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Welcome to our news page. This will be where you will find news of updates, changes and additions to this web site. You may reach us with your comments and suggestions by clicking on the email link on the bottom of this page.
Updated February 15, 2017

     Well it can only get better from here. 2016 ended with a computer crash of your webmaster’s computer. Fortunately, no data was lost, thanks to the cloud, but the old software used to build the site was no longer compatible with the new Windows 10. So, with new software to learn and old problems to fix, 2017 was off to a slow start. The calendar has been updated and should now be accurate. Various national genealogical conferences have been added and anyone wishing to attend these conferences can find applications by clicking on the links in the calendar.
      We are continuing to add to both the cemetery and obituary databases. There are now approximately 11,000 obituaries on the site. These can be very useful to aid in search for relatives who have been hard to find in other sources. Many of the obituaries are linked from their entries in the cemetery database, but many of the obituaries are for people for whom there was no burial record and many others are for people who once lived in Gallia, but who died and were buried elsewhere.
     The obituaries are found in two different collections. Most of them are in the regular collection that can be accessed from the Genealogical Resources page. About 1300 of them are for Civil War soldiers and those who contributed to the Civil War effort and these can be accessed from the section of the website devoted to Civil War Families. The entries from both sections are listed alphabetically and so are easily searched. Obituaries are unique in that they can provide personal and family information not available from government and census records. Often you can find information from obituaries of extended family members who are not in your direct line, but are from siblings and cousins. If you can’t find someone in these collections you could also try using the Search function which you can access from the Home Page.
      If you have unresolved problems or questions about your own family tree, remember that the staff at the local office is here to help and can be reached by clicking on the email link at the bottom of the page. Also if you have items or information that you think might be helpful to add to our site you may use that same email link.

Neil Elvick, Webmaster


      We have been in 2017 for a while now and it’s been a busy year so far. We al-ready have 8 lineage applications ap-proved. Volunteers are busy working on indexing, researching and sorting through the many items we find donated to us…from scrapbooks to yearbooks, answering emails and even welcoming some visitors brave enough to face the weather.
    Patriot Pioneers is completely indexed and we hope to have it for sale before too long. It is 125 pages plus over 2,000 full names in the index. You may remember that Anna Simmerman wrote articles eve-ry week for part of 1934 and all of 1935 about every aspect of life in Patriot…the schools, the churches, the farms, the houses, people, soldiers, ministers, teach-ers, merchants and their families. We have actually helped several people join First Families from information found in these articles.
   The Christmas party was exceptionally busy and fun. We had two researchers to go along with the partying. People loved our merchandise and we had record sales in December.
In January we had our annual meeting and reviewed the year. The same board from 2016 was maintained. Thanks to all who voted! Officers are listed in the pic-ture. The annual report showed a record membership, two Open House events, the publication of Carolyn Cogar’s Gallia County, Ohio Civil War Soldiers, publicity from John Gee’s research and a lot of bustle with the celebrity from “Who Do You Think You Are?” We will definitely be able to announce her in June but by then you should have seen the show and know for yourself. Tentative plans include a large screen showing at Bossard Memorial Library the night it airs and some of us will be on hand to answer questions and/or participate in a genealogy program for the evening. Not knowing the exact date of showing makes planning a little iffy.
      Yesterday we said goodbye to Sister Judy Ure and Sister Sue Larsen, the two women from Church of Latter Day Saints, who have been here since October digitizing Pro-bate Records. We are indeed appreciative of their dedication to preserving Gallia County records for the future. Eventually the records will be available on familysearch.org at no cost to the user. Replacements for these two workers are a new couple from Virginia who will be here until July.

Henny Evans, President

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