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gallia county cemetery records 
hill - hott
Given Name
Cemetery Name
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Age at Death
Inscriptions & Miscellaneous
Hill Albert A. Mound Hill GA 1884 1911    
Hill Alberta S. Mound Hill GA 1878 1951   obituary
Hill Alexander Morgan Bethel MO       no marker
Hill Alice A. Mound Hill GA 1838 1913    
Hill Alta N. Centenary GR 5/10/1940 nd   w/o Harold F.
Hill Anne G. Mound Hill GA 1883 1966    
Hill Arlie OhioValley M.G. GR 1/31/1894 11/24/1979
Hill Arthur C. Pine Street GA 1888 1954    
Hill Arthur E. Jr. Mina Chapel GR 5/25/1926 11/7/2009   h/o Bernadine
Hill Barbara Campaign AD 1949 1979    
Hill Bartley Hill MO   bef. 1870   s/o Richard      no stone
Hill Basil H. Vinton Memorial HU 1910 1975    
Hill Bernadine Ruth Mina Chapel GR   4/29/2017 88y  
Hill Bert F. Pine Street GA 1906 1967    
Hill Betty M. Clark Pine Street GA 1924 2006    
Hill Carnelia A. Pine Street GA 1879 1934    
Hill Charles A. Mound Hill GA 4/25/1840 11/22/1914   CW obituary
Hill Charles Dana Pine Street GA 1879 1953    
Hill Charles E. Poplar Ridge CH 9/29/1933 4/28/1934    
Hill Charles F. Pine Street GA 1910 1975   obituary
Hill Charles W. Poplar Ridge CH 9/7/1881 12/7/1937   obituary
Hill Charlotte Pine Street GA   12/15/1858
6m 21d
d/o D. & P.
Hill Chester L. Mound Hill GA 1954     O.S.S.O. ROTC
Hill Chester W. Mound Hill GA 1894 1986    
Hill Clairabelle O. Centenary GR 9/5/2003 12/7/2003    
Hill Corpl. Francis Pine Street GA   nd   Co. G 44 USC Inf.
Hill, D. Lorete Garnes
ProvidenceBapt. SP 7/6/1902 2/16/2001   "Dee Dee"
Hill Daniel Pine Street GA   4/24/1910
Hill David K. Mina Chapel GR 1951 6/7/2006   s/o Arthur & Bernadine
Hill Donald E. Mound Hill GA 1938 2007   MSGT. US Army
Hill Earl E. OhioValley M.G. GR 10/27/1925 10/27/1999   Tec 4 US Army WWII
Hill Eathel Mound Hill GA 1901 1975   obituary
Hill Edward      [unknown]     3/25/1898 38y obituary
Hill Edward PineStr. Colored GA   11/1878
20y 11m
s/o Jerry & Eleanor
Hill Edward W. Coverston GR 3/20/1812 1/30/1892    
Hill Elizabeth Mound Hill GA 3/1/1806 3/25/1895   DAR; w/o Thomas    obituary
Hill Elizabeth E. Mound Hill GA 1909 1982    
Hill Elza PineStr. Colored GA 1865 1943    
Hill Emma T. Pine Street GA 1865 1944   obituary
Hill Ernest D. Mound Hill GA 7/14/1915 8/1/1957   obituary
Hill Ethel Faye Centenary GR 1/24/1933 1/24/2015   w/o Homer
Hill Eva Mary PineStr. Colored GA 3/26/1897 9/12/1909   d/o T. & E. H.;  obituary
Hill Evaline Pine Street GA 1881 1957    
Hill Francis Pine Street GA 12/1/1840 7/8/1925   44 US Colored infantry
Hill Frances L. Pine Street GA 4/2/1936 12/29/1966   obituary
Hill Frank Pine Street GA 1917 1994    
Hill Fred Pine Street GA 1889 1968    
Hill Gallie C. Mound Hill GA   7/18/1880
5y 11m 18d
child/o Oliver & Maggie
Hill George E. Mound Hill GA 1897 1918   s/o George & Alberta
Hill George W. Mound Hill GA 1869 1947   obituary
Hill Gladys M. OhioValley M.G. GR 1918 1977  
Hill Goldie M. Centenary GR 11/28/1915 4/22/1991    
Hill Grover Pine Street GA 8/3/1929 12/20/1992   PFC US Army Korea
Hill Gus Pine Street GA 1922 1989   TEC 4 US Army
Hill Harold A. Vinton Memorial HU 7/2/1916 8/25/1986    
Hill Harold F. Centenary GR 12/27/1938 2/16/1993   wed Alta 2/10/1961
Hill Helen M. Pine Street GA 1907 1978    
Hill Helena C. Mound Hill GA 2/28/1906 1/28/1971    
Hill Henry F. MD Fairview (Long) SP   4/23/1886
37y 9d 28d
Hill Hester M. Pine Street GA 5/17/1892 5/20/1949   obituary
Hill Hester Ann Pine Street GA   8/18/1849
5y 6m 11d
d/o Thos. & Mary
Hill Hilda R. Mound Hill GA 1918 1965    
Hill Homer Pine Street GA 1/18/1869 8/7/1900    
Hill Hugh Franklin Mound Hill GA 1918 1980   Cpl US Army WW II
Hill IdaBelle Pine Street GA 1920 1986    
Hill infant Pine Street GA   nd    
Hill Jacob Lewis Pine Street GA 1881 1956    
Hill James A. Pine Street GA   nd   Pvt. 13 W. Va. Inf.
Hill James E. Pine Street GA 1863 1943   obituary
Hill James M. Calvary Bapt. RA 1831 1914    
Hill Jane Elias Mound Hill GA 1834 1907    
Hill Jerry PineStr. Colored GA 1814 1906   obituary
Hill Jerry Providence Bapt. SP   nd   no stone;
Hill Jerry A. Franklin HU   nd    
Hill Jerry S. Providence Bapt. SP 1887 1955    
Hill John       4/7/1864
Sergt; Co L 7 OVC; buried Andersonville, GA
Hill John A. Mound Hill GA 8/5/1885 12/7/1945    
Hill John F. Pine Street GA 1902 1982    
Hill John W. OhioValley M.G. GR 3/11/1923 6/18/1961
Tec 3 HQCO 1154 Engr. CGP WW II
Hill John W. Pine Street GA 1902 1982  
Hill, Josephine Waddell Mound Hill GA 1844 1894   w/o C. A.; obituary
Hill Kinzey A. Pine St.reet GA 11/22/1877 5/21/1967   obituary
Hill Larry F. Vinton MemorialHU 2/2/1938 1970   obituary
Hill Larry F. II Vinton Memorial HU 5/17/1966 5/22/1986    
Hill Larry Joseph Vinton Memorial HU 10/12/1961 10/21/1961    
Hill Larry R. Mound Hill GA 1940     EM2 US Navy
Hill Lillian B. Pine Street GA 1891 1971    
Hill Lillie PineStr. Colored GA 1855 1921    
Hill Linda Lou OhioValley M.G. GR 1954 1973    
Hill Luetta OhioValley M.G. GR 12/17/1926 10/23/2013   w/o Earl
Hill Lulu Maxwell Pine Street GA 1882 1956    
Hill Lydia J. Calvary Bapt. RA 1835 1917   obituary
Hill Maria PineStr. Colored GA 1849 1932    
Hill Martha A. Calvary Bapt. RA   10/23/1871
36y 3d
w/o J.M.
Hill Mary E. Pine Street GA 1922 1994    
Hill Minerva Providence Bapt. SP   nd   no stone
Hill Mose Providence Bapt. SP   nd   no stone
Hill N. Faye Vinton Memorial HU 1913 1985    
Hill Oliver P. Mound Hill GA 1848 1921  
Hill Olive Matilda Pine Street GA   1/1/1825
3y _m _d
d/o Pardon & Sarah
Hill Oscar M. Pine Street GA 1879 1950    
Hill Othella C. Vinton Memorial HU 4/13/1915 10/19/1986    
Hill Parnie M. Pine Street GA 1882 1970    
Hill Percie A. Fairview (Long) SP 5/17/1852 nd   w/o H. F.
Hill Priscilla Pine Street GA   12/1/1917
abt. 90y
Hill Rebecca Pine Street GA   8/29/1825
49y 4m
consort of Rufus d/o Stephenson Cob
Hill Rebecca Pine Street GA   1870
Hill Richard Hill Cem. MO nd nd    
Hill Robert E. Mound Hill GA 1944     Capt. US Army
Hill Roger D. OhioValley M.G. GR 6/26/1958 1/29/2014   s/o Floyd & Betty
Hill Sallie Hill MO   July 1894 abt 79y obituary
Hill Sarah Coverston GR 2/2/1815 7/22/1894   w/o Edward W.
Hill Shade Centenary GR 10/6/1899 1/25/1958
South Carolina Pvt. Btry A. 51 Arty CAC WW I
Hill Shan Providence Bapt. SP   nd   no stone
Hill Stella B. Mound Hill GA   7/24/1880
1y 8m 8d
d/o Oliver & Maggie
Hill Steva Mound Hill GA 1893 1947    
Hill Thomas Mound Hill GA 2/1/1800 4/5/1876   b. Bradford Yorkshire, England
Hill Thomas Pine Street GA   7/23/1871
Hill Thomas D. Centenary GR 7/4/1961 3/16/2003    
Hill Thomas H. PineStr. Colored GA 1856 1930   obituary
Hill Tinnie B. Pine Street GA 2/11/1874 4/24/1894    
Hill Unknown Hill Cem. MO nd nd   s/o Richard Hill
Hill Virgie L. Pine Street GA 2/2/1913 11/2/1962    
Hill, Rev. Walter Henry Morgan Bethel MO 1864 1960   b. Chattanooga, TN
Hill Wiley Hill MO   1/30/1892 80y obituary
Hill William N. ProvidenceBapt. SP 1912 1976   PFC US Army WW II;   obituary
Hill William R. Pine Street GA   8/1/1845   s/o D. & P.
Hill William R. Pine Street GA 1872 1955    
Hill Willie Mound Hill GA   11/28/1881
s/o C. A. & M. J.;  obituary
Hill Wilmarine OhioValley M.G. GR 7/15/1942 10/23/2013    
Hill Zala Providence Bapt. SP   nd   no stone
Hill   Mound Hill GA   nd    
Hill   Pine Street GA 4/25/1826 6/25/1862   w/o Tho.
Hillman Dallas Mound Hill GA 1910 1939    
Hillman Eliza E. Mound Hill GA 1881 1958    
Hillman Orville Mound Hill GA 1906 1978    
Hillman Thomas B. Mound Hill GA 1876 1942   obituary
Hilton Henry C. Mound Hill GA nd nd   obituary
Hindes Johnathan White HA 1800 1884    
Hindes Mary Anna White HA 1818 1900    
Hinds Elizabeth Calvary Bapt. RA       w/o S.
Hine Hazel Ecker Mound Hill GA 1893 1985    
Hineman A. H. Stewart GU 11/19/1837 2/25/1928   Co. K 92 OVI
Hineman Amanda Stewart GU 1867 1931  
Hineman B.E. Stewart GU 1862 1909    
Hineman Charles Stewart GU 1866 1951    
Hineman Clarence Ridgelawn GU 1890 1967    
Hineman Clement E. Stewart GU 12/1/1880 8/21/1903    
Hineman David L. Ridgelawn GU 12/6/1947 12/7/1964    
Hineman Elizabeth Stewart GU 1835 1927   w/o A. H.
Hineman Ethel R. Mound Hill GA 1905 1997    
Hineman F. Marie Ridgelawn GU 1904 1978   obituary
Hineman J. Lawrence Mound Hill GA 1895 1978    
Hineman James W. Stewart GU 10/26/1857 6/18/1896    
Hineman Jewell Ridgelawn GU 4/7/1923 9/3/2012   w/o Orlyn
Hineman John OldWalnutRidge WA   1/6/1891
90y 6m 6d
Hineman John H. Mound Hill GA 1859 1945    
Hineman Lloyd M. Ridgelawn GU 1892 1964    
Hineman, Marguerite M Mound Hill GA 9/1/1912 3/1/2007   w/o Lawrence Hineman
Hineman Maurice Ridgelawn GU 10/10/1917 10/2/1970    
Hineman Nancy E. Mound Hill GA 1863 1957    
Hineman Orlyn Ridgelawn GU 12/16/1919 1/25/1971   Sgt. U.S. Army WW II
Hineman P. G. Stewart GU 3/15/1875 11/16/1897    
Hineman Paulina J. Stewart GU 1867 1919   w/o B. E.
Hineman Russell C. Mound Hill GA 1901 1992    
Hineman Sarah Old WalnutRidge WA   1/30/1879
62y 10m 16d
Hineman Zora M. Ridgelawn GU 1892 1964    
Hinerman James E. Crown City GU 1/24/1917 11/26/1987    
Hinerman Kathleen Crown City GU 1934 1982    
Hines Esther B. Centenary GR 1918 1991   Thevenin
Hines William J. Centenary GR 1915 nd    
Hinkle Janet E. Gravel Hill CH 11/4/1933 2/24/1990    
Hinkle Lucy E. Persinger Pine Street GA 1931 1970    
Hinson Arthur Allison Denney SP 11/3/1930 10/29/2014   h/o Gloria;  USA
Hinson Edith Denney SP 8/29/1902 4/4/1993   obituary
Hinson Glenn Ralph Denney SP 1/11/1903 12/12/1969   WW I
Hinte Fred Pine Street GA 12/18/1831 7/30/1862   obituary
Hisco Nora B. Fox-Fairview WA 6/6/1875 1/16/1911    
Hitlin John E. Mound Hill GA 1905 1982    
Hitlin Ruth E. Mound Hill GA 1905 1996   w/o John;  obituary
Hively Alice M. Old Pine RA 2/2/1860 10/3/1937   w/o J.F.
Hively Angeline Dickey Chapel HA   3/30/1852
2y 3d
d/o J.C. & M.A.
Hively Blanche Irene Old Pine RA 2/9/1894 6/15/1943  
Hively Charles L. Vinton Memorial HU 1932      
Hively Charles M. Dickey Chapel HA 1857 1903   obituary
Hively Chester F. Old Pine RA 3/17/1890 12/3/1968
s/o J.F.; Ohio Pvt. 66 Ambulance Co. WW I
Hively Christopher Lee Flat Springs WA 12/12/1965 4/2/2013   s/o James & Wanda
Hively Dempsey Sandfork WA 1877 1929    
Hively Dora Mae Sandfork WA 1884 1954    
Hively Earnest A. Betheseda WA   1/26/1890
3y 1m 3d
s/o W.J. & L.C.
Hively Earnie N. Mt. Carmel HA 1894 1895    
Hively Edgar Filmore Providence CL 1914
  s/o C. E. & E.
Hively Edwin E. Dickey Chapel HA 6/30/1892 6/8/1893   s/o Chas. & Elvi
Hively Fern OhioValley M.G. GR 1897 1998    
Hively Gladys Pearl Providence CL 1910
Hively Isaac Mt. Carmel HA 1888 1941    
Hively J. Cecil Mt. Carmel HA 1886 1901    
Hively J. M. (Mack) Mt. Carmel HA 1857 1942
Parents of Ora, Alice, Cecil, Isaac, Lottie, Earnie, and Fern
Hively Jacob Dickey Chapel HA 1824 1897   Co. M, 7th O.V.C.
Hively Jacob F. Old Pine RA 8/22/1863 8/1/1896    
Hively John J. Betheseda WA   4/20/1855
10m 23d
s/o Caleb & Mary
Hively John McIntyre Mt. Carmel HA 1/18/1857 10/11/1942   obituary
Hively Jonathan Betheseda WA   1/21/1865
Co. B 173 O.V.I.
Hively Joseph Lee Vinton Memorial HU 1897 1961    
Hively Lillie Emogene Mound Hill GA 8/28/1928 8/22/1929   d/o W. E. & Louise
Hively Lottie OhioValley M.G. GR 1891 1982    
Hively Louisa E. Dickey Chapel HA 1862 1937   w/o Chas. M.
Hively Louise H. Mound Hill GA 1900 1965    
Hively Lucinda E. Betheseda WA   4/29/1855
3y 9m 10d
d/o Caleb & Mary
Hively M. Catherine Mt. Carmel HA 1853 1942    
Hively M. Margie Macedonia HA 1906 7/5/1996   obituary
Hively Marie Beck Vinton Memorial HU 1911 19__    
Hively Martha A. Dickey Chapel HA 1825 1906   w/o Jacob      obituary
Hively Mary Alice Old Pine RA   nd    
Hively, Merrill Emerson Flag Springs WA 9/28/1900
Hively Norma M. Providence Cl 1921 nd    
Hively Ora OhioValley M.G. GR 1882 1985    
Hively Polly Bethesda WA 1809 2/9/1891   w/o Jonathan
Hively Randall H. Dickey Chapel HA 10/13/1879 10/29/1954    
Hively Roma Dickey Chapel HA 8/17/1901 9/19/1901  
Hively Roma Dickey Chapel HA 1866 1956   obituary
Hively Ruby Pearl Dickey Chapel HA 10/23/1919 12/26/1934   from death cert.; no stone
Hively Sarah Dickey Chapel HA   10/28/1859
7y 5m 15d
d/o J.C. & M.A.
Hively Stanley F. Macedonia HA 1899 1966    
Hively Waldo L. Dickey Chapel HA 12/25/1887 1/31/1955   obituary
Hively Wallen E. Mound Hill GA 1893 1947   obituary
Hively Wanda L. Vinton Memorial HU 1935 19__    
Hix Family Monument Pine Street GA        
Hix Alice J. Poplar Ridge CH   8/17/1869
1y 6m 16d
d/o J.A. & M.
Hix Anna Poplar Ridge CH 1870 19--    
Hix Christina Watson Rife AD 1853 1936    
Hix Cora E. Pine Street GA 1873 1943   obituary
Hix Coraluella Poplar Ridge CH   9/21/1858?
10m 11d
d/o J.A. & M.
Hix Eli Poplar Ridge CH 2/11/1811 6/14/1894    
Hix Eli N. Poplar Ridge CH 1866 1941    
Hix Eli R. Pine Street GA 11/29/1877 10/5/1961
Hix Fred R. Pine Street GA 11/27/1904 10/5/1980    
Hix George Frank Gravel Hill CH 1918 1985    
Hix George W. Pine Street GA 1854 1892    
Hix Grace T. Gravel Hill CH 1890 1970    
Hix Grover M. Gravel Hill CH 1911 1980    
Hix Isaiah Poplar Ridge CH   8/14/1851
8y 6m 11d
s/o E. & E.
Hix James Gravel Hill CH 1852 1940    
Hix James W. Poplar Ridge CH   1/20/1872
1m 29d
s/o ???
Hix John Poplar Ridge CH 8/21/1837 2/4/1910   Co. D. 141 Reg. O. V. I.
Hix John M. Pine Street GA 1873 1943   obituary
Hix Lawrence Poplar Ridge CH   3/9/1895
34y lm 4d
Hix Margaret Poplar Ridge CH   7/22/1865
33y 2m 8d
w/o William R.
Hix Margaret E. Poplar Ridge CH   11/28/1895
23y 8m 24d
w/o Lawrence      obituary
Hix Myrtle E. Pine Street GA 1889 1964   obituary
Hix Nancy Poplar Ridge CH 4/8/1838 8/29/1895   w/o John
Hix Roscoe J. Gravel Hill CH 1892 1964    
Hix Rosetta Gravel Hill CH 1855 1946    
Hix Waldo E. Gravel Hill CH 1889 1967    
Hix Walter W. Pine Street GA 1888 1892  
Hix Walter W. Pine Street GA 1903 1931   obitiuary
Hix Wm. Poplar Ridge CH abt 1831     Co. E. 141 Ohio Inf.
Hixon F. M. Bethel OH   3/_/1905   Co. B 16 Pa. BAW
Hobbs Elisha Campbell GU   nd
Ohio Pvt. 34 Inf. War 1812;    obituary
Hobbs Marie Bartram Victory OH 10/12/1919 5/27/2007   w/o Gilbert William Hobbs
Hockman Kay I. AddisonReynolds AD 2/24/1935 1/16/2012   w/o Homer
Hockman Noel AddisonReynolds AD 4/15/1931 11/6/2009   h/o Doris Ann
Hodge Albert Walton Mound Hill GA 1951 1978   Pvt US Army
Hodge Elsie D. Mound Hill GA 1892 1967    
Hodge Jess F. Mound Hill GA 1892 1963    
Hodge John Mt. Zion GR   3/7/1877
Hodge Levi Vinton Memorial HU 1894 1950    
Hodge Mary Mt. Zion GR   7/29/1866
49y 11m 29d
w/o J.
Hodge Nettie Vinton Memorial HU 1883 1956    
Hoffman Alice Henry Mound Hill GA 1/24/1921 4/14/2006   w/o William
Hoffman Annie M. Miller MO   4/7/1895
74y 8m 19d
Hoffman Clarence Vinton Memorial HU 1906 1986    
Hoffman Clarence E. Mound Hill GA 7/9/1920 5/23/1984
Hoffman Conrad Miller MO   6/26/1881
58y 17d
Hoffman Eldora Miller MO 1869 1944    
Hoffman Electa C. McCarty CH 1847 1937    
Hoffman Eleanor L. Mound Hill GA   nd    
Hoffman Ella L. Pine Street GA 1861 1914   obituary
Hoffman Eva Miller MO   8/6/1893
10m 12d
d/o H. & L. Hoffman
Hoffman Everett Vinton Memorial HU 1870 1968    
Hoffman Gladys Vinton Memorial HU 1908 1967    
Hoffman Henry Miller MO 1854 1933    
Hoffman infant Mound Hill GA   11/23/1950    
Hoffman James H. McCarty CH 1842 1882    
Hoffman Louise Miller MO 1857 1900    
Hoffman Mary H. Gravel Hill CH 1906 1993    
Hoffman Otto L. Gravel Hill CH 1901 1980    
Hoffman Penny Miller German Ridge WA   2/12/2010
w/o Dustin
Hoffman Perry "Frank" Jr. Gravel Hill CH 11/30/1954 5/17/1999    
Hoffman Virgie M. Vinton Memorial HU 1895 1981    
Hoffman William Pine Street GA 1858 1919    
Hoffman William Everett Pine Street GA 7/18/1952 7/23/1952   obituary
Hoffman William H. Mound Hill GA 1919 1980    
Hoffman Wm. Mound Hill GA   nd   Co. I, 173 Ohio Inf.
Hogan Erma L. Pine Street GA   nd    
Hogan Goldie M. Pine Street GA 1906 1998    
Hogan Hurl P. Pine Street GA 1901 1971  
Hogan James D. Pine Street GA 1/30/1932 6/26/2006   h/o Erma Smith Hogan
Hogan Jennie Pine Street GA   8/24/1902
no stone;    obituary
Hogan John Clay Chapel CL   nd   (found only on plat map)
Hogan Lillian Pine Street GA 1907 1962    
Hogan Maude May Pine Street GA 1880 1953    
Hogan Peter Pine Str. Colored GA       Co I, 27 Cld Trps Civil War
Hogan Ruth Figgins New Hope RA 10/25/1895 5/21/1934   no stone; from obituary
Hogan Samuel Peter Pine Street GA 1876 2/1/1953   obituary
Hogans Lizzie PineStr. Colored GA 1845 1926    
Hogens William Pine Street GA   nd   Pvt. 9 Ohio Cavalry
Hogg Edwin D. Mound Hill GA 1877 1929    
Hogg        Howard Wood Gravel Hill CH   9/2/1881
s/o G. L. & L. M.;  brother of Mary
Hogg Linnie Mound Hill GA 1850 1939    
Hogg Mary H. Gravel Hill CH   7/27/1884
1y 9m 27 d
s/o G. L. & L. M.
Hogg Thomas Mound Hill GA 1847 1917    
Hoggan Ruth New Hope RA 10/25/1895 5/21/1934   obituary
Hogrefe Fredrick Mound Hill GA 2/22/1822 5/31/1883
61y 3m 9d
"A native of Germany"
Hogsett Hariet Clay Chapel Cl   6/25/1870
32y 18d
w/o S. C.
Hogsett Margaret Bethel AD 10/1/1834 1/24/1897    
Hogsett   Clay Chapel CL   nd   (found only on plat map)
Hogsten Eva Crown City GU 8/6/1932 12/1/2001    
Hogue Lola A Calvary Bapt. RA 1882 1966    
Hogue Margaret Gravel Hill CH 1874 19nd   w/o William
Hogue William Gravel Hill CH 1860 1938   h/o Margaret
Hohman John Catholic GR 1897 1975    
Hoisington Martha A. Mound Hill GA 1923 nd    
Hoisington Thomas E. Mound Hill GA 1921 1993    
Hoit Elizabeth Clay Chapel Cl   8/21/1877
76y 1m 24d
w.o J. Hoit
Hoit John Clay Chapel CL   3/3/1871
75y 3m 17d
Hoke Harold F. Mound Hill GA 2/2/1936 5/11/2005    
Hoke Nancy J. Mound Hill GA 7/31/1936 11/17/2003    
Holbrook Elva F. Mound Hill GA 1916 2001   w/o George L. Holbrook
Holbrook George L. Mound Hill GA 1915 1950    
Holbrook James E. Mound Hill GA 9/27/1919 7/3/1969   Ohio PVT US Army WW II
Holbrook Joanne GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1936 1996    
Holbrook Kathryn E. Hulbert GR 1942 1942    
Holbrook Ralph Olive WA 6/25/1930 6/6/2008    
Holbrook Teresa Lynn GalliaBapt.Ridge GF 1961 2004    
Holcomb A.T. Jr. Old Holcomb HU 1881 1916    
Holcomb Abigail Glenn HU 11/24/1839 12/18/____   d/o John & Mary    obituary
Holcomb Abner J. Holcomb HU   12/12/1874
79y 2m 14d
Holcomb Abner J. Wilcox HU   3/1/1844
48y 9m 10d
Holcomb Adrah Vinton Memorial HU 1904 1999    
Holcomb Anice M. Franklin HU 1874 1942    
Holcomb Anselm Holcomb HU   3/12/1868
30y 6m 21d
Co. I, 173rd O.V.I.
Holcomb Anselm Holcomb HU   6/12/1875
7y 2m 20d
s/o A. & J.
Holcomb Anselm T. Old Holcomb HU 3/14/1803 7/14/1877    
Holcomb Anselm T. Old Holcomb HU 1845 1937   Portsmouth, Ohio;  CW obituary
Holcomb Anslem T. Glenn HU   10/2/1843   s/o I. & E.
Holcomb Bradford F. Old Holcomb HU 4/15/1835 10/21/1902   Ass't. Sur. 36 Reg O.V.I.
Holcomb C. M Old Holcomb HU 9/4/1849 7/24/1895   obituary
Holcomb C.M. Glenn HU   1/_1862   Co. B 36th Ohio Inf.
Holcomb Calpurnia Mt. Tabor HU 6/7/1855 12/21/1879    
Holcomb Carey R. Franklin HU 1895 1971    
Holcomb Chloe Ann Glenn HU   6/23/1829
14m 13d
d/o Niles & Ann
Holcomb Cline C. Vinton Memorial HU 1898 1979  
Holcomb Dale R. (Sgt.) Gravel Hill CH 3/7/1961 9/28/2006
h/o Connie; Ohio State Highway Patrol
Holcomb Delores Brush HU 1922 1929    
Holcomb Edna E. Franklin HU 1896 4/27/1983   obituary
Holcomb Edward T. Old Holcomb HU 1/4/1822 2/6/1895   obituary
Holcomb Elijah P. Brush HU   9/19/1850
5m 23d
s/o S. & P.
Holcomb Eliza R. Bethel OH 5/11/1832 6/14/1902    
Holcomb Elizabeth Old Holcomb HU 11/14/1814 3/29/1901    
Holcomb Elizabeth E. Bethel OH 1860 1938    
Holcomb Elizabeth H. Brush HU 1851 1932    
Holcomb, Elizabeth MaryAnn Glenn HU 7/2/1814 3/7/1824   d/o Stephen & Susannah
Holcomb Ellen Franklin HU 1900 1971   w/o Ira
Holcomb Elmer Bethel OH 1893 1963   obituary
Holcomb Elmer C. Franklin HU 2/6/1894 1/14/1899   s/o Niles & Mag
Holcomb Elmore Frances Bethel OH 8/14/1919 4/22/1932    
Holcomb Elza Lee Swan Creek OH 1933 nd    
Holcomb Emma Calvary Bapt. RA 1846 1940   James' 2nd wife
Holcomb Essie May Franklin HU   1929   infant d/o Ira & Ellen
Holcomb Ester M. Old Holcomb HU 7/24/1836 3/17/1923    
Holcomb Esther M. Old Holcomb HU 4/7/1805 10/31/1869   obituary
Holcomb Francis Mound Hill GA   5/2/1860
75y 5m 22 d
Holcomb Francis Salem Baptist PE 2/10/1850 10/15/1855   s/o H.G. & A.G. Reynolds
Holcomb Frank B. Old Holcomb HU 1879 1947    
Holcomb Fred Bethel OH   nd    
Holcomb Gen. Samuel R. Glenn HU 2/28/1777 1/24/1867   obituary
Holcomb George W. Mt. Tabor HU   12/29/1858
25y 11m 16d
s/o Lucy Woodruff
Holcomb Goldie Franklin HU 1/2/1899 4/17/1899    
Holcomb Grace L. Old Holcomb HU   8/21/1880   infant d/o A.F. & C.L.
Holcomb Grace L. Old Holcomb HU 1847 1915   w/o Anselm T.;  obituary
Holcomb Harper Old Holcomb HU 1879 1939    
Holcomb Helen Old Holcomb HU 1872 1873   d/o B.F. & E.M.
Holcomb Helen W. Providence CL 1926
  w/o C. Wesley
Holcomb Henry Glenn HU 7/8/1835 2/16/1859    
Holcomb Henry Mound Hill GA 2/22/1833 12/20/1910   Civil War obituary
Holcomb Hilas M. Glenn HU   9/15/1862
Co. K  60 Reg. O.V.I.; d. in camp at Douglas, Ill.
Taken prisoner at Harper's Ferry
Holcomb Hobart Vinton Memorial HU 1903 1937   obituary
Holcomb Hollice June Providence CL 1933
  d/o Hollis & Gladys;  obituary
Holcomb Ida Izona Vinton Memorial HU 1896 1977    
Holcomb Ira Franklin HU 1894 1970    
Holcomb Jacob Franklin HU 1872 1908    
Holcomb Jannat Glenn HU   9/29/1807
6m 22d
d/o Gen. Samuel R.
Holcomb Jessie N. Vinton Memorial HU 1880 1978    
Holcomb John Bethel OH   nd    
Holcomb John Glenn HU   9/19/1847
19y 9m 1d
s/o Stephen & Susannah
Holcomb John Henry Providence CL 9/15/1921 8/21/2007
WWII USA Co. C. 169th Eng. Combat Batt.; h/o Barbara
Holcomb John M. Bethel OH 3/3/1822 6/11/1900    
Holcomb John R. Providence CL 12/17/1954
  s/o C. Wesley & Helen; obituary
Holcomb L. Alice Brous Old Holcomb HU 8/12/1853 11/28/1912    
Holcomb Lafayett Brush HU   6/19/1876
2y 1m 12d
s/o Mathuas & O.
Holcomb Leeroy Glenn HU   2-3-1859
27y 3d
Holcomb Leslie Old Holcomb HU   nd    
Holcomb Levi H. Glenn HU   3/30/1831
10m 3d
s/o Niles & Ann
Holcomb Lewis       10/2/1864
Holcomb Louisa Franklin HU 11/11/1830 8/31/1904   w/o Reuben W.
Holcomb Louisa Glenn HU   2/29/1860
26y 10m 6d
Holcomb Lucy Bethel OH 1885 1936    
Holcomb Luella Lee Swan Creek OH 2/11/1933 1/12/2011   w/o Elza
Holcomb M. Henry Bethel OH 1853 1915    
Holcomb Mae Bethel OH   nd    
Holcomb Maggie L. Vinton Memorial HU 1880 1969    
Holcomb Malinda Providence CL   1/13/1881
64y 10m 12d
w/o John M.
Holcomb Mansley Glenn HU   5/11/1833
s/o John
Holcomb Margaret Vinton Memorial HU 6/10/1921     ? might be date of death
Holcomb Martha Sheppard HU   4/6/1862
50y 10m 16d
w/o A.J.
Holcomb Mary Mound Hill GA   12/11/1890
77y 9m 5d
w/o F.;  obituary
Holcomb Mary Old Holcomb HU   5/17/1864
1y 12d
d/o Z.A. & M.
Holcomb Mary Old Holcomb HU 7/23/1828 9/2/1831    
Holcomb Mary A. Old Holcomb HU 1823 1896    
Holcomb Mathias Calvary Bapt. RA 1836 1912    
Holcomb Mildred E. Old Holcomb HU 12/15/1919 11/30/1981    
Holcomb Myrtle Bethel OH 1898 6/1/1985    
Holcomb Nana Bethel OH   nd    
Holcomb Ora Franklin HU 1/15/1873 5/14/1901   w/o R.W.
Holcomb Orinda Sheppard HU   9/17/1863
21y 4m 12d
d/o A.J. & M.
Holcomb Ormazinda A. Glenn HU   6/19/1876
41y 5m 10d
Holcomb Orpha Huntley Calvary Bapt. RA 1836 1898    
Holcomb Paul R. OhioValley M.G. GR 1919 1984   US Army WWII
Holcomb Phebe Wilcox HU   7/2/1828
31y 11m 19d
w/o Abner J.
Holcomb Polly Brush HU   11/2/1904
w/o Samuel; no stone; obituary
Holcomb Polly Brush HU   4/5/1869
4m 22d
d/o W . & H.
Holcomb R. Cora Old Holcomb HU 1881 1961    
Holcomb Rebecca Vinton Memorial HU 3/22/1957 3/5/2011   h/o Gene
Holcomb Reuben D. Wilcox HU   6/20/1825
7m 6d
s/o Abner & Phebe
Holcomb Reuben W. Vinton Memorial HU 1868 1937   obituary
Holcomb Reuben W. Franklin HU 3/13/1825 1/7/1899   h/o Louisa
Holcomb Richard C. Brush HU 1848 1931    
Holcomb Roy S. Vinton Memorial HU 1883 1964    
Holcomb Rueben W. Franklin HU 3/13/1825 1/17/1895    
Holcomb Ruth L. Franklin HU 1896 1921   w/o Ira
Holcomb S.R. Holcomb HU   3/29/1885
64y 6m 10d
Holcomb Samuel R. Jr. Glenn HU 6/13/1843 9/19/1845   s/o John & Mary
Holcomb Sarah Brush HU   1/10/1864
10m 28d
d/o Mathuas & O.
Holcomb Sarah H. Glenn HU 4/21/1783 9/26/1850
w/o Samuel; d/o John & Ann Ewing   obituary
Holcomb Sarah Hulda Brush HU   1/24/1891
32y 20d
d/o Samuel H. & Poly
Holcomb Walter Old Holcomb HU 1856 1935    
Holcomb William R. Glenn HU   7/26/1831
s/o John
Holcomb William R. Glenn HU   10/29/1852
20y 2m 16d
s/o N. & A.
Holcomb William W. Wood HU   6/13/1856
16y 5m 25d
s/o A.J. & M.
Holcomb Willie Mound Hill GA   10/11/1878
17y 1m 3d
s/o H. & R.
Holcomb Willie D. Franklin HU 6/21/1902 11/8/1904   s/o Jacob & Anise
Holcomb Zarah Old Holcomb HU   7/20/1899
62y 6m 11d
Co B 36 Reg. O.V.I.
Holcomb Zephaniah A. Old Holcomb HU 1822 1864    
Holcomb   Franklin HU 5/10/1901 5/15/1901   infant
Holcomb   Franklin HU 4/17/1892 4/19/1892   s/o J. & Annice
Holcomb   Glenn HU 7/23/1828 nd   d/o A.T. & Ester
Holcomb   Glenn HU   8/10/1845   infant d/o S.D. & Meloma
Holcomb   Mt. Tabor HU   nd   infant
Holcomb   Old Holcomb HU   nd   infant
Holderby Doris M. Mound Hill GA 1931 2015   w/o Harry W.
Holderby Harry W. Mound Hill GA 1927 1990    
Holderby Harry W. Jr. Mound Hill GA 1952 1995   US Army Vietnam
Holderby Sarah J. Good Hope GU 1874 1965    
Holinger Isabell Cottrell CL  
31y 28d
w/o John
Hollanbaugh Daisy M. Vinton Memorial HU 1899 1991    
Hollanbaugh Harry W. Vinton Memorial HU 1901 1962    
Hollanbaugh William C. Vinton Memorial HU 10/1/1928 9/3/1957   Ohio Sgt. Inf.
Holland Michael T. Gravel Hill CH 12/15/1970 5/15/2006   s/o Robert & Caroly;   US Navy
Holle John Ernest Vinton Memorial HU 12/22/1935 12/8/2007   h/o Wanda Keesee
Holley Alice Beatrice King's Chapel OH 5/13/1900 11/1/1995    
Holley Alice M. Mound Hill GA 1891 1964    
Holley Alta Pearl King's Chapel OH 1/19/1924 6/26/2010   w/o Melvin
Holley Audra E. OhioValley M.G. GR 1918 1998   obituary
Holley Audrey G. Pine Street GA 2/20/1912 11/10/1977    
Holley Basil Thurston Kings Chapel OH 11/28/1928 4/23/2017   USA Korean Conflict
Holley Bernard C. Crown City GU 10/20/1921 8/11/1970   Ohio 1st Sgt. U.S. Army Vietnam
Holley Beuford Arnold Swan Creek OH 7/16/1921 1/25/1922    
Holley Cecil G. Pine Street GA 1897 1979    
Holley Charles K. Pine Street GA 11/8/1932 3/1/1958
Holley Chas. W. OhioValley M.G. GR 1896 1972  
Holley Denville "Dink" OhioValley M.G. GR 1917 1980   obituary
Holley Donald W. King's Chapel OH 8/22/1946 1/20/2011   s/o Arnold & Allie;  US Army
Holley Ethel Good Hope GU 1913 nd    
Holley Frankie E. King's Chapel OH   1903    
Holley Helen OhioValley M.G. GR   1/18/25017        76y  
Holley Henry Cottrell CL   3/1/1853
32y 10m 26
Holley Homer Arnold King's Chapel OH nd nd    
Holley Homer H. Mound Hill GA 1884 1963    
Holley James Calvary RA 10/3/1929 1/9/2008   h/o Anita ; USA Korea
Holley James L. Pine Street GA 2/13/1935 4/3/2017    
Holley Jeff Good Hope GU 1887 19__    
Holley John Paul Mound Hill GA 6/16/1949 4/28/2009   s/o Vernon & Ruby
Holley Josephine H. Centenary GR 5/18/1907 11/8/1997   obituary
Holley Lillie M. Pine Street GA 1907 1998    
Holley Lola Marie Kings Chapel OH 10/19/1934 5/21/2010   w/o Melvin
Holley Martha S. OhioValley M.G. GR 11/5/1941 nd    
Holley Mary Ridgelawn GU 1877 1949    
Holley Peter A. King's Chapel OH 8/18/1894 2/1/1865   Ohio Pfc. HQ Co. 102 Inf. WW I
Holley Ralph J. Mound Hill GA 4/3/1922 3/13/1994    
Holley Rose Lee OhioValley M.G. GR 9/18/1934 10/10/2009   w/o James
Holley Rosemarie Judy Pine Street GA 2/9/1938 10/31/2002    
Holley Ruby P. Mound Hill GA 3/28/1916 6/12/2010   w/o Vernon
Holley Velma M. Mound Hill GA 1912 1992    
Holley Vernon J. Mound Hill GA 6/28/1916 3/13/2010   h/o Ruby
Holley Virgie E. Crown City GU 9/25/1898 6/6/1989    
Holley Virgie Lee Bethel OH 1899 1920    
Holley Virgil C. "Bud" Centenary GR 4/22/1910 12/1/1984    
Holley William G. Skidmore SP 2/6/1908 6/17/1923    
Holley Willie M. King's Chapel OH   1906    
Holley   King's Chapel OH   nd   infant s/o Alta & Melvin
Holliday Alberta Centenary GR 6/16/1921 10/29/1994    
Holliday Ashlely Brooke Morgan Center MO 4/1/1988 8/21/1999    
Hollingshead Betty Jean Vinton Memorial HU 1/19/1943 1/18/2017    
Hollingshead infant Poplar Ridge CH   1921    
Hollingshead Paul E.
Vinton Memorial HU 2/9/1942 3/28/2017    
Hollingsworth Betty Jones Poplar Ridge CH  
Hollingsworth Daniel Pine Street GA 5/16/1836
  Co. A, 91st O. V. I.
Hollingsworth Lucinda Providence CL 12/22/1833
  w/o D. W.
Hollingsworth Roger D. Poplar Ridge CH 11/19/1945 9/18/2007   h/o Betty Jones Hollingsworth
Holloway Annie Laura Mt. Zion OH   2/16/1863
1y 9m 23d
d/o J.W. & M.J.
Holloway Capt. John M. Mound Hill GA 1821 1896   obituary
Holloway Francis M. Mound Hill GA 1873 1892    
Holloway Francis M. Mound Hill GA 1833 1896   obituary
Holloway James T. Mt. Zion OH   5/24/1861
5y 8m 3d
s/o J.W. & M.J.
Holloway Mann Centenary GR 9/29/1970 4/5/1986    
Holloway Marb I. Mound Hill GA 1827 1906    
Holloway Martha A. Mound Hill GA 1833 1918   obituary
Holloway Mary J. Pine Street GA 1826 5/12/1906   obituary
Holloway Mary S. Mound Hill GA 1865 1901  
Holloway Mattie A. Mound Hill GA 1864 1895   obituary
Holloway Wm. F. Mound Hill GA 1851 1890   obituary
Holman Andrew J. Fairview (Long) SP   12/20/1865   Co. I 7th OVC
Holman Deidama Fairview (Long) SP   11/17/1849
77y 8m 18d
w/o Eliphalet
Holman Eliphalet Fairview (Long) SP   1/6/1853
Holman Julius A. Fairview (Long) SP   3/14/1852
4y 7m 2d
s/o M.E. & C.
Holman Oei (?Dei) Fairview (Long) SP   5/26/1866
23y 8m 3d
Holmes Family Monument Gravel Hill CH        
Holmes Addie L. Gravel Hill CH 1868 1949    
Holmes Alice V. Gravel Hill CH 1866 1939   obituary
Holmes Andrew Robinson MO 6/26/1823 5/4/1903    
Holmes Anna Squires Pine Street GA 3/11/1880 8/7/1939    
Holmes Bettie PineStr. Colored GA   3/28/1893
no stone, obituary;  w/o Henry
Holmes Catherine Ewington HU   7/18/1852
5y 3m 21d
d/o H.P. & C.
Holmes Charles William PineStr. Colored GA   1/3/1900   no stone;    obituary
Holmes Cora B. Pine Street GA 1875 1955    
Holmes Fannie Poplar Ridge CH        
Holmes George Robinson MO       unreadable
Holmes Hannah PineStr. Colored GA   10/11/1864
w/o Lemuel H.
Holmes Harry V. Pine Street GA 1900 1971    
Holmes Harvey Robinson MO   5/18/1857
62y 8m 28d
Holmes Harvey Jr. Robinson MO   9/2/1854
26y 7m 13d
Holmes Helen M. Pine Street GA 1897 1978    
Holmes Henry C. Pine Street GA   10/20/1902
54y 6m 11d
Co. M 5 Reg. Mass. Vol.
Holmes Ira H. Pine Street GA 1872 1957   obituary
Holmes Isaac M. Robinson MO 3/26/1826 12/22/1898    
Holmes John W. Poplar Ridge CH 1858 1943   obituary
Holmes Lear Ann Robinson MO 5/25/1929 8/2/1866
37y 2m 7d
w/o Isaac M. Holmes
Holmes Madeline Mt. Zion GR   9/7/1845
d/o G.W. & M.A.
Holmes Margaret J. Robinson MO   6/18/1887
26y 1m 22d
Holmes Marget Poplar Ridge CH 1858 1920    
Holmes Marietta Jennetta Mt. Zion GR   7/25/1841
1y 8m
d/o Geo. W. & Mary Ann Holmes
Holmes Mary Pine Str. Colored GA 9/_/1880 2/_/1901    
Holmes May Centenary GR 1918 1975    
Holmes Melvin A. Gravel Hill CH 1863 19nd    
Holmes Myrtle P. Pine Street GA 1923 1939  
Holmes Nancy Robinson MO 12/6/1824 1/23/1891   w/o Andrew Holmes
Holmes Sarah Robinson MO 8/1/1831 11/15/1884
52y 3m15d
w/o Isaac M. Holmes
Holmes Susan Robinson MO   1/28/1856
1y 7m
d/o H.M. Holmes
Holmes Truman I. Gravel Hill CH 1861 1927    
Holobrook Glenna OhioValley M.G. GR 5/10/1948 11/1/2011
w/o 1. Lionel B. Triplett 2. Ralph E. Holbrook
Holsaple Jacquelyn Vinton Memorial HU 6/14/1935 7/8/2000    
Holsaple Robert Kurt Vinton Memorial HU 7/26/1961 7/8/1991    
Holsinger, Jordan John Patrick Tyn Rhos PE 4/15/2009 4/15/2009
s/o Jay & Kate
Holstein Lemuel Clay Chapel CL   nd   (found only on plat map)
Holstein S. Clay Chapel CL   nd   (found only on plat map)
Holstein Sam E. Ridgelawn GU 4/3/1947 1/13/2017   USA
Holsten, Belma P. Taylor OhioValley M.G. GR 1922 nd    
Holsten David Clay Chapel CL   3/12/1913
no stone; obituary
Holsten French J. OhioValley M.G. GR 1917 nd    
Holsten infant Clay Chapel CL 3/21/1910 6/2/1910   d/o Charles & Lizzie
Holsten Nancy Clay Chapel CL 4/30/1853 5/15/1920   obituary; no stone; w/o William
Holsten William Clay Chapel CL 2/20/1877
Ohio Pvt. Co. C 7 Regt. O. Inf. Sp. Am. War
Holsten William Jr. Clay Chapel CL 2/10/1842 11/25/1921    
Holsten William Sr. McLellon CL 1823 10/20/1900   Co. F Ohio Inf.
Holston Clara M. Crown City GU 4/8/1900 10/9/1984    
Holston Flora Crown City GU 6/1/1872 5/11/1948    
Holston John I. Crown City GU 3/16/1870
Holston Leonard Crown City GU 3/28/1898
Holt Edwin L. Pine Street GA 12/16/1901 5/6/1979    
Holt Elizabeth Clay Chapel CL   nd   (found only on plat map)
Holt Everett PineStr. Colored GA   12/3/1861
12y 8m 2d
s/o C. & J. A.
Holt George W. PineStr. Colored GA   1867
Holt Jane Van Zant CH   10/28/1861
54y 1m 4d
w/o Aaron
Holt John Clay Chapel Cl   nd   (found only on plat map)
Holt John N. PineStr. Colored GA   1885
Holt, Lucinda Roberts PineStr. Colored GA   7/5/1883
Holt Maggie M. PineStr. Colored GA   9/17/1895
w/o W. Fayne
Holter David Lee Vinton Memorial HU 2/23/1939 4/23/2008   h/o Elaine
Holter Emmet J. Vinton Memorial HU 1888 1945    
Holzer Alma V. Mound Hill GA 1886 1970   obituary
Holzer Charles E. M.D. Mound Hill GA 1887 1956    
Holzer, Charles E. Jr. M.D. Mound Hill GA 8/7/1916 2/12/1998   obituary
Holzer Richard Vornholt Mound Hill GA 1918 1993    
Holzer Susan Frances Mound Hill GA 1863 6/_/1949   obituary
Hommes Lewis Gallia Methodist GF 8/12/1894 10/3/1958   OH Pvt. U.S. Army WW I
Honaker George W. Justice/Honaker MO 1885 1972    
Hood Asbury Poplar Ridge CH 12/18/1856 12/3/1911   obituary
Hood Bessie B. Poplar Ridge CH 1892 1961   obituary
Hood Burhl D. Mound Hill GA 1903 1982    
Hood, Carol Jean Fowler Mound Hill GA 5/9/1936 11/4/2002   moved to OhioValley M.G.
Hood Charles E. Mound Hill GA nd nd   CPL 43 US Vol Inf
Hood Donald E. Gravel Hill CH 1960 1986    
Hood Donna Jean Gravel Hill CH   2/7/2013
Hood Donnie Poplar Ridge CH 10/9/1943 10/10/1943   s/o J. A. & Goldie;    obituary
Hood Earl Swan Creek OH 1941 1997    
Hood Elizabeth Poplar Ridge CH 1860 1942  
obituary               Top of Page
Hood Elva Geraldine Poplar Ridge CH 1920 1920   d/o  Henry & Bessie
Hood Goldie A. Pine Street GA 1913 2005   obituary
Hood Harold H. Gravel Hill CH 1913 1982    
Hood Henry A. Poplar Ridge CH 1886 1966   obituary
Hood Ida M. Gravel Hill CH 1915 1978    
Hood James A. Pine Street GA 1912 1984   obituary
Hood John OhioValley M.G. GR 1912 1984   WW II
Hood John L. OhioValley M.G. GR 1917 1984    
Hood Larry Gravel Hill CH 9/2/1938 9/14/2017    
Hood Launa Grace Poplar Ridge CH 1/18/1925 3/3/1925   d/o Edna Hood
Hood Linda Sue Swan Creek OH 1953 2010    
Hood Ruth H. OhioValley M.G. GR 1920 1975   obituary
Hood Virginia H. Mound Hill GA 1904 1979    
Hook Beulah J. OhioValley M.G. GR 1914 2001    
Hook James C. Jr. OhioValley M.G. GR 1911 1977   SSM2 US Navy WWII
Hooker Alma G. Gravel Hill CH 1887 1953   (mother)
Hooper Adelma M. Gravel Hill CH 1883 1907    
Hooper Clarinda Gravel Hill CH 10/15/1829 12/15/1890   w/o S. H.
Hooper Helen M. Crown City GU 1908 19__    
Hooper infant Miller MO   12/17/1874
d/o L.W. & W.A. Hooper
Hooper J. M. Gravel Hill CH 9/4/1855 5/7/1916    
Hooper Mary Gravel Hill CH 1/1/1841 9/7/1884   w/o S. H.;  obituary
Hooper Raymond P. Crown City GU 1913 1976    
Hooper Stephen Gravel Hill CH 1/26/1826 3/1/1915   Co. H. 13 W. Va. I.
Hoops Ella L. Pine Street GA 1873 1958    
Hoover Alanniah C. Franklin HU 7/20/1829 1899   Co. C, 91st OVI
Hoover Clara A. Franklin HU 6/6/1838 12/15/1897   w/o Alanniah
Hoover D.L.H. Franklin HU 1/18/1888 nd    
Hoover Flora Belle Mound Hill GA 6/15/1864 7/7/1942   from obituary; no stone
Hoover Herbert Olen Franklin HU 9/24/1928 3/12/2006   Tec 5 US Army WW II
Hoover J. J. Franklin HU 1860 1900    
Hoover Lavina Franklin HU 1863 1945   obituary
Hoover Letha Franklin HU 1869 nd    
Hoover Mae Franklin HU 1899 1983    
Hoover Margaret Franklin HU 3/_/1940 3/4 1940  
Hoover Phillip Franklin HU 1865 1950    
Hoover William H. Franklin HU 1892 1935    
Hopewell Faye W. Neal WA 1909 1939   obituary
Hopewell Julius L. Neal WA 1907 19__   not buried here.
Hopkins Kate Pine Street GA 1869 1933  
Hopkins William Lee I GF   nd   no stone
Horan Donald Mound Hill GA 1/20/1931 5/28/1998   obituary
Horger Annie Jennette Pine Hill SP   3/6/1880
1y 3m
d/o J.W. & S.E. Horger
Horger Delbert E. Pine Hill SP   2/11/1905
s/o M.A. & E.B. Horger
Horger Edna B. Pine Hill SP 1874 1914    
Horger Gerald W. Pine Hill SP 4/10/1908 8/1/1908   son
Horger Janet Pine Street GA   9/24/1878
52y 6m 8d
Horger Kenneth Pine Hill SP   12/7/1906
1m 3d
s/o M.A. & E.B. Horger
Horger M.A. Pine Hill SP 1875 19__    
Horger Mary E. Pine Hill SP 12/10/1879 3/29/1905   w/o W.A. Horger      obituary
Horger Mary M. Pine Hill SP 8/27/1879 3/7/1944    
Horger Mayme B. Mound Hill GA 1887 1911   obituary
Horger Mox Pine Street GA   9/30/1878
59y 7m 14d
Horger Ruth Pine Hill SP   3/19/1901
7m 15d
d/o ________
Horger Willie A. Pine Hill SP 10/31/1876 3/6/1903   s/o J.W. & S.E. Horger
Horn Grace Mercerville GU 9/6/1908 6/13/1937   w/o Lawrence    obituary
Horner George W. Pine Street GA 7/21/1826 2/6/1907
Horner Harry E. Pine Street GA 1886 1912    
Horner J. Pine Street GA   nd    
Horner Johny L. Pine Street GA   11/16/1868
14y 20d
s/o G. W. & A.
Horner M. Pine Street GA   nd    
Horner Oakley M. Pine Street GA 1858 1931   obituary
Horner William A. Pine Street GA 1857 1930   obituary
Hornsby Artha M. OhioValley M.G. GR 1899 1986    
Hornsby Eugene A. Mercerville GU 1910 1947    
Hornsby Grace W. OhioValley M.G. GR 1929 2000    
Hornsby John D. OhioValley M.G. GR 1899 1970    
Hornsby John W. OhioValley M.G. GR 1925 1978    
Hornsby Mrs. Maggie Mercerville GU 1877 1964    
Hornsby Shirley Estelle Mercerville GU 4/16/1911 12/1/1975    
Hornsby Thomas R. Old Mercerville GU 7/24/1937 4/19/2007   s/o Shirley & Eugene.;    Sp 4 USA
Horton Jessie Vinton Memorial HU 1918 1971    
Horton Lessel Vinton Memorial HU 1926 1971    
Hossler Ethel Belle Gravel Hill CH 9/20/1933 5/23/2009   w/o Juette
Hotchkiss Ethelyn L. Mound Hill GA 12/23/1913 4/1/1947   no stone; from funeral records
Hoter Lawrence Gravel Hill CH 12/7/1918 1/16/1945
Ohio PFC 81 Armd Med. BN 11 ARMD Div. W.W. II
Hott Columbia A. Pine Street GA   8/28/1879
28y 20d
d/o S. H. & N. R.
Hott Flora Gleo Pine Street GA   10/12/1947
no stone;    obituary
Hott Motier L. Pine Street GA   4/9/1870
24y 11m 18d
Hott Nancy R. Pine Street GA 7/8/1827 1/2/1893
65y 5m 24d
w/o S. H.;  obituary
Hott Samuel H. Pine Street GA 12/3/1816 12/24/1885
69y 21d
b. in Rockingham Co. Va.