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                                               D.R. Morton Post G.A.R.

Camp-fire at Bladen
     The Camp-fire near Bladen, under the auspices of D. R. Morton Post G.A.R. on last Wednesday and Thursday was one of the most pleasant and successful affairs of the kind ever held in this County. The crowd was very large, but orderly and the weather was clear, though what warm. The location was not the best, perhaps that could be found, being on top of a very steep hill. But good places easily accessible can not always be found.
      The Saundersville Band and Choir were present and enlivened the occasion with music. The largest attendance was on Thursday, on which day there was speaking all day. Among the speakers were Gen. W. H. Enochs, Col. J. H. M. Montgomery, Rev. Patric Henry, Dr. R. D. Jacobs, D. W. Jones and others.
      Gen. Enochs, made a splendid and entertaining address to the Old “Boys in Blue,” detailing some of his own experiences as a soldier boy while he was still carrying a musket. The General has been through all the stages of soldier life from private to Brigadier General knew whereof he spoke. He is popular with every one and justly regarded by the soldiers as their unfaltering friend.
      Col. Montgomery made a speech that touched every soldier. “The Col. was one of the bravest of the brave,” and is a natural orator and the occasion was one for the display of his powers.
      The other orators like-wise did themselves proud. Col. Montgomery entertained Gen. Enochs and Prof. A. B Davis took care of the other speakers. The occasion was highly enjoyed by all present.

Gallipolis Journal
August 24, 1892
Transcribed by Henny Evans