“Capt. Bovie’s Company”
Gallipolis Journal, June 7, 1898
Transcribed by William L. Needham

[Transcriber’s Note: The sinking of the battleship “Maine” on 15 Feb. 1898 in Havana, Cuba sparked a war fever that stirred up young men from Gallia County. The Feb. 22, 1898 issue of the Gallipolis Journal reported that a group of more than 30 young men of the town had met to discuss the episode and had agreed to form a “cavalry company to be known as the Gallia County Volunteers, and in case of war petition for an assignment in the ranks of the blue coats.” Subsequently, Capt. Verne Bovie was granted a captain’s commission to recruit a company in Gallia County. Since the following list includes age as well as place of residence, it is possible to estimate year of birth.]

Capt. Bovie is to be congratulated on the excellent material recruited for his company. To find a finer selection of young men associated in one company would be difficult, and when taken to the front they can be depended upon. Following is a full list of recruits:

Horace W. Karr, aged 20, city.
Irving R. Karr, 18, city.
Henry J. Angell, 40, city.
H.H. Bratt, 22, city.
Ezra E. Broyles, 20, Angola.
Calvin Birchfield, 35, Bladen.
Harry G. Mullineux, 27, city.
Samuel Roush, 21, Eureka.
William Chambers, 21, Eureka.
Charles Clifford Markin, 24, city.
Laing H. McCormick, 22, city.
Wm. Knuckles, 23, city.
Milliard C. Ghrist, 24, city.
Frank Moats, 18, city.
Roy S. Glenn, 19, Vinton.
R. W. Worden, 38, Bladen.
L. D. Parker, 22, city.
John S. Ghrist, 20, city.
Charles W. Small, 27, city.
Cecil J. Gardner, 19, Kerr.
Fred Neal, 19, Moody.
Lee W. Nanna, 22, city.
J. D. Trobridge, 37, Crown City.
A.G. Caldwell, 21, Mercerville
O.H. Booton, 21, city.
George E. Waddell, aged 30, Rodney.
Howard Mossman, 19, Rodney.
Randal Deckard, 21, Obal.
Luther Phillips, 25, Kerr.
Thomas Thevenin, 26, Clipper Mill
George R. White, 38, Crown City.
Alonzo Atkinson, 40, city.
T. J. Neat, 26, Moody.
R. E. Valentine, 34, city.
Albert Long, 20, city.
C. R. Kinder, 27, Eureka.
Everett H. Morgan, 21, Cora.
Earle R. Jenks, 18, city.
Lewis Angell, 21, city.
I. H. Champer, 30, Boggs.
Wm. R. Kimes, 19, city.
Wm. M. Owens, 39, city.
Joseph R. Lowe, 25, Vinton.
Wilson Boster, Hilton. [no age listed]
Dennis Dugan, 43, city.
John E. McCarley, aged 30, Vinton.
Frank McCarley, 29, Vinton.
Morris McConnell, 26, city.
James Martin, 22, Halley.
Edgar Bailey, 25, Middleport.
Rome Phillips, 25, Clemma.
Bruce Coulson, 18, city.
Robert Spurlock, 21, Bladen.
Wiley Blair, 24, Cora.
J.H. Matheney, 26, city.
J.W. Dennison, 19, Rio Grande.
Clyde A. Wood, 18, Rio Grande.
Newton Edwards, 19, city.
Bradford Dalrymple, 31, Middleport.
Pearl Reynolds, 19, Cheshire.
W. Stroder Little, 19, Carlton.
Charles Sowards, 25, city.
Friend Bandy, 26, McDaniel.
Lincoln Franklin, 37, Eureka.
D. J. Hanger, 23, Glenn.
J. S. Dyer, 28, Glenn.
T. C. Safford, 28, city.
John Hall, 20, city.
Charles R. Morgan, 24, Thurman.
C.W. H. Needham, 26, city.
George Bokmor, 20, Bush’s Mill.
Lewis A. Notter, 24, Thivener.
Jerome Plants, 23, Cheshire.
Charley French, 24, Coy.
John W. McKean, 21, Boggs.
John R. Halley, 26, Bladen,.
Otta [sic] Frownfelter, 21, Leeper.
L. S. T. Halley, 28, Bladen.
Tom Jeffers, 29, Bladen.
Ansel T. Blake, 18, Spicy.
Geo. W. Donahue, 38, Klages.
J.W. Broiles, 26, Thivener.
Arch Broughman, 21, Coy.
Berry Chick, 26, city.
Clarence B. Allison, 21, Boggs.
Emmet Cloud, 22, Glenn.
A. Homer Niday, 21, Boggs.
Eli Atwell, 21, Harris.
L. A. Pollock, 45, Bush’s Mill

Capt. Bovie authorizes us to say that he will drill his company nightly at the Academy next week. He has no idea as yet when a mustering officer will be here. The recruits in the country [sic] have been notified to report to him on Wednesday next.

[Transcriber’s Note: The June 28, 1898 issue reported the departure of Capt. Bovie’s company for Camp Bushnell, Columbus, OH. The July 13 issue reported the unit moved by train to Camp Alger, Virginia (near Falls Church). By mid-September the unit had moved to a camp in Pennsylvania.]