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Index to Hardesty's history of Gallia County

     Hardesty's History of Gallia County was printed in 1882. It contains a condensed history of the county, biograpical sketches, general statistics and miscellaneous matters. Some of the history topics include information of each of the 15 townships, Gallia Academy High School, the Yellow Fever Epidemic, post offices, fire departments, churches, office holders and many, many more. The second section of the book contains biographical sketches of many individuals living in Gallia County in 1882. These are placed by township.
     This is the only known early history of Gallia County. H.H. Hardesty and Co., Chicago and Toledo, created many of these around the country.
     This is an every name index to the people in this book created by MAXINE MARSHALL. Years ago Maxine offered us this index but we were using one created by MARY ANN WOOD, now deceased, for our society at the time. Mary Ann's work is copyrighted by the Gallia County Genealogical Society, OGS Chapter and we have not compared the two works. As Maxine had this work completed in the format easily placed on the website we decided to go with her work this time. When this work goes on the website, it is also considered copyrighted.

Abshire-Bard Gillette-Guthrie Niday-Penniston
Guthrie-Harper Peoples-Pryor
Bing-Boston Harper-Holcomb Pryor-Ridgway
Boswort-Burnett Holcomb-Irwin Ridgway-Ryan
Burnett-Champan Irwin-Jones Safford-Sheets
Champan-Connell Jones-Knowning Sheets-Sims
Connell-Daily Knowning-Lewis Sims-Stevers
Dailey-Develliers Lewis-Marret Stevers-Talmadge
Devold-Dyer Marret-McClellan Talmadge-Van Meeter
Dyer-Evans McClellan-Menager Van Meeter-Warner
Evans-Frances Menager-Morgan Warner-Wetherholt
Francis-Gillette Morgan-Nida Wetherholt-Wilson