Pine Street Colored Cemetery
Photos by Marian Schoonover and Trisch Rees

The stones in this cemetery were photographed by Marian Schoonover and her daughter, Trisch Rees, as part of an observance of Black History Month in Feb. 2010. The inscriptions on about twenty of the stones have become unreadable because of weathering and therefore unidentifiable, but thanks to the innovations of digital photography the inscriptions that are still readable will now be preserved. The photographs are accessible by clicking on the entries in the cemetery database on this web site.

Since the inscriptions on the stones were recorded in the 1970’s weathering has caused some to become difficult to read, but often bits of information still legible were enough to associate the stone with the previous reading. Burials in the last thirty years are recorded here for the first time. There appear to be many older graves upon which new stones have been placed and which are probably replacements for older markers which have deteriorated.

Pine Street Colored Cemetery view

Historical marker placed
at Pine Street Colored Cemetery

Pine Street Colored Cemetery is located across the street from Pine Street Cemetery, which is also referred to as the "Old Cemetery"

Pine Street Colored Cemeteroy historical marker
View in Pine Street  Colored Cemetery View in Pine Street  Colored Cemetery
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