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Notes for Henry H. Angel:
      Henry Angell moved to Tennessee either before or after his first marriage. His wife died there on July 25th, 1813 (DAR records) during childbirth. Henry took his son, John Jefferson, on horseback, back to NC to his father, Rev. John Angell who raised him. In the North Carolina family history, Henry is said to have moved west or north.
Henry and Berry Angel were listed in The History of Gallia County, by H. H. Hardesty, 1882 as some of the earliest settlers in Clay Twp, Gallia Co, OH. Berry is on the county 1812 tax list and Henry married Amelia Bellamy Nov 18th, 1816 in Gallia County, OH.
     Henry appears in the 1820 and 1830 Gallia County Census and his will was written in 1833 and probated in 1834. Final settlement was in 1835 by James Bunker, husband of the late Amelia Angel. (I take this as a name change and not her death)
     Amelia married James Bunker Oct 7 1835 in Gallia County, OH. There were several small children, but the 1840 census does not show any large increase 10 in the households of relatives in Gallia County, nor does James Bunker or Banker appear in the 1840 census of Gallia or Lawrence Counties. County. The 1820 census for Harrison Twp, Gallia County, OH. 1 male 0-10, 1 male 26-45, 1 female, 0-10, 1 female 10-16 The 1830 census lists males: 3 (-5), 1 (5-10), 1 (10-15), and Henry (30-40). Females; 1 (-5), 2 (5-10), and Amelia (30-40).
     It's not known how many children were born between 1830 and Henry's death in 1833/34, but there were at least 2 and perhaps as many as 4 depending whether Hezekiah was counted in the 1830 census. Several of the children show up in 1850 Census in Upper Township, (Ironton) Lawrence County, OH. It is assumed that the family moved to that area or across the river in KY.
     Henry H. was a brother to Lawrence, Mathias and Berry. Henry's other brother, Joshua lived in Gallia County until about 1825 at which time he and his entire family moved to the Evansville, IN area. Their brother John probably never lived in Gallia County, although there were two Johns, 0ne born in Va, the other in NC. (1850 census) According to Ruth's depositions, James (Lawrence's son) and Hezekiah (Henry's son) were first cousins, Ruth (Berry's grand-daughter) and Hezekiah were 2nd cousins, James and Ruth were 2nd cousins Since the head of households were the only ones listed, Henry's children's names were never listed and evidently James Bunker or Banker moved to Lawrence County, OH, area, although he or Amelia are not listed in the 1850 census in Ohio.
     More About Henry H. Angel: Burial: Gallia Co, OH Fact: The middle initial "H" surely is for Hampton. Notes for Betsy Gunter: The only mention of Betsy is in the book, "The Angells' Trails" (compiled by Pearl Pugh Angell, 1974). If the marriage took place, it was short, because Henry's wife, Elizabeth died in July 1913 and he married Amelia Bellamy in Gallia County, OH in November of 1916. Henry's age does not preclude that Betsy could have been his first wife, as Henry would have been about 28 when Elizabeth gave birth to John Jefferson Angel in 1913. here: (100 words or less):