Miscellaneous Old Photographs

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Photo contributed by Cheryl Enyart

Day before Christmas 1934
December 24, 1934

Talk about the holiday spirit. This is only a portion of the holiday crowd in Gallipolis on Dec. 24, (1934) when some five thousand person thronged the street in front of the Gallipolis Motor Co. and Spring Hill Dairy to witness the giving away of hundreds or more turkeys, chickens, geese and guineas at a party sponsored by the three Colonels from Kentucky --a long way from it--Cols. H.B. Ecker, Col. Fred Foster and Col. Ross Niday of the Sinclair Oil and Gas Co.

These Holiday shoppers were all in good spirits and were bent on providing a Merry Christmas for their families and friends. Trade in the city was very brisk on that day. The above pictured buisness block was closed to trafic as no car could have gotten through .....