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Gallia County Infirmary Index
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     The Infirmary was at one time located in what is now the Senior Citizen Center on State Route 160. It was in service from 1884 to 1973. There were many directors over the years. There is an infirmary record book located in the Probate Court and we have a complete copy. Jean Niday transcribed the entire book and Mary James indexed it. Placed here is the index to the book with the page number of the entry.
     We can check the entry for you or if you like, we will send you a copy of the original. We will check a record for you at no charge but if you want a copy of the original (2 pages) please send $1.00 and a SASE or a stamp to P.O. Box 1007, Gallipolis, OH 45631.
     The name of the person and date of admission to the Infirmary are included plus a great variety of circumstances such as destitute, consumption, idiotic, pregnant. Other notations might include such terms as released, gave birth, sent elsewhere such as Athens Asylum, Ohio Hospital for Epileptics. Sometimes more than one person from a family was admitted. Still other notations might include blind, roving, religious, flood victim, drunkard, sore leg, sick. As you can imagine there is a great variety of information in these records.

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