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Civil War Veterans on memorial day at Kyger in 1925

Civil War Veterans

    Civil War - These Civil War veterans were a part of a Memorial Day service held on May 30, 1925 at Kyger. From the left are Marcellus Boice, 78, Co. A, 91st Regt., OVI, born May 3, 1847 and died March 10, 1938; Levi Searls, 79; Alex Scott, 80; Melvin Boice, 80, Co. H, 53rd Regt. OVI, born Feb. 25, 1845 and died May 7, 1931; Gideon Searls,
82; Stephen Herbert Jacobs, 86, who was a cook in Co. B, 141st Regt. OVI, born Aug. 12, 1838 and died Feb. 2, 1928.  Melvin Boice had been wounded at Kenesaw Mountain, Ga., and sustained a gunshot wound to his lower left arm causing the loss of the thumb and the use of his left hand. 
Contributed by Mary James