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Gallia County, OGS, Est. 1990



First Families of Gallia County, OGS, Est. 1990 is an organization that honors and documents your ancestor. It was formed in 1990. Any member of the Gallia County Genealogical Society, OGS Chapter, Inc. can join by proving his/her descent from any person who lived in Gallia County by 31 Dec 1820. We currently have 765 members who had documented 822 ancestors. The application is $15.00, one dollar of which is due when you pick up or order an application.

Helpful hints: One must begin with himself and his own birth certificate and continue the lines back each generation with some document which connects one generation to the next. Vital records, probate, land records, census, obituaries, cemetery records, Bible records are all valuable tools. What is not accepted is a printed genealogy or information which you can not document. These may be good clues to look for the documentation. Histories such as Hardesty’s are considered acceptable as the writing was contemporary to the person’s life. If a biographical sketch is used, it is believed that the person should have known his own parents and siblings and children. Other local histories are acceptable if they are contemporary to the facts written.

Already proven ancestors may be viewed by clicking on the section to the left which alphabetically contains the name. For example, if you want to check out Walker, you would go to the section with S-Z which will contain all the W’s. Each ancestor is given a number in the order in which he first was proven and is followed by the year for which he was proven to have been in Gallia County.