Civil War Vets
Bladen 1904

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This is a clipping from an unknown publication.

"Civil War Vets - Another picture of a meeting of Civil War veterans
has come to light. It is the property of Joseph L. Kemp of Bladen and
his father is among those pictured. The occasion for this gathering at
the Bladen school house was for the formation of an organization of
the sons of the veterans. This meeting took place on June 4, 1904,
and since that time all of those in the photo have passed away. Those
in the front row, left to right, are: Neal Halley, Hugh Halley, Taylor
, Joseph Kemp (father of Joseph L.) the elder Kemp was
wounded twice in the war. Back row - Bill King, esse [Jesse] Martin,
Sam Glover
, John Nibert, Roush, Jehu McDaniel and Hugh Nibert."

Civil War Vets in Bladen, 1904