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Birth records of gallia county 1894-1903


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The birth records transcribed here are from volume 3 covering the years 1894 to 1903. The birth records are housed in Gallia County Probate Court in Gallipolis, Ohio. There are a total of 6 volumes of births at Probate Court beginning with the year 1864 with just a handful of names, so that most of the time we say they start in 1867, and continuing through 1951. There is an overlap with the Gallia County Health Department where births were first kept the end of 1908 and continue through to the present.
The names were transcribed exactly as found. Many times in the typed court house record there was a question mark and we went back and compared it to the original handwritten record. It was easy to see why there was a question mark as the record was often illegible or had an impossible spelling. We read those to the best of our ability. Categories are simple with the name, date of birth, location of birth including township, gender, color, name of parents followed by the page number. It is a good idea to scan for various spellings as we found many times that last names of the same people varied…for example, Albright might also be under Allbright. Also, a mother might be listed once as Sarah Brown, then S.F. Brown, and Sarah Frances Brown all with the same husband…a bonus of information.

All late registrations and legal corrections are included.
Ables-Belville Lane-Lunsford
Beman-Browles Lupton-McElheny
Brown-Cardwell McFann-Mossbarger
Cargo-Cochran Mossman-Oyler
Cofer-Davies Page-Raynor
Davis-Drummond Reed-Rusk
Dudley-Fierbaugh Russell-Shaw
Fife-Gillingham Sheets-Smiley
Gills-Haner Smith-Switzer
Hanes-Hopkins Swords-Walls
Hoppes-Jolly Walter-White
Jones-Landthorne Whitney-Zimmerman
Typists for the records were Sandy Bledsoe, Cynthia Fellure and Debra Leonard. Proofreaders were Ann Brown, Carolyn Cogar and Henny Evans. Many, many hours were put into the effort and we simply cannot thank them enough. Sandy then worked with the webmaster, Neil Elvick, in getting the format right so Neil could do the tedious work of putting them here for you to view. The format of these records is considered copyrighted once it appears here on the website.
Anyone wanting a copy of a record may obtain one for $1.00 plus a SASE. Send your request to Gallia County Genealogical Society, OGS Chapter, Inc., P.O. Box 1007, Gallipolis, OH 45631-1007.