Athens Messenger 
January 6, 1876

They are suffering from the affliction of almost impassable roads in  this county, too.
Fred, son of Postmaster Mullineux, of Gallipolis, accidentally shot off a portion of a finger on Christmas day.
John Fulton Brown who was recently sent to the penitentiary for forgery, is the son of a Methodist minister.
As the result of a personal difficulty recently between Mr. Lorenzo  Clark, of Morgan township, and his son William, aged about twenty-one years, the former had his skull fatally fractured as is feared.

Athens Messenger   
February 10, 1876

The M. E. congregation, of Gallipolis. are building a 140 feet spire  to their church.
It is complimentary of the morals of Gallipolis that the city lock-up  was last week without an occupant.
Mr. S. R. Bush, of Ohio township, raised the past season an ear of corn, which contained by actual count, 1896 grains.
A new M. E. Church was dedicated at Crown Point on last Sabbath. Rev. David H. Moore, of Cincinnati , officiating.
The people of this county are experiencing the annual tribulation at this season of being wholly without McAdamized  roads.

Athens Messenger
February 17, 1876

Wheat throughout this county is looking well.
Seven in the jail of this county at the close of the week.
The Gallipolis Journal says that there is more gambling now going on in that town than ever before.
This county, not to be behind, reports a ghost as having been seen in "Oil Hollow," Morgan township.
The prisoners confined in the jail of this county made an  unsuccessful attempt to break out on Tuesday night of last week.
Advices from Washington state that Secretary Bristow will give us a Board of local inspectors, with our city as headquarters, with  district attached.  --[Gallipolis Journal.
A young colored man named Harvey Robinson, living in Springfield township, fell into the fire, recently, and was so severely burned  that his life is despaired of.  He was subject to fits.

Athens Messenger
February 02, 1888


Mr. George Pool, an aged citizen of Clay township, Gallia county, recently died suddenly.

Miss Sophronia McGath, aged nineteen, died at her home near Blessing's bridge in Green township, recently.

Mrs. Frances Ward, wife of Engineer Wm. Ward, Jr., died at her residence, on Front street , Gallipolis, recently of pleuro-pneumonia.

Adam Ruble's saloon, Swanson's store house and an ice-house belonging to the saloon property, but rented by J. E. Fargo were destroyed by fire at Cheshire, one day last week.

The Gallipolis Journal says:  Mr. Lou. Muenz's parents are among the very oldest people in the county.  Conrad, his father is 91 years old and lies abed all the time.  Annie Marie, his mother, is six weeks older, but looks ten years younger.

James and Alexander Brock, who about two years ago were sent to the penitentiary for the burglary of Silverman & Co.'s store at Gallipolis, were indicted at the present term of court for burglary of Wall Bros.' cigar store and John B. Clendenin's store-room.  Their time in the penitentiary expired recently, and they were immediately arrested and taken to the Gallia county jail to await trial on the new indictments.

Athens Messenger
Feb. 9, 1888

Mrs. Frank Hern, aged 82, who lived near Addison , recently fell dead  with heart disease.
An extraordinary series of revival meetings is represented as being in progress at the Christian church at Addison .  An encouraging revival  is also in progress at the M. E. church there.
Editor Vance of the Gallipolis Bulletin is in Washington pushing the  claims of Hon. Irvin Dugan, of Jackson , to a Judgeship in one of the  Territories.  The effort to secure for him the endorsement of Senator Payne has  failed.
Wednesday night of last week Alderson Boster's storehouse, situated  at Moody, Gallia county, was burglarized, but the loss will not exceed  twenty-five dollars.  Circumstances point strongly to one Charles Williams  as having done the job.  Williams has borne a fair reputation until  recently, when it was found he had forged several saw mill orders and raised the money on them.  Williams left for parts unknown last Thursday  morning.
Charley George a resident of Addison township, Gallia county, a young man of twenty years, enamored of a certain young lady and out of employment which prevented marriage and the care of a wife, became discouraged, one day last week, and took the morphine route to the next world.  He left a letter explaining his conduct and claimed to know  exactly what he was doing, naming those who should officiate at his funeral  services.
He leaves a widowed mother helpless.  The young lady was also a  resident of Addison township.

Athens Messenger
February 16,  1888

The December tax on the saloons of Gallia county amounted to $2,650  on the total number, twenty-nine.  Twenty-six of these are located in Gallipolis, and yield $2,350.
Mrs. Isaac Boatman, a very estimable lady of Kyger, Gallia county,  recently died.  She was about forty-five years of age, and had a wide  reputation as a charitable and Christian lady.
Citizens of Gallipolis are considerably agitated on account of the efforts  of Congressman Hogg, of W. Va. , to have the Marine Hospital taken from  the former place and established at Point Pleasant .
The Gallipolis Journal says:  Mr. E. E. Waddell was a constant user of tobacco, chewing and smoking, for 45 years up to last April, when he sawed right off, and has not used any since, and in the meantime has gained fifteen pounds and  is much improved physically.

Athens Messenger
May 17, 1888 

Mrs. John Ecker, aged 62, recently died at her late home in Green  township.
If a bill now before Congress is passed, Gallipolis will be entitled to a public building for post-office purposes.
The Directors of the Gallia Agricultural Association met, one day last  week, and arranged the premium list for the next Fair.  A handsome gold  charm, the badge of the American League of Wheelmen, valued at $50, will be offered as a premium for the best bicycling.
One day last week Capt. Alfred Kinder died at his residence near Clipper Mill, very suddenly, of heart disease. He had been fishing and was in  the yard adjoining the house, cleaning the fish he had caught, when he complained of a pain in his back, straightened up and fell backwards.  He was 68 years old.

About four years since Mr. Adam Ruble, of Cheshire , had some money stolen from his home, and could never obtain any trace of it.  One of  the coins taken was an old copper cent, coined the year he was born, and worn by him as a charm for a long time.  A week or two ago the same piece was taken in over Mr. Ruble's counter, but during his temporary
absence from the store. He registered the money by certain marks  he had put on it years since, and thinks it has never been far from home during the time intervening since it was stolen.