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Morgan Bethel Cemetery
and Lamlbert Land Memorial

Photos by Marian Schoonover, Trisch Rees, Amber Fellure and Cindy Fellure

Memorial Marker






"This memorial is dedicated to the 30 ex-slaves freed by slaveholder, Charles Lambert, Jr. of Bedford County, Virginia in his last will and testament in 1843. The group migrated northward, crossed the Ohio River, and settled on 265.5 acres of Morgan Twp. in Gallia County, Ohio, where they could live as free men and women. The memorial also records the names of individuals known to be buried in this cemetery without markers. We regret that many others are unknown and could not be included."  
        Lambert Land Preservation Society
                    September 14, 2002
The thumbnail photos below are memorial stone markers listing the names of burials here for which there
are no other markers. Click on the thumbnail to see an enlargement on which the names can be clearly read.

  Thumbnail of names plaque         Thumbnail for Lambert Land Settlement marker         Plaque for unmarked burials #3        Plaque for unmarked burials #4
T            Thumbnail of Lambert Land Memorial Plaque View of Morgan Bethel Cemetery
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