had been very much weakened since the birth of a child, Jan. 12th, a condition that finally occasioned her death.
     Mrs. McCormick who was Miss Mary Tawney before her marriage was 28 years old and was married to Mr. McCormick June 12th, 1919. Many friends here will regret her untimely death and sympathize with her husband in his great bereavement.
     Undertaker Geo. J. Wetherholt will have charge of the burial. The funeral will occur probably on Tuesday from Mrs. McCormick's late home at Fairfield.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
February 4, 1921
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

McCormick, Mary Helen

     Died, of diptheria, in Green Township, Oct. 23d, 1874, in the eleventh year of her age, Mary Helen, youngest daughter of James McCormick. Helen was an obedient and intelligent child, and by her modest and amiable disposition, won the hearts of all who formed her acquaintance. She took more than usual interest for one of her years, in the Sabbath School, and was always prompt and clear in reciting the lessons of truth. Conscious that death was approaching, she bade her friends good-by, requesting them to meet her in heaven, evincing clearly the fact, that a child may teach us the beauty and strength of the Christian faith in its saving power. J. W. M.

The Gallipolis Journal
November 5, 1874
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

McCormick, Melissa M.

Death of Mrs. Geo. McCormick
     Word was received in the city this (Saturday) morning of the sudden death of Mrs. George McCormick of Ravinna, Ohio where whe has made her home with her son, Mr. M. E.McCormick. Mrs. McCormick has not been in good health, but her death came unexpectedly. She is survived by six children; Robert and Mrs. Dallas Neal of Gallipolis, C.J. McCormick, of Nitro, Dale of Sunbury and Carl of Proctorville, and M.E.or Ravinna, O.
     The body will be brought here for burial. Arrangements have not been made, but the funeral will probably be on Tuesday and burial will be at Mound Hill cemetery.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Sept. 15, 1923
Transcribed by Nancy McMillan

McCormick, Nan Lucille  [Wigner]

     GALLIPOLIS - Services for Mrs. Nan Lucille McCormick, 76, Gallipolis, who died Friday evening in Jenkins Memorial Home in Wellston, will be Monday, 3 p.m. at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home. The Rev. Tim Heaton will officiate with burial in the Mound Hill Cemetery. Born in Gallia County, she was the daughter of Charles and Minta Skinner Wigner.  She and her late husband operated a cream station for 42 years in Gallipolis.
     Mrs. McCormick was a member of the Alexander United Methodist Church and in her later years, she attended the Grace United Methodist Church, and was a member of the Gallipolis Chapter, Order of Eastern Star and the Daughters of the American Revolution. 
     She is survived by a brother, Dan Wigner, Gallipolis; two nephews, Danny Wigner, Milan, and Robert Wigner, Lakewood, Colo.
     Friends may call at the funeral home from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. today.

Athens Sunday Messenger
December 15, 1974
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCormick, Pearly Wilber

     Died, near Gallipolis, Ohio, November the 10th, of diptheria, Pearly Wilber, eldest son of George H. and Eustacia McCormick; aged 2 years 9 months and 12 days. Little Pearly was one of those sweet buds of promise that always carried joy in his heart and gladness in his face, that never failed to throw sunshine upon those who came upon his pathway. (Ironton papers please copy.)

The Gallipolis Journal
November 26, 1874
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

McCormick, Sarah [Miles]

Mrs. Sarah McCormick, County's Oldest Resident, Dies Tuesday
Funeral Services for Beloved and Respected Woman will be Held at Late Home Friday
Was Native of New York and Former Resident of Columbus

     Mrs. Sarah Miles McCormick, widow of Rev. John W. McCormick passed away peacefully at her home at Fairfield in Green township Tuesday evening, Dec. 6, 1932. she had attained the unusual age of one hundred years and nearly six month having reached the century mark on June 28 last.
Funeral services for this beloved woman will be held at the McCormick family home Friday afternoon at 1:30 conducted by Rev. Joy Halliday of Delaware, a relative of the deceased. Burial will be in Mt. Zion cemetery.
On her one hundredth birthday Mrs. McCormick was the recipient of a congratulatory message from President Herbert Hoover, which she highly prized.
     "Aunt Sallie" as she was familiarly known, was born at Troy, N.Y. June 28, 1832, daughter of Thomas Y. and Rebecca Ostrom Miles. At the age of three years, with her parents she removed to Columbus, Ohio, where she resided until her marriage with Rev. McCormick in September, 1872. Twelve years after their marriage Mr. McCormick was elected to Congress from the distric. He died at his home June 25, 1917.
     A daughter, Miss Sallie McCormick, was born to them. She has tenderly cared for her mother in her reclining years, and assumed the responsibilities of the household. Two step sons, Thomas at home, and William of Payson, Utah, have also accorded her the utmost in filial love and respect.
     Countless friends, relatives and acquaintances will cherish their memories of this "Mother In Israel" who spent her long years in good deeds and kindly ministrations.

Gallipolis Tribune
December 1932
Transcribed by J.Farley

McCormick, Sarah R.

Sarah R. M'Cormick
     Mrs. Sarah R. McCormick died at her home in Green Township Friday, January 1, 1904, aged 98 years, 8 months and 12 days. She was the daughter of William and Mary Ross Waddell, and was the last of her father's household, consisting of one son and nine daughters, to enter the great beyond. Five children, Rev. John W. McCormick, Mrs. Mary J. Hulliday, Mrs. John S. Mills, Mrs. Irene E. Miles of Columbus, and Chas. H. McCormick, with whom she had made her home for several years.
     The funeral services were conducted at Mt. Zion Sunday afternoon in the presence of a large concourse of friends and relatives.
     Mrs. McCormick was born and grew to womanhood in the old home on the Waddell farm, and was married to John R. McCormick September 20th, 1827. To them were born twelve children: four died in infancy, three in mature life, leaving two sons and three daughters living. Of her immediate descendants besides her own children there are 34 grandchildren, 25 great grandchildren and 4 great-great-grandchildren. There are pictures in possession of several members of the family representing five generations.
     Mr. and Mrs. McCormick began married life in a primative log cabin in humble circumstances on the farm on which they lived and died, amid what would be considered great inconveniences and privations in these modern days but with a will and determination to make the best of their surroundings, and by industry, energy and frugality, they made their way up to better conditions in life and their home was soon made one of comfort and of social enjoyment, not only to its immediate inmates, but to all who freely found a welcome to its hospitality and bounty. The husband died September 7, 1854, leaving the wife and mother to journey alone in her widowhood for nearly 50 years, about 40 of which she took charge of the farm, managing the same prudently, skillfully and successfully, as long as her physical condition warranted her in so doing.
     She was a woman of more than ordinary will power and force of character, prudent, economical, and orderly in the management of all her household duties, and devoted to the comfort and welfare of her companion and children; she filled well the relations of wife and mother.
     She was ever a ready, willing helper to friend and neighbor in times of need and affliction. For over three-quarters of a century she was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. As long as she could hear the preached word, and until the infirmities of age prevented, she was found in her place in the sanctuary to participate in and enjoy the privileges of divine worship. In her younger days she was a sweet singer and in her home life she seemed to cheer life's pathway with a song, while in the worshipping congregation her voice could be distinctly heard in leading hymns of melody and praise. She was a great reader and kept well posted in the news of the day as well as in the secular affairs of life.
     In her final sickness as long as she could speak she would quote the precious promises of the Bible and repeat the old familiar hymns she used to love to sing so well, and in audible and silent prayer she pleaded for the coming of her blessed Savior.
     Quietly the shadows of death gathered about her with the closing hours of the old year and ere the dawning of the morning light of the new year on earth doubtless there was the unfolding to her enraptured vision the glorious eternal sunlight of the heavenly Paradise.

Gallipolis Bulletin
January 8, 1904
Page 1
Transcribed by Margaret Calvin                                                                       Top of Page

McCormick, Vesta L.

Sad Accident
     On Tuesday of last week Mr. John W. McCormick, his son Wayland, (aged about seventeen years) Mrs. Vesta L. McCormick, wife of Mr. James McCormick, and her aunt, Mrs. Loring, from Belpre, Ohio, started in an express for Portland, Jackson county. The first named was going off on business, his son was to bring the express back, and Mrs. McCormick was returning with her aunt, who had been here on a visit, to Belpre. While going down the hill at Oak Hill a bolt which fastened a single-tree to the double-tree slipped out, causing the single-tree to drop down on the heels of one of the horses. The horse commenced kicking, and becoming unmanageable, pulled one side of the express upon a steep bank, and thew all in the express out, Mrs. Loring falling upon Mrs. McCormick. The ladies were taken into a house close at hand, and Mr. McCormick went to Portland for a physician. Upon examination the latter pronounced none of the injuries serious, and leaving the ladies in good hands Mr. McCormick, supposing that nothing serious would result from the fall, went on upon his trip.
     The next day Mr. James McCormick went out and found his wife, with Mrs. Loring, where they had been left, and neither complaining of injuries received. On Thursday night, however, Mrs. McCormick died from internal injuries received. Mrs. Loring, the lady who fell upon her, was very heavy, weighing perhaps two hundred pounds. The body was brought home and, on Friday, was interred at Mt. Zion Church; funeral services by Rev. Tracy. The deceased was a sister of Mr. David Trobridge of Ohio township. Mr. McCormick has the sympathy of many friends.

The Gallipolis Journal
July 16, 1874
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

McCormick, Willard "Mac"

     Willard 'Mac' McCormick, 58, of Gallipolis Route 2, died Saturday in Pleasant Valley Hospital. He was a Superintendent of Maintenance for the City of Gallipolis. He was employed by the city for more than 25 years. Born November 22, 1930 in Boyd County, KY, he was a son of the late Clinton McCormick and Lora Belle Smith McCormick.
     Surviving are his wife, Mary Simms McCormick, whom he married April 19, 1964 in Chesapeake, Ohio. Also surviving are six sons, David McCormick of Northup, Michael McCormick of Point Pleasant, John McCormick of Florida and Steven McCormick, Charles McCormick and Robert McCormick, all of Gallipolis; six daughters, Diana Radau, Roberta Butler, Sharon Kremer, Carol Hicks and Bonnie Pullam, all of Florida and Paula Russick of California; 24 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Additional survivors include one brother, Otis McCormick of Oak Hill and Mary Ann Hickman of Louisa,KY; Nora Hogan of Boyd County,KY and Myrtle Cordell of Columbus,Ohio. Two sons preceded him in death, in addition to two brothers and two sisters.
     Services will be conducted Tuesday, 1 p.m. from Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home, the Rev. Billy Pullam and Rev. Frank Conner officiating. Burial follows in Gallia Baptist Cemetery. Friends may call Monday at the funeral home, 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Nephews will serve as pallbearers.

Gallipolis Bulletin
June 26, 1989
Transcribed by F.K. Brown

McCown, Claude C.

     GALLIPOLIS - Claude C McCown, 72, Sr 1, Ewington, died at 10:45pm Friday at the Arcadian Nursing Home, Ilesboro, Ohio. He was born Jan 11, 1889 in Pikesville, Ky., son of the late Charlie & Ressie McCown. He was twice married, first to a Georgia King. She preceded him in death. To this union the following children were born: Mrs Margaret Wallace, Anderson, IND; Mrs Helen Williams, Jackson and Brady McCown, Columbus. Ten grandchildren survive. His second marriage was to Stella Smith on Jan 12, 1940 at Canada, KY who
survives. Four brothers and one sister preceded him in death. Mr McCown a member of the Church of Christ in Bidwell was a retired coal miner.
     Funeral services will be held 1pm Monday at the McCown home with Rev Eugene Adshire officiating. Burial will be in Vinton Memorial Park. Friends may call at the residence Sunday afternoon and evening. Funeral arrangements will be under the direction of the McCoy Funeral Home.

Sunday Sentinel
July 11, 1971
from Meigs List

McCown, Wm.

     On Monday, the 29th day of August, 1864, a long procession might have been seen wending its (way) to the last resting place of the mortal remains of William, second son of the late Samuel and Martha McCown. One who knew him and loved him well, cannot pass this melancholy event without some other tribute of respect to one so young, lovely, and lamented, than that of a mere newspaper record of his death. He was lovely in disposition, engaging in manners, and possessed in an eminent degree, all those endearing qualities of heart and mind which made everyone his friend.

He is gone in his beauty,
In silence to rest,
Like snowdrops are folded,
His hands on his breast.
He lies like a statue,
Of some Grecian art,
With cheeks that are pallid,
And a cold hushed heart.
A smile is resting,
Upon his sweet face,
As if angels had touched it,
With holier grace.
With me through life's mazes,
No longer to roam,
William has left me,
But only gone home.

The Gallipolis Journal
September 15, 1864
Transcribed by Eva Swain Hughes

McCoy, Frank

Frank McCoy NYC Engineer, Dies Suddenly
Funeral Services Will Be Held In Middleport;
Burial In Gravel Hill, Cheshire

     Frank McCoy, locomotive engineer for the New York Central and former Gallipolitan, died suddenly Saturday evening on his train between Rumer and Buffalo, W. Va. His death was ascribed to an acute attack of indigestion, according to reports heard here. McCoy was a big, hearty, popular fellow and his passing came as a shock to his family and fellow workers and all his Middleport fellow townsmen. His body was brought to Hobson on passenger train No. 9 at 6:30 Saturday evening and was taken to the Rawlings-Coates Mortuary.
Funeral services will be held at the McCoy residence on N. Third St. at 10:30 Tuesday, in charge of Rev. Mr. Rothrock, Methodist minister in Middleport. Burial will be at Gravel Hill, Cheshire, under auspices of the Masons and Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.
     Mr. McCoy was a son of Angus McCoy and was born in Athens county March 6, 1871, and was therefore in his 65th year. The McCoy family lived here for a number of years before going to Middleport 25 or 30 years ago. He is survived b y his wife, who was Nell Howell of Middleport; one daughter, Mrs. Roger Kettle of Glouster; two sons, Hugh and Mark, both of Middleport, and sisters, Mrs. C. B. Forrest of Fremont, Mrs. Ella Wyatt of Dayton, Mrs. William Drury of Glouster, Misses Nora and Vesta McCoy of Middleport.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, October 31, 1938
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCoy, Ida N. [Jordon]

Mrs. Ida McCoy Dies On Sunday
Mrs. Ida N. McCoy, 88, died at 2:40 a.m. Sunday at the home of her son, Virgil McCoy, 60 Madison Ave. She had made her home there for the past three months after a daughter, with whom she made her home in Akron, died last fall. Mrs. McCoy became seriously ill about three weeks ago and was bedfast.
     She was a native of Mason county, where she was born on Dec. 6, 1868, the daughter of the late Samuel and Jane Jordon. She was the youngest of eight children and two surviving sisters are Mrs. Alice Buckel of Lucasville and Mrs. Mollie Irwin of Follansbee, W. Va.
|     Mrs. McCoy spent her early years in Mason Cpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppounty where she attended the White Hall School. She was married to William H. McCoy in 1888, and he preceded her in death a number of years ago. To this union five children were born of whom three survive, Albert McCoy of Pliny, W. Va., Virgil of Gallipolis and Charles of Lewis Center, Otis died in infancy, and the daughter who died at Akron a few months ago was Mrs. Alma Stanley.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Mt. Union church at Pliny, W. Va. Rev. Brady Riffle will officiate and will be assisted by Rev. Jack Finnicum of Kanauga. Friends may call at Miller’s Home for Funerals until Tuesday noon. Pallbearers will be Dale Norvell, Albert and Charles McCoy, Jr., Brady Riffle and Laddie Siders.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Monday, January 7, 1957
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCoy, Kate

     McCoY - Miss Kate McCoy of Addison Township, died Feb 13th, at her home, of lung trouble, at the age of 50 years.  She was a member of the Baptist Church, into the fellowship of which she was baptised about 30 years ago in Buffalo, W Va.  She has left seven sisters and four brothers together with many friends to mourn their loss. The Pastor of the Baptist Church of this city conducted the religious exercises at the house last Sabbath at 2 p m and M H Gross attended to the burial services. A goodly number of friends followed the remains to the family burying ground, where they were laid to rest.

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, February 17, 1886
Transcribed by Suzanne H. Giroux

McCoy, Minnie M.

The Death of Minnie M. McCoy - Daughter of Charles and Mary McCoy, who died Monday, April 19, 1886.

Our little two-year old Minnie
Has left us and crossed the waters o’er,
And now she is happy and rejoicing
With the angels on that beautiful shore.

But oh, how lone and sad is our home,
With no Minnie to love and caress;
But Jesus, the loving Protector,
Called her, as He always knows best.

But put away the little chairs and playthings,
That our darling one week ago used,
For she has gained the love of the Master,
That she never, O never, can lose.

Parents, weep not for your treasure,
As her joy can ne’er be excelled;
But ever be ready to meet her,
When Jesus whispers, “All is well.”

J. A. I.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Tuesday, May 4, 1886
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron                                                                           Top of Page

McCoy, Ranson [Ransom] B.

Ranson [Ransom] McCoy Dies On Monday
     Ranson D. [Ransom B.] McCoy, 60, whose home was on Turkey Run Rd., near Cheshire, died Monday in Bethesda hospital at Zanesville. He had suffered a heart attack last Thursday prior to entering the hospital.
     McCoy is survived by his wife, Pearl, and four sons and four daughters, Robert of Glouster, Marshall and Millard of Cheshire, William of Amlin, Mrs. Elsie Staley of Logan, Mrs. Vada Blackburn of Ironton, Maggie of Surosa, W. Va., and Mexie of Williamson, W. Va. He is also survived by two brothers and two sisters, Phillip McCoy of Ranson, Ky., John Hatfield of Ironton, Mrs. Dolly Blackburn of Ranson, Ky., and Mexie Brewof [sic] of Ironton.
     Friends may call at the late residence on Turkey Run Wednesday afternoon. Funeral services will be held at the Cheshire Baptist church at 2 p. m., Thursday. The Rawlings-Coats Funeral home will direct services.

[Note; His tombstone has his name as Ransom B. instead of Ranson D. 1896-1956.]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Tuesday, January 10, 1956
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCullough, Jennie

     DIED - At her home in Addison Tp., Gallia County, Ohio, September 20, 1893, Jennie, the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John McCullough, with that dreaded disease, consumption, aged 24 years.
     A sweet, Christian spirit was the rule of her life. It was natural to be kind to all. She took much pleasure in living and was cheerful, but when she found that she must resign this world she did it without a single regret. She spoke of death as though it were a night’s sleep. She said, don’t weep. Yes, dear mother, she said, don’t cry, it is all for the best. No more will the sound of thy loving voice cheer aching hearts. He has called Jennie from this world of sin and sorrow to the beautiful home on high. Yes, we know that she is not dead, but sleeping. Her sufferings are over. She rests in peace. Her spirit has returned to God who gave it.
     The family circle is broken by death the second time. Two have passed over to the other shore. She leaves father, mother, six brothers and two sisters, and quite a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn their loss.
     Her funeral services were conducted by Rev. P. A. Baker the follow day, at the home of her parents, after which her remains were taken to Mason Co., W.Va. for burial, whence the family removed about a year ago.

“Daughter, thou was mild and lovely,
She has left this world of sorrow.
Gentle as the summer breeze,
For a world of peace and joy,

Pleasant as the air of evening,
Father, mother, live for Jesus,
When it floats among the trees.
And you’ll meet your darling there.

Brothers, sisters, weep not for her,
She was always good and gentle,
She has only gone before,
Always so cheerful and kind,

Just to lead to you the pathway,
Few with as pure a nature,
To that bright celestial shore.
In this life we find.

Oh, what a meeting that will be,
When we all together roam;
The fields above so bright to see
In Heaven, our happy home.”
                                                                            Ella G. First

The Gallipolis Bulletin
Saturday, October 14, 1893
Transcribed by Sandy Lee Milliron                                                                    Top of Page

McCullough, Dennis

     A child of John McCullough, aged nine months, residing at Vinton, was scalded to death on Wednesday last. The child at the time was in the lap of an older one of the children, when the younger pulled over a pan of hot water. The younger died in a few hours; the other was badly injured, but will recover.

[Note: Died June 8, 1876 in Vinton, Huntington Twp., Ohio]

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday, June 22, 1876
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCulty, Marie

     Marie McCulty, 81, Rt. 3, Bidwell, died Saturday at the Pine Crest Care Center. Born August 24, 1907 in Gallia County, she was the daughter of the late Samuel Withum and Mary Williams Denney.
     She is survived by her husband, Teddy McCulty; three sons, Wayne McCulty of Columbus; Robert Gene McCulty and Billy McCulty, both of Gallipolis; one daughter, Mrs. D. Lois Stout, Route 2, Bidwell; 10 grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren; two brothers, John E. Denney, Rt. 2, Bidwell and Thomas O. Denney, Rt. 2, Bidwell; three sisters, Margaret Edwards, Rt 2, Bidwell; Mrs. Gilmer (Kathryn) Knotts, Rt. 2, Bidwell and Mrs. Alice Myers of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. She was preceded in death by one grandchild, two brothers and one sister. She was a member of the Harris Grange, Vinton OES No. 375 and the Harris Baptist Church.
     Services will be Wednesday, 1 p.m. at the Harris Baptist Church with the Rev. Ronnie Lemley officiating. Burial will be in the Vinton Memorial Park. The body will lie in state one hour prior to the service. Friends may call Tuesday, 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. at the McCoy-Moore Funeral Home, Vinton. Eastern Star services will be 6:45 p.m. by the Vinton OES No. 375.

[Note: died December 10, 1989]

Gallipolis Paper
December 10, 1989
Transcribed by F.K. Brown                                                                             Top of Page

McCulty, Ted A.

     Services of Ted A. McCulty, 83, Bidwell, will be held at 1 p.m. Friday at the Harris Baptist Church in Harrisburg with the Rev. Ronnie Lemley officiating.
     Calling hours will be today from 2-4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. A Masonic service will be held by Masonic Lodge 131 at 8:45 p.m. tonight at the McCoy-Moore funeral home in Vinton. Casket bearers for Friday's service will be Richard McCulty, Bob McCulty, Billy McCulty, Stephen McCulty, Stephen Stout, Don Denney, Paul Denney, Jr. and Dion Taylor. Honory [sic] casket bearers will include Merrill McCulty, Harold Denney, Charles Denney, John M. Denney, Richard R. Denney, James Denney, Wendell Denney, Robert Denney, John Kurlick, David Meyers and Jane Argabright.

[Note: Buried June 16, 1989]

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
No date
Transcribed by Charles Wright

McCumber, Helen I. Litchfield [Shamblin]

     Helen I. Litchfield McCumber, age 86, of Gallipolis, (Kanauga community) went to be with the Lord on Monday morning September 17, 2012 surrounded by her family, at the home of her daughter in Columbus. Born May 2, 1926 in Gallipolis, she was the daughter of the late Clyde and Mary Easter Shamblin.
     In addition to her parents, Helen was preceded by her first husband, Olen Litchfield, her second husband, Nathaniel ‘Nate’ McCumber, and by a brother, Robert Shamblin.
     Helen was a retired employee of Holzer Medical Center. She was a lifelong member of the Fairhaven United Methodist Church, and a member of the WSCS at the church.
     Helen is survived by her daughter, Jane (Dale) Chapman of Columbus, one grandson, Scott (Kathy) Chapman of Canal Winchester, two sisters, Joan Ghrist of Gallipolis and Lena Mae Bowman of West Jefferson. Also surviving is several nieces and nephews.
     Funeral services will be 1:00 p.m. Friday, September 21, 2012 at the Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home with Pastor Jamie Mosley officiating. Burial will follow in Reynolds Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home on Thursday from 6-8 p.m.  In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the charity of your choice in Helen’s memory. An online guest registry is available at

Gallipolis Daily Tribune
Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCune, Clarence

Demented Man Meets Death In Ohio River
     Clarence McCune, a deckhand on the Cando, fell overboard and was drowned in the Ohio River opposite Clipper Mill Sunday morning. McCune was frolicking on the gang plank, when he got too far out and it tipped throwing him into the river.
     McCune came to town with the Barnum & Bailey show last month. He acted queerly and was arrested and placed in jail and upon examination, it was ascertained that he had been confined in an asylum at Pittsburgh. Sheriff Manring wrote his father and he replied that he could do nothing with his son and declined to have anything to do with him.
     McCune was then released, as he had grown normal and took the job on the Cando that led to his death. His relatives have been notified. The body was found near Raccoon Island Wednesday, and buried at Clay Chapel.

Gallipolis Bulletin
Friday, October 5, 1906
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron

McCune, Samuel

     DIED - At the residence of Mr. Wm. R. Halley, in Guyan Township, near Saundersville, Ohio, on the 20th of Feb., 1880, at 2 o’clock A.M., Mr. Samuel McCune, of Gallipolis, after an illness of about three weeks, and his remains were interred in the cemetery of the Siloam Church.

[Note: 1820 - 2/20/1880; 60 yrs. Of Age; Widowed; Occupation: Tailor; Cause of Death:  Diabetes].

Gallipolis Journal
Thursday, February 26, 1880
Transcribed by Sandy L. Milliron