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Gallia Countians in the Civil War

Obituaries are available for some of these soldiers and can be accessed by clicking on their photos.

five gallia county union soldiers
Mathew Thomas in his Civil War uniform
    General George Crook

  Although technically not a resident of Gallia County, George Crook commanded the 36th OVI as a colonel and many Gallia County men served under his command. He subsequently rose to the rank of Major General. The GAR Post, General George Crook Post No. 325 in Crown City was named after him. He was the commander at Cloyd's Mountain when the Confederate General Albert Jenkins was killed. Jenkins had led the raid on Point Pleasant in 1863.


General Geo. Crook

Pvt. James Junius George
Civil War era cannon
2nd Lt. Noah S. Clark
Richard S.A.B. Miller

Mathew Thomas

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